Signs of the Top Zodiac.

Signs of the Top Zodiac.

In an astrology there is a division of a zodiac belt into two levels – bottom and top. The top circle of the Zodiac, as well as traditional bottom, is divided into 12 equal sectors, each of which is assigned to a certain sign of the so-called Highest Zodiac. Both zodiac circles form the 24-richny Ideal Zodiac which schematical structure can be compared to the DNA spiral model.

The top zodiac signs are located on joints of the standard western signs and as though move apart borders between them on 7, 5 ° in each party of a zodiac belt, forming 12 border areas in extent on 15 ° everyone. It is considered that constellations of the Top Zodiac are "sleeping" managers of these zones.

As a result of intervention of the highest signs in boundary regions there is an effect of a power resonance. There is a mixture or some kind of synthesis of elements that generates discrepancy of character and sincere confrontation as the nature of influence of spontaneous elements on the person is various.

In certain cases people are influenced by the Top Zodiac, allocating them perfect with other characteristics. Signs of the Top Zodiac "waken" when in a horoscope of the birth of the person on border of signs there is a Sun or the Moon and yet less than two planets. And one of these planets should settle down in two last degrees of one sign, and another – in the two first next. If the individual horoscope of the given rise has such indicators, then it is possible to consider this person as the representative of the Top Zodiac. Such people are allocated from lump, they as though not from our world. These are persons very mysterious and difficult for understanding, usually charismatic and allocated with uncommon abilities. Many of them achieve considerable successes and become celebrities.

So, let’s learn in more detail about 12 signs of the Top Zodiac.

1. Hours (Tsefey) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on March 14-27)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Hours – the first sign of the Top Zodiac which represents constellation of the northern hemisphere of the star sky – Tsefey that in transfer with Latin are meant by "figure". The sign of the Top Zodiac is located Hours between 23 ° Fishes and 7 ° the Aries. Most strongly the sign is shown at people been born on March 20-23. Symbolically the border of these signs represents a gate of our terrestrial life and chronologically coincides from the beginning of a cycle of astrological year.

Chelovek Chasy possesses ability to "null" any situation, that is it has possibility to finish begun before and to begin all over again. In it the incongruous – a fiery Aries and water Fish is combined. Therefore the person with the shown sign of Hours differs activity, determination of a strong-willed Aries and the developed imagination, intuition and ability to have a presentiment, inherent in Fishes. Hours are knights, revolutionaries, missionaries, the active and spiritualized idealists with feeling of sacral, highest sense. They not only dream and passionately the victory wish to ideals to which aspire, but also put efforts to their achievement. It can sometimes reach fanaticism, manifestation of extremism in views and actions. As the Aries symbolizes leadership, and Fishes – all secret, such people can achieve the, operating not directly, and as though from the scenes, using secret methods and means.

Hours unite in themselves a kardinalnost of the Aries and mobility of Fishes, this is the strategist and tactics on one face. Therefore to an ultimate goal people of this sign carry out movement not so rectilinearly as the Aries, they at intuitive level seize the direction and time moment, bending around thus "reefs". Unduly trusting the intuition or being fond of imaginations, Hours lose in respect of objectivity owing to what sometimes make mistakes after which they with ease recover and start everything "with a clean slate".

Known people born under the badge of Hours of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Ivan Mazepa, Modest Musorgsky, Albert Enstein, George Washington, Leonid Utesov, Andrey Tarkovsky, Nicolas Lomberts, Sergey Lavrov, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Salvador Dali, Egor Gaidar, Giordano Bruno, George Zhzhenov.

2. A winged Horse (Pegasus) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on February 12-25)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.

Between Aquarius and Fishes "the Winged Horse – the second sign of the Top Zodiac presented in heavens by constellation of Pegasus flies to infinity". Most strongly the Winged Horse "inspires" people been born from February 19 to February 23.

