Returns of Saturn – transformations of a course of life.

Returns of Saturn - transformations of a course of life.

Saturn, the manager of a personal karma of the person, coming back to the natal degree in 29,5 years and 59 years after the birth of the person, notes important boundaries of personal growth, divides a terrestrial embodiment into three global pieces within which the corresponding work necessary for further development should be carried out.

The accumulation sphere till 29,5 years

In the first house and a sign of the Aries, in elements of fire there is a sorting of desires for this moment and prospect.

Irresponsibility and illegitimacy of desires is interfaced to probability of rejection of the person from collective, society. If to please to momentary desire the perspective purposes are exposed to risk, the person calls lessons of a karma of the state on the reckless head. At level of thin bodies the system of perception of signals of the Universe, the intuitive management will be broken. Angels turned away, Gods were angry, the Fate unambiguously twisted a finger at a temple. In practical life thoughtless desires turn around difficulties in job searches, the additional income of own works.

As the word WANT is still higher than the person on two meters, on providing this hoteniye search of another’s money begins. The adolescent will select at a pervoklashka at school, will elicit or will steal at mother, the adult will get into debt or the credits, the beggar sponsor will enter the relations. The person sold the independence, delegated to "benefactor" energy of implementation. At emergence of a habit to solve problems for another’s account, the person becomes a debtor on a karma of a sort and calls the relations of slavish dependence where energy theft also becomes ordinary business, only as the affected victim there will be a person. Independence should be supported by independence. Understanding of the price of desire should be imparted till 30 years.

In the second house and a sign of the Taurus in elements of the earth of people it is urged to care, cherish, form and temper the body, to care of comfort of the dwelling.

The slogan of the Taurus – at first food! In providing with food, a bed, necessities of people as soon as possible should show independence. Hygienic requirements to a condition of clothes, ware, a workplace and the vacation spot also should be satisfied at the expense of own resources, energy, time and money. The Taurus brings up the father supporter ready in the long term to become hope and a support to the following generations of children, grandsons and great-grandsons. Prepares the person for an important role of the banker distributing the benefits terrestrial in growing year from a year to a family.

How to live, what to do, if loveful mummy till two years nursed, till five years from a spoon, till ten years clasped buttons and fastened laces, and then erased shorts-nosochki to the overage goof and listened spellbound to the moustached baby. The karma of the state will halloo through problems with reproduction, a survival and health of descendants. The karma of a sort will promote to sell independence for a bowl of soup and pure pants, огрести a nemeryany array of problems with integration into society and to make unreal for implementation the long-term personal and business unions. Independence in the ordinary – a guarantee of original independence and freedom.

In the third house and a sign Twins in elements of air there is a sorting of information and archive creation.

That on life not to appear the kid toddler who pulls everything in a mouth that came into the view, the person is willy-nilly obliged to learn sorting, the primary analysis and information synthesis. The school program seems the most sad assemblage of information garbage only to those who is not ready to experiment life process. Axioms of a school course should be supported in the course of assimilation with examples from practical life, awake figurative, associative thinking, motivate the person on self-education, search of additional knowledge in the course of game, development of entertaining programs. The Turgenevsky girl, the idealist – the romantic and the desperate goof – victims of thoughtless perception of a base course of knowledge. The rational world will present them many disappointments, in revenge for dullly wasted time, intended for search of a suitable way of development of social space. Not to cram the paragraph for the sake of a mark, and to put described in the paragraph to itself and surrounding space, here that, appears it was necessary to do!!! Makrokosm and микрокосм develop by the same principles. To create archive of basic knowledge and the concepts suitable for use on prospect, – a problem of all life, and this hard road begins with the first steps in сандаликах and short panties.

It is impossible to squeeze all products of a supermarket in the home refrigerator. It is also impossible to read all books of Lenin library. Information for the general development cannot exceed information stock for professional activity. «It is possible to be the efficient person and to think of beauty of nails». Sorting of information is justified by the perspective purposes of a survival, social adaptation, spiritual and creative development.

In the fourth house and the sign Cancer in elements of water there is a formation of the emotional center feeding the sphere of the relations and creativity.

The elements of water like to play with the person illusions. Many people to deep gray hairs believe that love, as a sandwich with something improbably tasty. Exists in the outside world and this sandwich, that is love. It is possible to elicit at someone or even to demand threats and blackmail. I hurry to disappoint them, love this own relation of the person to live and lifeless objects of the outside world. And to fall in love with itself is as? Whether in masturbation what to be engaged? Well, we will do without a piquancy. It is necessary to fall in love with itself, realizing the value as parts of the Universe having the right to unconditional love. The unconditional love does not indulge whims, but is an indispensable condition of creative process. The love as the donation act, feeds nobility of thoughts and the creative beginning, brings feeling of pleasure of life and a fulfillment. However to similar philosophical outbursts still it is necessary to live and to spill many tears because that the object of passion or desire does not reciprocate to the young person. Passion and desire – synonyms of capture, so characteristic accumulation for the sphere.

