The tropical Zodiac – sensibleness evolution.

The tropical Zodiac - sensibleness evolution.

The tropical Zodiac (TZ) works with power information beams that go from that star on which all This World keeps. This star – the Sun. The sun – the center of our planetary system. The sun the rotation and thermonuclear reactions holds the space suitable for life on Earth. Therefore the Sun in human culture – a symbol of the divine manager life. The sun calls all nature on Earth for awakening, to an exit to the shown plan.

Working with information which is reflected in a natal chart (a birth horoscope), TZ constructed with use, we see manifestation possibilities in the person of his creative Divine. And though these manifestations involve big temptations to become proud, because the Ego which has realized by god, is often declined to violence and alienation, nevertheless, TZ shows a way to cultivation of unconditional love and self-return. Be as the Sun!

TZ always puts emphasis on Sun movement – on a way of evolution of a next world which it spills to Earth every year, from year to year, from century to century … To be born under certain zodiac sign is means to have in a birth horoscope the Sun in this sector of Heavens. And it, in turn, means that energy of this sign are for the person a necessary condition of its spiritual development.

Zodiac signs as we already spoke, – 12. It is connected with that the consciousness space which analog is the Zodiac circle, – anizotropno, i.e. has 12 main directions along which its various properties are shown.

With what the Zodiac circle begins? And with what life begins? Since spring, certainly! It is a new round of life – awakening of Mother Nature. Awakening from a dream. Light day, after winter disgrace, becomes level with a night-time. And now it will gain in strength only. New year of life of Earth begins.

Reference point of new time – day of a spring equinox. This beginning of the first Zodiac sign – the Aries.

  • Aries. Green boring makes the way through the frozen earth. The first snowdrops examine themselves in puddles of the melted snow. Warm sunshine please soul and awaken desire to live – ice got under way. It is a sign of big penetrative force which does not argue "why" – she does the part. It creates the World, fills a form with energy and exclaims: «I – am!» Instincts waken, the first experience of self-realization of the Ego is found. Sometimes roughly, sometimes defiantly, but always directly and openly. The Aries is the Ego declaring the existence. External I.
  • Taurus. When I declared myself, broke through thickness of mediocrity, comes it is time to think that it I want. Inherently it is potential of the Ego which is dictated by its form. It is comfort, harmony and stability to which this Ego aspires. For this reason Tauruses are measured, a little lazy, counterbalanced and are a good judge of beauty. But in beauty terrestrial – natural, voluptuous and naslazhdayushchy.
  • Twins. When the Ego declared itself and decided on the needs, it is ready to start achievement of satisfaction of the I "want". And as it will do it – tells a sign of Twins. Through contact. Contact to a near environment. Why to be thrown by pair of phrases to find out a situation, and not to bargain? Speech, exchange of information – keywords of this stage.

Representatives of these three signs – big children. Open and generous on reaction. They only learn to be self-controlled, impulses of the subconsciousness. They are strong outside: depth can not suffice to them, but their task – to take a broad view of the world the opened eyes and generously to give to this world of. Through them magic force of Earth of Mother is shown. To them a lot of things says goodbye, but understanding more difficultly is given. Power practicians outdoors and джапа mantras are especially necessary for them to steal up to the instincts and to win the animal began – in it for them a key to spiritual growth.

  • Cancer. When the first superficial acquaintance with is passed, the Ego is ready to go deep into itself – to take roots in tradition, to go on searches of a source of internal filling. The Soul of the person – it психея here wakes up. Therefore in Cancer life there is a lot of the past, it is a lot of close relations and many emotions. The tradition which feeds them and which gives depth of perception which fills Soul with love is necessary for such people and gives sort support. This achievement of a bottom therefore arises Ya-internal. And this Ya-internal declares itself.
  • Lion. Now came it is time to define potential of the inner self and all it I "want". There is a lot of game, adventures, flirtation, love for life and for all its manifestations. Here the Soul awakens ancient mysteries, theater of comedies and tragedies to life – the dramatic nature of situations can reach the maximum. Creativity at this stage is the main criterion of manifestation.
  • Maiden. When the potential of Soul is defined, the turn of its realization – through service comes. «The soul is obliged to work» is just about those methods by means of which your inner self will realize the I "want". Here wake up energy of practical mind – results are reached by repeated repetitions of the same elementary operations. And these operations the large quantity can be improbable – the human conveyor is started in work. Super system understanding, in which each person – necessary, though a fine detail comes. Through ritual the catharsis – Soul clarification is reached.

These three signs – are full of feelings and desire of big passions. They are occupied with the internal experiences and try to take over the control of them, having learned correctly and to react precisely. It is Ego youth – game in associations and impressions. There is a lot of psychology of the interpersonal relations. Through representatives of these signs the mystic force of Water operates. The strengthened practicians пранаямы are especially necessary for them to take over the control of the emotions are them «a gold key».