Pegasus is connected with various muses and serves as a symbol of the highest creative inspiration, an impetuous flight of fancy and thought, eagernesss of soul up, desires to create and develop. The winged Horse points to infinity and freedom of our imagination, on a unification of mental and spiritual plans in the person. In thoughts we can fly where and as it is necessary for us on what we will wish, for example, on a strange winged horse or on wings of the soul.

In a zone of influence of Pegasus there is a mixture of air and water elements which Aquarius and Fishes concern. Air (the mental plan) Aquarius excites Water (emotions, feelings) Fishes. As a result of such "spontaneous" synthesis the person has a psychological gift, supersensitivity to thin matters, its psychotouch abilities amplify, level of a mental resonance with natural rhythms raises. He feels Universe pulse, hears Music of Spheres, perceives world around through a mysticism and magic prism.

Existence at the Horse of wings reports that given rise under this sign – nature spiritualized, sublime and uncharged a material aspect of life. The most part of the time, being "in a separation from the earth" or having plunged into depths own "I", people of this sign devote to active comprehension of Life.

Character of the Horse sharp, obstinate, emotional and contrast. This person – outstanding, the creative, progressive and original personality living on inspiration. For it unacceptably passive, senseless and "gray" existence. He is full of ideas and thirsts to create, behold, worry. Pegasus awakens in the person of the Researcher, the Creator.

Known people born under the badge of the Winged Horse of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Arthur Schopenhauer, Johann Sebastian Bach, Feodor Ushakov, Yury Antonov, Whether Marvin, Oleg Yankovsky, Chuck Palanik, Andrey Vasnetsov, Evgeny Baratynsky, Kazemir Malevich, Nikolay Rastorguev, Drew Barrymore, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Kyle Maklakhlen, Alla Larionov.

3. A sphinx (Swan) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on January 13-26)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Sphinx – the third sign of the Top Zodiac which corresponds in the sky to Swan constellation. It is shown on border of signs of the Capricorn and Aquarius. Especially strongly the Sphinx affects people been born during the period from January 19 to January 23. The sphinx is a symbol of wisdom and the knowledge, all secret and mysterious. Also it is a destiny and fate sign.

Chelovek Sfinks – the personality fatal and mysterious which is perceived by many as unpredictable and difficult for understanding or as a riddle demanding a solution. Quite often in it is mute see the prophet or the owner inaccessible to the majority of people of information which carrier it often and is. Known words are connected with the Sphinx Ekkleziasta: «From many wisdom there are a lot of grieves. Who multiplies knowledge, that multiplies grief». That is a lot of things is known to the Sphinx and is opened, therefore as it is strongly connected with a world temporalno-information stream from which gets knowledge. However the more the representative of this sign learns, the it bears big responsibility, that more strongly the fate and fate prevail over his life. It is important to it to learn to commensurate the desire everything the nobility with real needs and possibilities as the luggage of the saved-up knowledge can appear excessive cargo and to crush, become the reason of sad events.

In the Sphinx united the of energy the Capricorn and Aquarius. Both signs cope one for two planets – Saturn and the Uranium making on cheloveka Sfinksa stronger impact, than on the protege of the usual Zodiac. Mental perception of the outside world at the Sphinx detached, a little torn off from the ordinary. It is the independent, original and excentric personality, feeling big requirement to surprise of others and to draw to itself attention. Such person has creative thinking and quite non-standard views which, as a rule, advance the time in this connection they not are divided by all, but despite it, it is inclined with firmness them to adhere. The sphinx at the same time lives as though in the future and the past, out of the present. He thinks categories of ideas and ideals, relying thus on the outlook created already at rather early age and on wisdom of centuries, past experience. Misunderstanding of its acts by others and intentions usually leads to that the Sphinx retires into himself/herself, becomes gloomy or puts on a cold mask of indifference, preferring to remain alone with the thoughts.

