Lunar calendar or what the Moon knows about us? An astrology – article.

Lunar calendar or what the Moon knows about us? An astrology - article.

You sometime reflected on why in the ancient time people not only idolized various natural phenomena, but also "humanized" them, imagined beings in human shape? Ancient Greeks allocated with human shape also god of the sun Helios, and the moon goddess to Selenium which was represented by the sad young girl who is going round the heavenly arch on a chariot. Why the lunar calendar, and horoscopes at that time were well perceived.

Simply in the ancient time people were closer to the nature, to true essence of a universe, than we now. And they really felt that the world round us – live. All Universe – a huge live being, a live organism. All of us, people, – parts of this live Universe. The sun, the Moon, stars, planets – too parts of the live Universe. And all live in the world is connected with each other. Girls in the ancient time very seriously treated moon council and before shearing the hair, they looked in a lunar calendar of hairstyles to define favorable days. After all the Moon knows everything as is a part of a live organism.

What distinguishes a live organism from the lifeless? All lifeless is motionless, it stiffened in once and for all hardened form. In a live organism constantly there are any processes. He lives, breathes, in it energy flows, it constantly changes, during every instant of the life, submitting to any certain rhythms.

As also our Universe. It is not something stiffened and motionless. She lives, breathes, constantly changes – every instant the world round us becomes a little bit other.

As our world – a live organism, it too has changes in mood and character. Yes, and the people allocated with intuition, sensitive people very well feel it, especially in a full moon! Here the world as though smiles, rejoices – and here the unclear alarm spread in air. Yesterday there was a morning easy and transparent – and today pressing, heavy. Sensitive people guess that it depends not only and not so much on weather as sometimes it is considered to be. No, put here not only in the weather, climatic phenomena – there is round us something else, something imperceptibly poured in air, in the atmosphere, in the nature. Something imperceptibly changing almost every instant. What is such?

It is the special power surrounding us, power of our world. In the world surrounding us character of power, radiations constantly changes, properties and the directions of invisible power streams, waves change. Character of information surrounding us changes. After all our world is saturated not only energy, but also information! As if invisible radio-waves all the time bear to us different nature of moods, feelings… As there can be various a nature of these special thin radiations and at the person: today you are sad – and radiate the corresponding power, tomorrow are cheerful – and nature of radiations absolutely another.

But unlike the majority of us, people, our Universe – very harmonious, accurately working, well debugged mechanism. In it is not present, and there can not be accidents. In it always a full order. And even such change of "moods" of our world is accurately predetermined and ordered. Our world cannot have no spontaneous, unpredictable change of moods! They change according to firmly, an established order. And our eternal habitual satellite – the Moon "watches" that this order was not broken.

Change of a phase of the Moon, Moon transition from one zodiac sign in another testifies to change of nature of power radiations of the world surrounding us. The moon in a sign of Aquarius, passed to a sign of Fishes – and here aspiration already poured in air to freedom and a special high spirit of spirit was replaced by inclination to romanticism, pensiveness. And here the Moon in a sign of the Aries and pushes us to the conflicts! Constantly, almost every instant, the world changes. We change with it and we. Even our everyday behavior, we want it or not, in many respects can be defined by the provision of the Moon! Whether it is necessary to speak, as much in human life depends on during what moment it was born – from in what situation there was during that instant a Moon.

Look at the sky in a clear moonlight night. Full moon… Even in the night-time in your room light-"light of the full moon makes the way even through dense curtains. For some reason it is not slept? It is natural in a full moon. Look in a window. Belesovatym dim light shined all surface of Earth, and you can make out all paths in a yard, all branches of the trees, even, apparently, all blades. But something very disturbing, nervous, not allowing to fall asleep is in this dim illumination.

Quite another matter – night when the new moon shines. In such night it is well slept – any cozy, quiet, easy this night. Just arisen young Moon bears also to Earth feeling of youth, ease, a joyful pacification and rest. And here – dark, moonless night in a new moon, so-called days of Hecate when the Moon in the sky it is not visible absolutely… Terribly, horribly, it feel left out somehow in such night. Darkness – it’s pitch dark, and behind a window you will not make out neither footpaths, nor trees. Even the person with the most usual which not so has not been aggravated by sensitivity will feel this difference in the atmosphere of night depending on in what phase there is a Moon.

And how you think, whether will be in character (so, and on destiny) to differ the person born in the first phase of the Moon, from the person born in dark night when in the world Hecate – the goddess of the dark Moon governs? Undoubtedly, it will be absolutely different people. The person born in the first phase, will be also itself, most likely, as a still night when the new moon shines, – easy, quiet, slightly romantic, cheerful. And here to the person born in days of Hecate, will carry less – to be to it disturbing, inclined to gloomy thoughts, to isolation, to heavy absorption in themselves and in life difficult tests will drop out to it.

Why so it turns out? From where such interrelation between the provision of the Moon at the moment of our birth both our character and destiny? And in general – whether an invention all this? No, not an invention, and repeatedly confirmed fact. And not only confirmed, but already and scientifically reasonable.

In our Universe the law of an attraction similar to the similar operates. As you already understood, during every moment of existence our world has any certain coloring, a certain character, a certain mood. It is possible to tell that every instant the certain power information code has lives. And it is not surprising that the soul allocated with certain qualities, a certain character of the power, bearing a certain experience, comes to Earth during that moment which best of all corresponds to qualities of this newborn soul. Character of the power predominating on Earth at the moment, draws soul with similar character of power!

Yes, the instant of our birth far is not casual. We come to the world while this world in the best way corresponds to us when it is most of all similar to us! The instant of our birth is our instant. An instant when the world was ready to accept us – such what we are when it in the best way corresponds to our arrival.

The instant of our birth is an instant when the world is similar to us! So, having learned more about character of that moment when we were born, we can learn much and about ourselves. To learn, at last, contents of that luggage which our soul brought with itself from last embodiments. To learn, where, in what party pulls us our luggage and whether it is impossible for us to facilitate it. After all to facilitate this burden – means to facilitate and the destiny. Today to the moon many people, even the great states before to do landings of cultures listen, look in a lunar calendar of the gardener, and it is only one example.