  • Scales. This same I but which is opposite. Very often before the I it is difficult to "reach", because this part of is excluded from the list of self-identifications owing to cultural traditions. Therefore representatives of this sign need an intellectual assessment of everything that occurs around. Whether there is this assessment from partners or it simply exists as public opinion – not an essence important. The main thing that opinion exists. And this opinion – reflection of those qualities of the person, power to show which it is delegated to other people. Though it is necessary to realize that is those reserved zones of your Ego, which, owing to education and norms of social morals, you forced out in "ne-Ya". This stage of the Zodiac circle says that everything that occurs to the person is a reflection him. Also what we sent in the world, to people, love or a rage, same to us and comes back. Therefore representatives of this sign are able to be objective. They are fair, but inside – are cold. Otherwise they could not manage trial of people. And inherently, trial of.
  • Skopion. When ne-Ya, i.e. The alter ego, is defined, comes it is time to find out its potential, its motives and desires. But for this purpose it is necessary to destroy literally the obvious I "want", to leave a comfort zone. And it is given not easy – strongly operating poison is ready to etch any impractical flesh. Both in itself, and in others. For this reason the Scorpion is the keeper of misterialny initiation by death – when killing of a flesh gives birth to the person in the spirit of. And the Scorpion reveals to the person of secret of a rebirth when the way reveals: or on the bottom circle – through sufferings and death, or on top – through release and spiritual realization.
  • Sagittarius. Keys from consciousness expansion here are based – before the person the boundless horizons of the World reveal. But if the person is not ready, it can stay in confusion – trips, numerous educational programs, strangers. Mind is confused. If the resistance to stress is developed at a "skorpiony" stage, to the person the knowledge of all the World law opens, and he receives Keys from balance in the Universe.

These three signs – are full of internal dialogues and speculative theories. Such people are actively occupied with social activity and understand all burden of responsibility that lays down on their shoulders. It is the Ego maturity. There are a lot of estimated judgments and a duality. Perhaps, this sector the most dual of four – but belongs to them secret of initiation of a rebirth after which the consciousness extends. Representatives of these signs have a lot of mental force of Air. The practicians directed on overcoming of border between Ya-internal and Ya-external, to receive experience of one-stage stay in two worlds and to reach complete vision are especially necessary for them. There are a lot of tantrichesky energiya – them it is necessary to learn сублимировать to the highest spheres. Therefore it is necessary to give special attention to ability to love always to hear the heart.

  • Goat. Here we also reached the highest Y.Ono is connected with our mission on Earth. It is reached by limiting concentration on one separately chosen direction. This our Super-Ego who gives us perfection. Here are based сиддхи – super abilities of the person. Here the person reaches the top. It supervises itself(himself). It is ascetic. Everything in his life is subordinated to one purpose. It – the independent and mature personality. But if there is no height to its aspirations, it becomes cruel, categorical and lonely. Then it is waited by a fate of the unrecognized victim. Only садхана and practice of concentration will give the chance to the person to develop correctly. The system of values should be gained – personal experience only will strengthen its spiritual core.
  • Aquarius. When Super-Ego declared itself, comes it is time to define his potential. And it I "want" appear rather unexpected – the Ego wants liberation. And here the binding to chosen before the purpose, a binding to the gained concept of the World can stop the person only. And only the paradox – violation of all laws of logic in any system – is a key to a cherished dream. Such people in every possible way try to break loose – they эпатируют, they скоморошничают. Sometimes it is a protest against itself clamped by a social framework, sometimes fatigue from itself battling to mirages. But medicine one – emptiness and a relaxation.
  • Fishes. As the dream of freedom can be realized, prompts this sign. Pacification, humility (humility) and high feeling of divine Love. But if representatives of this sign did not reach high spiritual level, they can become either religious fanatics, or the sung artists (poets, musicians). Because representatives of this sign – people with high sensitivity to space. They feel the slightest disharmony. And it is very difficult to sustain such tension if in soul there are no aspirations to an ideal and perfection. Fishes is the period of preparation for a new round of awakening of consciousness, but already at higher level. This immersion across the ocean of silence and unity comprehension with the whole world. Dissolution …

These three signs – the Ego old age. It is the period of introspection and contemplation which comes with Soul realization. The concentration leading to development of superabilities, neglect and healing – here is strongly expressed by these delights transforming force of Fire. The way of representatives of these signs lies through the most strict and the most ascetic practicians – ритриты. For only in a privacy, a pacification and self-scrutiny by it the Divine essence of World Consciousness opens.

Here we also finished small excursion on 12 zodiac signs. The zodiac is a reflection of the Space law of development of consciousness of the person on Earth, and 12 stages, which it should pass to reach perfection …