Known people born under the badge of Sphinx of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Lev Landau, George Byron, David Lynch, Edgar Poe, Vasily Surikov, John Donne, Federico Fellini, Evgeny Zamyatin, Janis Joplin, Nastasia Kinsky, Natalia Krandiyevskaya-Tolstaya, Leonid Yarmolnik, Donald Stewart, Svetlana Hodchenkova, Irina Allegrova.

4. A tree (Cassiopeia) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on December 15-28)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Between the Sagittarius and the Capricorn there is a Tree – the fourth sign of the Top Zodiac. Heavenly analogy of this sign is the constellation Cassiopeia. Most strongly operates on given rise from December 21 to December 24.

Metaphysical sense of the Tree – connection of Nizhny of the world with Top, association of the different worlds, a universe axis, a world tree, a skeleton of all sort. This center of life, the force which is forming structure and responsible for it for stability, for system of communications in DNA, keeping the best, providing selective selection and viability of a look. A tree – a sign of the Savior, the Father of a genome, the nation, all look. The people connected with this sign, embody themselves the highest will and force, the central axis or the certain core bearing a framework. They are perceived by people around as a standard for imitation, as saviors, the guru and spiritual leaders.

The highest mission of the Tree – soul and body evolution, protection of all life on Earth. "Wood" people are cleaners of a collective karma as on the scale of a sort, a clan or the whole nation, and in global, universal (The Christ expiated mankind sins for the sake of its rescue). They bear in themselves idea of association of people and unity of their efforts for the sake of a survival.

The ward of the Tree combines optimism, impulsiveness, directness and openness of a "fiery" Sagittarius and pessimism, isolation, coldness and pragmatism, that is, absolutely opposite characteristics inherent in a "terrestrial" Capricorn. Similar synthesis of elements of Fire and Earth to which the Sagittarius and the Capricorn belong, gives the personality difficult for the understanding, often having deep mental contradictions. Sometimes it is difficult to it to bridle the passion and to supervise the internal rushes to expansion, and at the same time the person born under the badge of the Tree, feels requirement of fight against the passions, self-checking and self-restriction. He is seemingly full of inspiration and enthusiasm, his look is directed in breadth, in Space, and the soul is torn to God, but thus terrestrial energy of the Capricorn damps his ardor, without allowing it to come off "earth". That is, chelovek Drevo always really sees the matter and does not forget about a practical side of any business, always remembering that gives food to it and its sort.

Chelovek Drevo has philosophical way and more often finds itself in World self-knowledge, rather than in communication with people, preferring to conduct a solitary way of life. In the course of time it accumulates wide life experience and a resource of knowledge, becoming dear and wise instructor for people around.

Known people born under the badge of Tree of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Jesus Christ (allegedly), Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Stalin, Frantsiski, Edith Piaf, Leonid Brezhnev, Edward Uspensky, Stephen Spielberg, Ekaterina Furtseva, Dmitry Bykov, Anastas Vertinskaya, Olga Aroseva, Leonid Filatov, Samyuel Jackson, Is left Durov.

5. Zmeenosets – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on November 15-28)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Zmeenosets – the fifth sign and, perhaps, most known of all representatives of the Top Zodiac. The zone of its influence is located between 23 ° the Scorpion and 7 ° the Sagittarius. Most strongly Zmeenosets influences the people which date of birth drops out for November 22-25.

Among astrologers there is no unanimous opinion concerning zodiac accessory of constellation of Zmeenosts. Some "astrologers" consider that Zmeenosets is the 13th sign of the traditional, western Zodiac and the top zodiac circle treats to a lesser extent.

For manifestation in Zmeenosts’s person, it is absolutely unessential, that his date of birth dropped out for the zodiac period of the Scorpion or the Sagittarius. It is enough to have in a horoscope given rise one planet in the degrees of one specified above of signs, especially, if in this zone there will be a Sun or the Moon.

