Planet to Nibira.

Planet to Nibira.

Mysterious emergence of a planet to Nibira became one more unceasing subject of year on the Internet. Scientists revealed this mythical planet a favourite method of a logic podstavleniye of the facts, allegedly quite demonstrable, but thus not having weighty confirmation. By the way, strangely enough, this method is acceptable for them only to please proofs of any theories favorable to them (for example, Charles Darvina’s evolution or Einstein’s law on time movement). In these cases the law is proved and "for the person" works, though what there can be proofs in such categories … In attempts of reduction of just the same proofs in application, say, to religious subject, everything on перерез scientists demand incontestable proofs, or not to climb in a science with the heresy. Ridiculously, isn’t that so?

Well, we will return to a subject.

Considering mankind "evolution", scientists found out that the mankind develops not linearly as should, and jumps. Thus, these take-off of development peracute also are easily appreciable, and also occur to quite exact periodicity, approximately time in 3600 years.

Having made the logical assumption (as always not in favor of mankind, after all we such weak, helpless and in general it is unclear as appeared) that by all means someone should help us during these periods, they assumed that us representatives of other civilization who could help to comprehend to us new sciences possibly could visit.

Thus to deprive itself of intelligence it it seemed a little, they assumed that the civilization of newcomers though advances us in development, but not so and is strong, and consequently cannot arrive to us from other planet and other solar system. And it means that their planet should be near somewhere, not further, than at distance in two bigger distances to the Moon. Then representatives of alien race can arrive to us on equipment, the comparable earth with equipment … well or a little its advancing.

And the idea about a planet with a superlong orbit which we cannot see or find by means of our modern equipment in any way, but time in 3600 years it was born comes to us, and newcomers go down from it from other worlds.

Besides, considering most mysterious of the disappeared civilizations, the Maya, Aztecs and Toltecs, scientists found mentions about certain "Anunaki", gods of comers from space, and their planet Nibira. That in accuracy confirmed the theory of scientists and it was taken for a reality.

Now let’s consider pair of interesting facts:

1. Scientists repeat to us that Nibira surpasses in the sizes the earth approximately in 3 times, and the period of its address round the Sun is equal to 3600 years. Even if superficially to know physics, astronomy and astrophysics, it is possible accurately and to understand intelligibly that now we already should see this planet with open years, the sizes slightly less than our moon (after all speed of its movement is smallest).

2. The planet with such over a long orbit cannot be manned, for on boondocks of our solar system for it is simply too cold. The temperature there can fall to 4 degrees on kelvin. And I did not hear something about starving and freezing civilizations with so developed equipment of space travel.

3. The planet to Nibira is an only expected planet which was described by ancient tribes (for example, Aztecs) with the advent of which connected arrival on "Ananuka’s" earth and growth of welfare, culture and technology. No other proofs to it are present.

All this no more than assumption. And probability to see Nibira (planet) 11000000. And even if it is a planet, for us obviously wait not only accidents, but also welfare and culture growth, as well as earlier. But I nevertheless, will express the personal opinion. You can wait for a doomsday and arrival of the huge is lifeless also a dead block to Nibira, can hope for the best and wait arrival of gods from space. And better Wait the Huge Spaceship to Nibira, it already happened here, will arrive and Again.

The fear of emergence to Nibira is caused by the assumption that her emergence can cause magnetic anomaly which will replace earth poles, and then 23 population of a planet will simply be lost.

Roerich A.V.