Soul formula. What is the Soul formula.

Soul formula. What is the Soul formula.

The formula of soul is a strategy of life. The code of the reasons, motives and the purposes on which there lives the person is hidden in it. This code – complete regularity of human life. The formula of soul is an optimum way of development of the person, foreordained to it heavenly bodies at the moment of the birth, expressed graphically in astrological symbols. Without building a horoscope, it is possible to construct a soul formula, to receive the express analysis of the most important and important parameter: what Soul at the person, than as she can live and prepare herself for future life.

Soul formula

The soul formula – an astrological method which is carried by astrologers to the astropsychology category (motivation of the person), a formula is constructed on a chain of dispozitor (the planets operating zodiac signs) on management of zodiac signs. The technique «a soul formula» was developed by popular astrologer Astrogor A.A.

The basis of a formula of soul is its center that is spirit of the person. The spirit itself punches and forces the way through in life, and the soul carefully probes, studies, is adjusted on world around, trying to adapt in is mute. The soul collects for spirit of a particle of experience, knowledge, abilities and talents. It she long suffers, suffers, yet will not get a particle of strength of mind, and then the person says that will not do something any more …

Soul formula. What is the Soul formula.

Soul formula. Example

Yet will not be perfect smothering, it is not worth a red cent
to any perfection of spirit!

For the soul is a true essence of the person. The soul forms a dushevnost in the person, and without a dushevnost spirituality development is impossible.

Soul formula. Planets round the center

Planets round the center are living conditions therefore, without being in the center, the person looks for not itself, and living conditions, makes a complaint to people around, all become guilty in his problems, misfortunes and diseases. To "fly into a rage" or will address to the planets, the second, the third etc. orbits – such situation bears always adverse effect, at first it will be reflected in the formula center: in it is mute the vacuum is formed; then on health of the person: he will test chronic shortage of energy for life, becomes angry, sick. For example, at women at whom Mars is not in the formula center, on any of distant orbits, will bear adverse effect if the woman herself shows an initiative in search and a choice of the spouse, that is it will "use" as though. Interesting wrapper, but not that inside. Itself thrust … and in the same spirit.

Planets round the center is for what the soul should adapt. The further a planet are from the formula center, the after people will open and will read for itself unknown pages of destiny.

Soul formula. Distant planets

Distant planets are distant, long-term programs, to execute which it is possible, having got hand in and knowledge. (That sphere for which they answer) the person very long shakes with these planets space round itself, is scattered by promises and the obligations which performance from it you will not wait. Distant orbits of planets are orbits of vulnerabilities, an ushchemlyonnost and envy of the person. The main thing that it is necessary to understand in interpretation of planets in orbits in a formula, is that they carry out subordinative function to that planet in which orbit are.

Soul formula. Planets in the center

Planets in the center is a person, his spirit, this psychological shelter from a society hardship. This kernel of intuition which knowledge in us, but not connected with reason is. The center gives sense of existence and the purpose of acts. The center is thoughts, feeling, experience of personal character. And their qualities will depend on an aura svetonosnost – its planets round the center. The kernel center the first reacts to health of the person. It is necessary to lie down, think, where with whom to you it is comfortable. Remain in a comfortable condition, and self-treatment then will begin. Viability of an organism and activity of a body depends on the center, a formula kernel. To live the center is to enter into the temple, and it means – to open for it new life, to help to become truly live, to feel true "I" – to meet with itself.

Formula of soul and spiritual development

The step of spiritual development begins from the center filled not with corporal and material energiya of feelings, thoughts and desires, but the enthusiasm which has lodged in it, love and interest. The center of soul can and should create «the world», but be afraid, that it became the world. It is possible to see the person with the world from outside as it is pity and consequently it everywhere will be not understood and superfluous. From the kernel spirit of people lets out the waves which can be both salutary, and harmful. These waves as an echo in mountains, are carried in space and again come back to our center. Wound of soul or good fortune start with ourselves. Knowing pure waves of pleasure, love and good fortune try to send this law from the center of the soul. The reflected waves of good fortune always charge the person, as the accumulator while harmful waves burn a body, as a candle. Any formula of soul works by a radio receiver principle. If the person does not live the center, does not happen by itself, its center turns into the tension center, in the emptiness center. The person becomes always and all dissatisfied, quickly is tired, exhausts, at it pressure jumps, the hormonal balance is broken, it becomes irritable, it does not have enough fresh energy of feelings, and then it is compelled to accumulate – to receive energy from the outside (as the center is blocked), from surrounding people. First of all, it is reflected in a family, and then transferred for work, colleagues and society.

Spiritual perfection begins with tranquillity in which there is no place to indifference. Realizing itself, try to resemble only others only that above, more purely and is more light than you. The kernel of the center of soul forms the WAY, but do not aim. It is impossible to live, setting the purposes. It is necessary to find the WAY, and then the purpose itself it will appear and will be created on this way. Living the center, the person dies for one, but joins life of other people closer to it on spirit. That is why the SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP is closer than the physical.

Each person has the unique formula, rigid and steady. It is formed in birthday and remains for the person to power cliches on all life. She tells to the person about how acts, desires and thoughts will be formed; opens possibilities of mastering by one energiya and difficulties of management and understanding others; shows on causes and effects which will constantly accompany the person in life.

Any planet has some plans and levels through which the person goes to perfection or degrades.

To change a formula of soul it is impossible, but it is possible to change plans,
levels of each planet.