Zmeenosets symbolizes the law of a karma or relationship of cause and effect. In Zmeenostsa two worlds – Nizhny and the Highest adjoin. Zmeenosets is something like the bridge between these two worlds or the lock on a chain of embodiments, having opened which it is possible to overcome predefiniteness, to be released from karmic dependence and to escape in the Highest world, to rise by other, higher spiritual level of evolution of soul. Zmeenosts’s way is a way of a caterpillar turning into a fine butterfly. In other words, mission cheloveka Zmeenostsa consists in symbolical death and the subsequent spiritual regeneration. For its performance it is necessary for it to pass through a set of tests, to realize and expiate the sins, to burn all the boats, connecting with former life. Only then it has a chance to dump from itself cargo of a karma and to revive in a new form.

Zmeenosts’s characteristic is ideological intolerance and protesting incite against everything that it does not accept. Such people is canny. They are the bright individualists, inclined is very active, and at times even aggressively to pursue the policy. The protege Zmeenostsa – the personality expansive, energetic and very passionate. Sometimes in the actions it is similar to the fiery tornado which is inevitably destroying everything on the way. He does not like to submit and in everything it is necessary only on the forces, preferring to operate completely independently. The ego of representatives of this sign is strongly developed that or helps them to reach outstanding results, or – ruins and is the main reason of their degradation.

Known people born under the badge of Zmeenosets of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Mikhail Lomonosov, Ferdinand Magellan, George Zhukov, Alexander Suvorov, Alfred Schnittke, Mikhail Ulyanov, Maiya Plisetskaya, Mikhail Suslov, Ilsee Liyep, Deyl Carnegie, Zynaida Gippius, Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, Jamie Li Curtis, Rodion Malinovsky, Victor Pelevin, Yury Budanov, Mikhail Gluzsky, Andrey Smolyakov, Alexey Batalov.

6. A raven – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on October 16-29)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.In a zone between signs Scales and the Scorpion is shown the Raven – the sixth sign of the Top Zodiac presented in a firmament by the constellation with the same name. If the person was born from October 22 to October 25, then the probability of inclusion of the sign Crow is greatest.

Mythological prototype of the Raven Gamayun’s prophetic bird – a symbol of fair requital, execution of a judicial verdict is considered. In Gamayun’s Slavic mythology is the envoy or the messenger of gods, their herald, the intermediary between heaven and earth. It punished for recreancy and injustice. In drevneiransky mythology there is an analog – Humaya, the bird of happiness symbolizing wellbeing expecting person which will appear in her shadow.

Light mission of the Raven – maintenance of social justice and harmony in the world. From above to it it is given the chance to manage justice, to provide a law celebration. He plays a role of the arbitrator and the court enforcement officer on one face.

Still the Crow it is possible to present "the devourer of drop", the hospital attendant clearing society from decomposing it are nasty. However, it is important to representative of the Raven to have a clear idea of the good and evil, not to interchange the position of them. A terrible example of how the person at whom in a horoscope this top zodiac sign was shown, can be mistaken in a moral assessment of the actions, – history with maniac Chikatilo, the useful cleaner thinking relieving society from "moral garbage". Actually the "good" acts it caused a lot of grief and paved to itself the road to a hell, than to bright future rather.

In a zone of the influence of Crows mixes air elements of Scales aspiring to balance with a water element of an intensive Scorpion. As a result of similar synthesis of elements there is an imbalance in the intellectual sphere, caused by surplus of feelings generated by a passionate Scorpion and which is very inconvenient for balancing.

Raven – one of the most dual signs of the Top Zodiac. His wards – natures ambiguous, often running from one extreme in another. Chelovek Voron a certain period of time can conduct quiet and a regular life, and then suddenly sharply to change and be started up in "all heavy". For such people "the diphasic behavior" – that they soft, peace and counterbalanced, – rough, aggressive and unstable is characteristic. Some individuals can live on double standards or test a split personality.

The protege of this sign is capable to rise highly on a scale of ranks by means of public assistance. For example, he can be chosen as the collective representative, the ambassador etc.

