The child – the soul given on preservation.

The child - the soul given on preservation. The person – a fruit of creation of the Creator

Fertilisation did not occur yet, and the card deal shows in the field of future mother of the male baby because formation and balancing of thin bodies of future little man are already complete. From the moment of conception stages of evolutionary development of a fruit are supervised by the Archangel Gabriel. Bog Dukh Sacred gives a way and a staff that the person, reacting to indirect signs of destiny, it appeared in the right place in due time, opened the door the keys, and took the treasures prepared for it by Space curators in an award for courage and fidelity for the way, the mission.

The tunnel of force forms Bog Dukh Sacred one year prior to conception, according to the soul development plan on the forthcoming embodiment. The highest curators select the continent, the nation, the state, the district, a sort, embodiments corresponding to tasks. Key figures – patrons, fellow travelers, allies, opponents, competitors, victims and executioners, parents are the planned first and alternating cast of actors in the terrestrial drama of future person.

12 house of a horoscope describes a mature, personal karma

Quality of fruits of creation depends on fidelity of the person to the way. Protection of Boga Dukha Sacred and Archangel Gabriel.

12 house is the conductor of will Installed through level of the Tree of life Keter. At this level there is a creation of a power matrix as prototype of future person From matrix creation till the birth passes 27 months Experience of former embodiments of soul is fixed in the card of a solar eclipse on an axis of Knots near this date. Calculation of conditions of a matrix rather simply. It is necessary to take away from date of birth 27 months and on эфемеридам Michelson on 20 eyelids, 21 eyelids to find this eclipse.

Simple children’s drawing: the sun, clouds, a lodge, the lake and a grass about it, and a figure of the person in the drawing center – is primitive model of the Universe. The child of 3-4 years starts to realize the place in the world, he needs to bring the representations into any logic order: this sun, is the house, all beautiful around, this is mother, it I. this is all my relatives, including the grandmother, a dog and a cat. Such order is in full accordance with a cabalistic Tree of life, the Scandinavian Tree Igdrassil, the Shamansky wheel and other various religious beliefs and cults. Let’s pay attention that on this children’s picture there is a symbolics of four elements: fire, air, earth, water. If we curtail drawing a tubule, the elements water will appear in close proximity with elements of fire. The water cycle in the nature is remarkably entered in this order.

The first-born impulse, matrix is born at level Keter, in a balance column, as the creative project of the Universe. The Universe and Akasha’s archives store full information on everything. The reason of emergence of a matrix – God’s trade, its terrestrial reflection, – internal spiritual searches of soul, their reason and acquisition. In 18 months prior to conception by request of Solar system, there is a prototype mold of future person, – a matrix in Earth power information field. In a form it reminds outlines of a sink of the snail, the most ancient representative of fauna. Power parameters are set by the Solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse of the same series can be the conductor of energiya of a solar eclipse. The natal chart constructed for an hour of the birth of the person and the card of the Solar eclipse in 27 months prior to the birth have so many crossings and the general that differently, than God’s will it is impossible to explain it.

Just as the mouse, an elephant and a crocodile has the habitat, the person has the tunnel of force where he feels in safety, and develops in compliance with problems of an embodiment and the potential granted by the Highest hierarches, of course, if at it understanding will suffice not to fall outside the limits the personal space. The tunnel of force is formed at the same time with balancing of thin bodies of the person. By the time of conception the power framework of the personality is built, Bog Dukh Sacred finished work. Level of consciousness of Hokm, a mercy column, – a power source setting everything in motion, fatherly aspect of information. At this level approximately one year prior to conception the prototype of future child is shown for the first time in field structures of mother. The Neptune and the Moon, signs of Fish and the Cancer bring together together the father and mother, preparing conception.

At consciousness level Daat in a column of balance comes to the end balancing of thin bodies and Uranium is put by planet rhythms margin of safety of a physical body approximately for 84 years of a terrestrial embodiment. For the same period time for execution of a problem of an embodiment is released. People with retrogradny Uranium in радиксе have the increased margin of safety, and rather easily transfer tests and burdens of extreme situations.

Level of consciousness of Bin, severity column, and Saturn Keeper of destiny is responsible for parent aspect of information, understanding at the deepest level, force finding through sacraments and responsibility, understanding of all hidden. God Father, the founder of all real, patronizes a materialization of power information essence in the conception act.

Conception occurs on contact of elements of fire and water, man’s and a feminine (Mars in the Scorpion). From chaos (Pluton – the Scorpion) is born something (Mars – the Aries). From the moment of conception Archangel Gabriel starts to supervise pre-natal development of future person. At such high level there is a control over fruit evolution at pre-natal development. The sum of potential abilities, talents should correspond completely to development and parameters of a physical dominant. Deviations from the Divine plan at a stage of formation of a fruit are connected with imperfection of a physical capsule swear and the introduced destructive programs of a sort. The interrupted pregnancy therefore is regarded as a heavy sin that the child created by Gods, stopped existence at bad will of a physical capsule – mothers.