To the first return of Saturn in 29 years of people should learn to distinguish that it directs in emotional partnership: passion desire, as a sign of the infantile egoist, or love – donation as a sign of the healthy nature, ready to live in a consent good luck and people.

The karma of a sort treats desire as aggressive invasion into the outside world. Treatment has disproportionately high price, all attempts to enter into the strong relations come to an end with a failure after the third appointment, sometimes and business does not reach the second appointment. The person authority loss, charges of immorality and ill fame will pay. That not too promotes career and good business reputation. The knowledge of a difference of love terrestrial and Divine should occur before the person will bring into the world the first descendant.

The realization sphere from 29 to 59 years

In the fifth house and a sign of the Lion in elements of fire there is an understanding of, as creator.

The kid drew whether a tuchka, whether a lamb, whether a lopsided floret and, happy, runs to share pleasure of creation with mother. The hostess at whom the remarkable pie was successful, feels satisfaction and pleasure, observing members of household chewing with appetite. The parents who for the first time have seen the newborn baby like incomparable admiration, pride and tenderness. Than the person becomes more senior, especially insistent there is a requirement to present to the world the creative project, a work of art, craft masterpieces, to meet with approval and recognition of the outside world.

Creative process in an initial stage gives in to control, as a set of products for the conceived pie in hands of the housewife. In the middle of process, as well as in a stage of realization of the personality, at change of external conditions it is necessary to introduce amendments quickly, providing stability of process. How many time was burned by food in a frying pan, how many nedovyazanny pullovers and not finished blouses, not added novels and the dried-up brushes in your house? The creative plan which has not been finished to demanded result, – theft of energy of implementation. Saturn reacts to thriftless squandering of energy. One author collected some years a material for the book «Psychotherapy of oncological patients». Being the practising doctor, a subject owned masterly, but somehow hands did not reach to undertake papers, to sit down at a desk: that trainings in the fitness center, the granddaughter on a visit, a holiday on a seashore, favourite series in the evenings.

Since that moment as he received the order for the book from publishing house, in the house «the poltergeist» was got: the TV burned down, each attempt to leave on the Internet turned around introduction of a virus and need to cause the master for setup of the computer. Being afraid of archive destruction, the doctor ceased to use the Internet. The new TV burned down in two weeks after purchase. Ankles suddenly swelled, it was necessary to take the long sick-list. Spirits patrons created the circumstances forcing the barin – the sybarite to start to work over the declared book. He wrote it in six weeks. "Poltergeist" calmed down, legs recovered, and publishers are happy most.

At a completion stage the person starts to doubt, whether and everything is made how it is necessary, feels concern concerning approval and a project demand. Leakage of energy at this stage can lead to a situation when the writer and the artist with bitterness will hide the finished work in a closet. Diseases of the unrecognized genius overtake those who changed to the creator in itself(himself). On a home straight it is necessary to feel passion and отмести towards all and everything, to offer comfort, pleasure, even a dream. The victim will be rewarded happiness of the creator. You want to be proud on merits, choose, than you will endow.

In the sixth house and the sign Maiden in elements of the earth there is a service understanding as missions.

The choice problem in a sign of the Maiden, a terrestrial form of Mercury costs very sharply. Anyway the person faces an illness of the psychosomatic nature. The reasons of diseases are caused by claims, negative emotional reactions to an inner circle. Meanwhile it is a question of small services, about petty cavils, about trifling occasions, about candy wrappers. It is possible to give tiresome lecture to the child about need to observe purity in the house, to blow up an angry tirade with the subsequent clip, and it is possible pick up silently from a floor a piece of paper and to throw out in a garbage can. The grandmother does not ask the permit to the Dead Sea, one hundred euros for visit to the stylist, brilliants to birthday. It has enough, if the grandson faltered on disorder over the old bible, Pasternak’s small volume, bought for 50 rubles from the same granny and brought as a gift. To relatives it is enough to emphasize attention with a cheap gift: a charm for the keys, the nosochka connected by the hands, a bouquet of lilies of the valley just that is necessary. The friendly smile in general is possible, as well as a polite question: «You as it should be?» Perhaps it is necessary to persuade itself on small donations to pay off from an illness? To be ill most or to look after the sick member of the family surely it is necessary, if the person does not show readiness to maintain a patched-up peace which, as we know, is better than kind quarrel. «To serve it is glad, to cringe precisely» the Protest arises, when the person expects and even demands powerful gratitude. And poorly to make simply so, in all sincerity?