It is important to raven to observe a justice principle, to live it is moral. If it follows a "dark" Way, will fall and will be dethroned.

Known people born under the badge of Crows of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Franz Liszt, Gengrikh von Kleyst, Ivan Bunin, Alfred Nobel, Sar Bernard, Arcady Raikin, Arthur Rimbaud, Stephen King, Venedikt Yerofeev, Evgeny Schwarz, Roman Abramovich, Lev Yashin, Elena Sanayeva, Mishulin’s Spartak.

7. The pastor (Bootes) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on September 16-29)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.The pastor – the seventh sign of the Top Zodiac being on border of the Maiden and Scales. Analogy of the Pastor in heavens – Bootes constellation. It is more than chances of manifestation of the Pastor at people been born during the period from September 22 to September 25.

One more archetype of Bootes – the Shepherd, that who collects "herd" and operates of. This is the guru, the conductor specifying a way to the future, called in this world with mission to lead human masses. It possesses huge force of impact on others. Its activity is capable to affect evolution of society and formation of certain laws on which there will live a civilization cardinally. Therefore on born under constellation of Bootes big responsibility for where will give society of its effort is assigned. In order that it did not lead conducted up a blind alley or on death in a bog as Susanin, it was given from the Maiden the superrational thinking helping Scales to make the most right choice with difficult situations.

On the Pastor the duty of voluntary service for the sake of general love, balance and world peace lies. Being guided in actions by call of duty and without being afraid of responsibility, it thereby outweighs on the party a bowl of scales with good luck, and also removes the question of a right choice facing Scales.

The pastor incorporated qualities of the rational, pragmatic Maiden and the counterbalanced, active Scales. Such person magnificent ability to make distinguishes very weighed and thought-over decisions, to develop complicated plans, to find graceful and effective decisions. To it all merits and demerits, as the, and strangers are clear. He always knows what to do and as, clearly sees all details of the general. This is the fine coordinator and the manipulator which is skillfully applying to achievement of the mind and charm of that by nature it has enough is more whole.

The person of this sign – the esthete and the judge of all fine, having excellent sense of taste and aspiring to turn any chaos in something skillful, beautiful. Any business for which it undertakes, becomes professionally and qualitatively. Its credo – an order, accuracy, beauty and harmony in everything. All these qualities in it involve people around and do it by the successful person.

At a low spiritual level of development, the materialism of the Maiden and esthetic addictions of Scales take top that generates the voluptuous and ordinary nature inclined to material excesses in the Pastor.

Known people born under the badge of Pastor of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Alexey Losev, Edward Radzinsky, Anastas Melnikov, Sophia Loren, Francois La Rochefoucauld, Zinoviy Gerdt, Stephen King, Bill Murray, Michael Faradey, Scott Fitzgerald, Sergey Ojegov, Alexander Bashirov, Maria Golubkina, Selma Hayek, Victor Verzhbitsky.

8. The knight (Oat-flakes) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on August 16-29)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.The eighth sign of the Top Zodiac – the Sword-bearer, the Soldier, Kolenopreklonenny the Knight. In the star sky to it there corresponds constellation Oat-flakes which is located on border between the Lion and the Maiden. Archetypes of Oat-flakes symbolize the elected power, courage and force, military valor and a knightly duty. The period of the greatest influence of the Knight falls on August 22-25.

Synthesis of energiya of the Lion and the Maiden which results from influence of the Sword-bearer, generates human nature with temperament of "fiery terrestrial" type. That is, the duality of such person is obvious: in it can get on the choleric person with the phlegmatic person and the extrovert with the introvert. What sign, the Lion or the Maiden, at the Knight will appear more expressed, depends on specific features of a horoscope given rise.