The way of expansion of possibilities for the impregnated ovum provides consciousness level Hesed, a mercy column, a planet Jupiter. Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of personal space are improved and pass final sorting in pre-natal development of a fruit. Mother within the first lunar month is ignorant, and the conceived kid already chooses to itself development conditions. The soul of the baby supervises a situation and shows confidence of own possibilities, of achievement of financial heights by mother and the father, in construction new, in perception of internal call. Strange flavoring addictions and whims of the pregnant woman, – are dictated by will and requirements of a fruit. Tonkochuvstvennoye perception changes not only at future mother, but also at the father. The phenomena similar to toxicosis are observed and at men waiting for the baby, a sure sign of strong power and karmic communication with a fruit. The soul of the child from level Hesed orders social and material living conditions of future parents, as pledge of the safe development, or passings of the lessons connected with restriction and suppression.

The birth of the premature baby who has reduced evolutionary development rather tells about a maturity wishing to be embodied souls, agreed on a damage of a physical dominant in favor of intellectual and creative priorities. Even in this case counting needs to be conducted from real date of birth without any corrections on time.

The adopted children who have accepted a surname of parents, bear karmic loadings of a sort of parents on a level with blood descendants, executing problems of a sort of parents. But they will develop at the expense of biological energy of reception parents. Parents automatically become donors – debtors of adopted children and counterbalance the personal karma through the adoption act. The adopted child – great happiness.

8 house of a horoscope describes a created karma

Priorities of an investment of energy in creative processes and projects for the benefit of other people. Protection of God the son and the Archangel – Mikhail.

Process of the birth with pain and blood level of the Tree of life of Gebur and a planet supervises Mars the owner of the Aries and the Scorpion. The soul chooses entrance tactics in the world of people approximately one week prior to childbirth. The planet Mars provokes increase in energy and courage for destruction of old forms, changes of any sort. At the moment of decision-making the woman starts to sound fruit wishes: «As I was tired of this stomach, quickly to give rise and be released». There can be false contractions. The uterus in a tone, future mother feels unmotivated fear, strange concern, is ready to begin to cry or blow up anger in an insignificant occasion. Elements of fire and elements of air operate process of childbirth. Tiferet’s level and the Sun bless the first sigh and the first shout of the newborn baby – a reference point of a terrestrial embodiment. The child as the creation fruit, belongs to gods, but education, development and relationship are connected with terrestrial people.

(In Taro’s pack all the six in a kingdom of kings describe process from matrix creation till the birth of the child, meditation on these cards opens information on a way, mission and a mature karma of the person. Successful time for meditation 16 lunar put.)

The first-born – the boy is limiting factor to counterbalance a karma of mother. The first-born – the girl is born and harmoniously counterbalances a karma of the father.

The second child – the boy duplicates the best qualities of mother and is the competitor of the father. The second child – the girl inherits the best qualities of the father and is the competitor of mother.

The third child – the boy supplements and develops the tonkochuvstvenny moments of sincere transformation of the father: between the father and the third child – the son harmony of soulmates. The third child – the girl pride of mother, in her destiny mother will see an embodiment of the intimate desires.

The fourth, fifth, sixth child irrespective of a floor, for both parents counterbalance a sort karma, assume burden of power donorship in the generation and generation of grandsons and grandnephews of the father and mother.

The seventh, ninth and eleventh child have a complex personal challenge of an embodiment, demand an individual approach to education, motivating parents to transformation of moral ethical principles. The tenth child in a family irrespective of a floor embodies the rigid strong-willed personality, adopting control functions at the father and mother. This personality cements, holds the relations in a family as a powerful magnet, interferes with cooling and weakening of family relations after leaving of parents.

The eighth child treats arrogance of a family, can be socially difficult child, but is thus awarded by tremendous mental and creative abilities.

4 house of a horoscope describes a sort karma

Control over equitable distribution of the vital benefits for the sake of health and development of descendants. Protection of the Virgin and all sacred.

4 house of a horoscope is the conductor of will of Solar system and level of the Tree of life of Hokm, a mercy column where the matrix is shown for the first time in field structures of mother in 18 months prior to the birth of the baby and уровеня Yesod, a balance column where development of sincere and emotional health of the growing-up child is carried out.

The family egregor uniting seven generations of recent people, connected by consanguinity carries out a role of power gate through which the world of people includes power essence, being materialized in an image of the person. The stock of mental energy, energy of implementation is defined by problems of development of a sort. The sort calls soul for an embodiment, and Space hierarches solve, when it is possible to satisfy this request of a sort.

Female mother is a physical capsule for evolutionary development of a fruit and a gate through which the person is physically embodied. The order of a sort cannot be executed through any woman. Criteria of a sort are surely considered by the Highest curators. As a rule, creatively exceptional child will be born through spiritually and is moral the gifted mother, able to notice and stop evil sprouts at education of the genius. The body of the person orders a sort. Attractive or repellent appearance, constitution type, other corporal indicators completely correspond to problems of a terrestrial embodiment not only the personality, but also problems of a sort.

1 house of a horoscope describes a state karma

Survival program, personal potential, and way of achievement of composure. Protection of God – the Father.

1 house also describes process of finding by a matrix of a material form at the moment of conception. Conception can occur and as a result sexual violence, donor podsadka etc. The God’s embodiment of will occurs at level of the Tree of life of Bin in a severity column, and for quantitative and qualitative characteristics of personal space takes responsibility level of the Tree of life Hesed in 9 months prior to the birth. Date of birth, the small homeland and religion level Hesed and a planet Jupiter the owner of signs of the Sagittarius and Fishes operates. Level of the Tree of life the Course supervises duration and quality of long-term partnership in a support on the developed intelligence and business qualities. Level Netsakh directs development of talents on the society benefit.