Subjects of work, form and ways of service generate an uncountable set of conflict situations in a family and labor collective. Division of duties and spheres of influence are severe need for all members of collective, a family, community. «I do not learn you to cook a borsch, and you do not learn me to earn nails». If the person everything occurring in the house and on work, takes to consideration as a zone of the increased responsibility, she, thereby, disturbs other members of the family and labor collective to assume responsibility for personal space and a workplace, puts others in position of the guest and the irredeemable debtor. From the point of view of a karma of a sort and a state karma, it tempts other people on energy theft, creates obstacles for self-expression and freedom finding. It is not necessary to substitute crutches to the one who does not need them.

In the seventh house and a sign Scales in elements of air there is an acceptance of global responsibility for own authority and reputation of a family in society.

«Those would not judge the woman, at which daughters». Reputation of a family – not an empty phrase for the person anxious with career growth. Air Venus likes to say spiteful things at the slightest pretext. Losses of energy occur from not constructive criticism. As subjects of this criticism concern unethical situations, dirty suspicions, muddy assumptions, the person boils in a hell during lifetime. Obliging subconsciousness forms events where the negative sounded earlier is materialized on personal space of the yazykaty person. Now it is necessary to deal with unethical acts of children, dirty suspicions to offend the partner in marriage, and muddy assumptions will be reflected in prospects with own health." Do not dig to another a hole, itself to it you will get". The guardian angel calls for reasonable expenditure of energy of implementation therefore the word "given rise" – is the action accompanied by surge of emotions. Depending on emotional heat the word can become the introduced program. What purposes are pursued by the person, using passionate speech, a rough, angry offensive language, a professional slang, the words foreign confusing subconsciousness? It is necessary to remember that taking off from our mouth, irrational empty information produces garbage on personal space, a dustbin in soul, confusion of spirit, unadapted to perceive as team unknown abracadabra. Therefore, puts the person under distribution of a karma of the state connected with loss of work and authority on society.

The personal discipline interfaced to an individual responsibility takes root through punishment for chronically non-executable promises and obligations. The person has no moral right to demand from others observance of rules and norms which constantly breaks itself. The seventh house through other people demonstrates to the person of a point the weaknesses demanding serious study. Saturn does everything seriously.

In the eighth house and the sign Scorpion in elements of water there is an interaction to a requital karma for mistakes and defects in the accumulation sphere.

The karmic house and sign – not raisin pound. The highest justice to which submit both people, and the nature prevails over it. Balance in questions of receiving and an otdavaniye of energy, time, money is not simply desirable, but it is obligatory. The coexistence in one territory, in one space of a mnogopokolenny family at different stages of physical and psychological possibilities can be frictionless if people are ready to share and hang together voluntary under laws of the rational world, and also to help each other with knowledge and observance of laws of the irrational world.

The scorpion will ask time and money from those people who apply for another’s energy, giving to nothing in exchange. On age and the social status the father supporter, and lives as the irresponsible adolescent. The host transferred control over personal space to the wife, the aged mother, the third party sponsoring it not because is mortally sick, but behaves as the hopeless disabled person. The hostess and the wife anxious with career, forgot, in what class the child, not in a course of professional achievements and failures of the husband studies, confuses names of the nurse and the cook, comes to change clothes and spend the night home. Or the dumb slave изаура on фазенде the succeeding husband. Not person even, and zombie.

Those people who in the accumulation sphere till 29 years appeared poor bankrupts, in the sphere of realization test tortures because to give them there is nothing. They passed the period of transformation connected with ensuring of independence at the expense of own resources. Skill to get out with the smallest losses of any situation they did not get for the first 19 years of the life. Therefore it is so difficult to tear off from heart and to someone to give for ever what they still need. All of them still small children, only already nobody does discounts to the infantile egoist. If you have had call yourself milk mushroom – go into the basket…

The sphere of spiritual growth from 60 years

  • In the ninth house and the sign Sagittarius in elements of fire there is an acceptance and understanding of the higher authority through laws of society and laws of development of mankind.
  • In the tenth house and a sign of the Capricorn in elements of the earth there is an analysis, an assessment of a material, cultural and creative heritage to descendants.
  • In the eleventh house and a sign of Aquarius in elements of air satisfaction of requirement for freedom and understanding of the right of the personality on a freedom of expression and creativity.
  • In the twelfth house and a sign of Fishes in elements of water the unconditional love and need for expression of religious feelings wakens.