The knight – a sign of a special caste of the people having higher status and some power over others. Their mission – ensuring ordering of the world by means of transformation, certain transformations and duty performance. These people voluntary recite an oath or the oath which is no by the rights to break, and should strictly to it follow, carry out of the assumed obligations, to honor the code and to supervise others that they also adhered to it. For example, the officer swears on fidelity before Fatherland, observes the charter, has honor and a rank, turns boys into real men – a classical embodiment of an image of the Knight in the modern world. Willfulness and lawlessness from its party are inadmissible and is fraught with falling from a scale of ranks, and the it possesses the bigger power, the level of responsibility of the person of this sign is higher, dependence on a duty is stronger.

Approximately at thirty-year age Oat-flakes leave on the maximum. It is a time of its blossoming when it is shown as the personality most brightly. However, internal regeneration and transition to higher level of development at representatives of this sign it is possible at any vital stage. To become the real knight, it is necessary for Soldier to go safely on a thorny way, protecting weak and battling to evil generation. It should pass a way of an ascesis, certain tests, make twelve Herculean feats, that is pass a certain vital examination and prove to that that is worthy to carry a title of the Knight.

Known people born under the badge of Knight of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Napoleon, Alexander Green, Genghis Khan, Leni Rifenshtal, Alexey Tolstoy, Aubree Beardsley, Ray Bradbury, Heinz Guderian, Mikhail Kozakov, Richard Vincent, Sean Connery, Viy to Artman, George Danelia, Irina Skobtseva, Gabriel Chanel, Leonid Andreev.

9. A chariot – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on July 16-29)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Chariot – the ninth sign of the Top Zodiac located on border of the Cancer and the Lion. In the sky it is presented by constellation of the Big Dipper, all known and legkouznavayemy on the outline reminding a ladle with the handle. The chariot influences at whom birthday drops out for July 22-25 more strongly.

According to antique mythology, the chariot symbolizes force, the power, power and omnipresence of gods. A chariot – a symbol of heroes and patriots. It is ancient analog of the smart car, the integral attribute of the celebrated hero and the patriotic military leader.

In an astrology the Cancer the Moon operates is a subconsciousness, a sincere and emotional cut of the person, his behavioural instincts, and the lord of the Lion considered the Sun – will power, spirit, an ego, heart. "Inclusion" in a horoscope of the top zodiac sign of the Chariot, gives to the world lunar and solar type of the personality in which united the qualities a sensitive water Cancer and a brave fiery Lion. Influence of energiya of these two signs is generated by fluctuations between such contrasts as cowardice and courage, softness and hardness, uncertainty and determination.

Movement of the Chariot is directed to the future, but its route lies on the most nakatanny and safe road. In other words, these people in the actions seriously rely on traditions and last experience.

Chelovek Kolesnitsa – the personality ambiguous and many-sided, with appearance drawing a look, as a rule, very talented and charismatic. However given rise under this top sign have tendency to go into extremes. Some adventurism and unpredictability also are not alien to them. Despite seeming good nature and tranquillity, they sometimes make desperate and hot acts. For people of this sign the sincere rushes times escaping from them in general are characteristic is similar to solar protuberanets because they live soul and heart. They the first without thought rush to fire and in water for the sake of rescue of people suffering disaster.

Chariot – a sign of creative geniuses. It allocates the proteges with huge fertility and multilateral abilities. These are very romantic and loveful natures. Ability to deep empathy and brilliant expression of the internal feelings, does them by talented creative persons. The history knows many representatives of the Big Dipper which creativity is considered top of perfection and glorified them in centuries.

Known people born under the badge of Chariot of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Goethe, William Shakespeare, Alexandre Dumas, Lev Tolstoy, Balzac, Vasily Sokolovsky, Pavel Sukhoy, William Defoe, general Ershov Vladimir, Robin Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Kirill Ryabov, Alexey Herman, Ivan Okhlobystin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexander Kaydanovsky, Natali Wood, Mireille Mathieu.

10. The ship, the Helmsman – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on June 14-28)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.The ship – the tenth sign of the Top Zodiac. Its star harbor is located on a joint of signs Twins and the Cancer. The second name of a sign – the Helmsman. This Sign of the Top Zodiac influences people been born from June 20 to June 23 more strongly.

The Slang ship – nowadays not existing constellation of the southern hemisphere divided in the XVIII century into three parts: Stern, Sails, Kiel. Some consider that into it enters also the fourth part – constellation the Compass, but its existence by the ship of Ancient Greek mythology is represented illogical.

Mission of the Helmsman – knowledge of truth and all unknown, comprehension of meaning of the life, search of the egregor. Movable by air Twins and mental energy of Mercury, overcoming every possible difficulties on a way, overwhelmed by various phobias and experiences generated under the influence of a lunar Cancer, it floats on the vital ocean towards to the dream. The ship heads to the imagined unknown earth which can become it native or where it will be possible to fill up, or to unload the luggage of knowledge to which he is the big hunter.

The image of the Ship is the first colonist, the one who adjusts communication with the new world, creates a basis and is at the beginnings of future civilization. This is the person a changing vector of evolution influencing generations of people and leaving an appreciable trace (generally information) in the history.

Chelovek Korabl it is very inquisitive and коммутативен by the nature. It can be compared to mobile research laboratory.

One more image – the helmsman, the helmsman standing aft wandering ship, going on searches of bright emotions and romantic adventures. The course of its vessel lies to the love and wellbeing country which is obviously existing only in rich imagination of the Helmsman and in what reality can and not be. Thus it lays "route", relying not only on logic and calculation, but also on intuition, to it he trusts sometimes even more than to arguments of reason. Lunar меркурианская the nature of such person means combination of intelligence and emotions or, on the contrary, an antagonism of these categories. Irrespective of "weather behind a board", the Helmsman believes that sooner or later his ship will reach treasured coast of the fantastic country. It does not lose hope to find love in the huge ocean under the name Life. Thus search of the romantic ideal, in his opinion, should be active. Until then while the Ship will not find the "pearl lagoon", it can have very many acquaintances and amorous hobbies. Therefore from such person it can seem thoughtless and unreliable, but not absolutely so, simply he pursues the aim – to find a soulmate or the second half.

Known people born under the badge of Ship of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Blaise Pascal, Victor Tsoy, Robert Rodriguez, Francoise Sagan, Alexander Tvardovsky, Meril Streep, Natalia Varley, Nicole Kidman, Valery Zolotukhin, Erich Maria Remarque, Ilya Bryzgalov, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Vasily Golovachyov.

11. The hunter (Orion) – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on May 14-27)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.The hunter – the eleventh sign of the Top Zodiac being between the Taurus and Twins. In the sky to it there corresponds constellation Orion. Orion has some more archetypes: the wanderer, the horseback rider at the crossroads, the eremite, the pilgrim that speaks about many-sided nature of people of this sign. Have bigger chance of disclosure of a sign of the Hunter, given rise from May 20 to May 23.

The main mission to which the person Hunter follows, – search and production something (someone). Object of its search can be that gives it a certain esthetic pleasure, provides comfortable existence or satisfies any other requirements having generally the material nature. For providing "successful hunting" it uses the huge potential which the Taurus gives it: the talents, the stored experience, force and material resources. Twins grant it mind and knowledge, dexterity, freedom in a choice of reference points, means and methods that increase its possibilities even more. However intellectual mobility and the dual nature of Twins generates plurality, a certain razbrosannost, puts the Hunter before a choice problem. The person of this sign as if tense by onions bowstring the arrow, is necessary to it one accurate purpose to shoot precisely, and them at it happens a little, here he and looks for the most priority from a set, but it often escapes, forks. He can "try to do two things at once" and any not to catch. The protege of Orion should be remembered always what insufficiently to be simply free and to possess all arsenal of possibilities. It is not less important to have the correct reference points and to be able to make a right choice. Otherwise – it is possible "to lose the way in the wood", to get confused in the preferences and desires or it is erroneous to spend that is given initially, and as a result – to receive nothing.

Image very corresponding to Orion – the fantastic athlete who has appeared at the crossroads. It has everything: a silushka daring, a horse powerful and a sword-kladenets, the head on shoulders, freedom and an option. But here at some instant wandering athlete appears on a destiny fork, before a stone index, here then it and should choose, decide on the direction. If he refuses to offer something then will not receive to what its way lies. Having turned back, it can aimlessly проскитаться for the rest of the natural, without having realized the potential or having spent it for nothing. Rather sharply there is for Orion not demand problem. Its many projects can remain unrealized, and talents "earthed" or unrecognized, unvalued in a due measure.

Known people born under the badge of Hunter of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Nikolay II, Dante Alighieri, Mikhail Bulgakov, Richard Wagner, Andrey Sakharov, Honore de Balzac, Alexey Maresyev, Boris Akunin, Michele Placido, Karl Marx, Alexander Dedyushko, Roman Kartsev, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Leonardo da Vinci.

12. A whale – a sign of the Top Zodiac (on April 13-26)

Signs of the Top Zodiac.Whale – the twelfth sign of the Top Zodiac. For manifestation the person of this sign has enough, that in its horoscope on border between the Aries and the Taurus one of stars (the Sun, the Moon) and Septener’s one any planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) settled down. The whale is more strongly shown in a horoscope of the people who were born from April 19 to April 22.

Whale – a symbol of absorption of the evil, ordering of primary chaos, transformation through clarification from any "garbage". He acts as a peculiar filter, the selector, the hospital attendant-utilizatorom, dirt adsorbent.

The whale combines characteristics of the Aries and the Taurus, elements of Fire and Earth, combines an active machismo "Jan" and passive female "Yin".

The aries Keith is dynamic and resolute, but, unlike a "thoroughbred" Aries, it is less sharp and more reserved in the rushes. At the end of the Aries violent energy and an egocentrism of this sign are sent to the practical and quiet course of a terrestrial Taurus. The aries Keith is very hardworking, but thus he is able to commensurate the forces and spends them with advantage. Nature of actions of such person is caused by efficiency and utility reasons. Such Whale wants to dominate over others, to supervise in everything. Especially he is excited by the material sphere in which he wishes to be allocated and reach considerable successes more than other signs of the Top Zodiac. At household level such person aspires to capture of the best resources and riches, but not so much for the sake of banal possession them, how many for receiving recognition of leadership. Therefore Whales of ovensky type often become the main financial managers and managers.

Taurus Keith – not so simply the lovely and quiet bull-calf who is peacefully grazing on a lawn. At the first degrees of the Taurus still there is an influence of elements of Fire which is native for the Aries. Figuratively speaking the powerful bull appears at us "with fire in eyes", thirsting to be fed with only the most juicy grass on the biggest and best pasture. Such person is strong a body and spirit. He is capable with special obstinacy and eagerness to achieve the. Thus the teltsovsky type of the Whale is already less impulsive, than ovenskiya, and differs from it bigger stability in everything. The Taurus Keith is a person-passionary who accumulates energy in itself and waits for suitable time and when it comes, it, realizing the saved-up potential, starts to operate very energetically and vigorously.

The powers that be born under the badge of the Whale, often represent on coins, on awards and medals, in various sculptural sculptures. Examples: Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), Ekaterina II Velikaya, Adolf Hitler.

Known people born under the badge of Whale of the Top Zodiac

Persons: Genghis Khan, Alexander Lebed, Vladimir Nabokov, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Ivan Kulibin, Elizabeth Maria Windsor, Stepan Razin, Oliver Cromwell, Jack Nicholson, Yemelyan Pugachev, Andy MacDowell, Denis Evsyukov, Maria Sharapova, Veniamin Kaverin.