Three types of behavior of people. The fixed type.

Three types of behavior of people. The fixed type.

We continue the subject begun earlier about types of behavior of people (see. Three types of behavior of people. Cardinal type).

The fixed type of behavior

When in the birth chart the fixed type prevails, such person is concerned protection and safety questions more often and prefers to adhere to once and for all got order of things. Such people very much do not love any accidents, attempts to bring something new in their habitual schedule and at all do not love sharp changes. When they will learn something, will master a certain style of behavior, it is possible to argue on everything what exactly so they and will always do.

Therefore the first that it is necessary to keep constantly in mind, communicating with such people: it is very difficult to them to decide on any changes. When they act in a habitual framework, they have a feeling of safety, security, and in it they scoop force – after all they always know, where will go and that should occur the next minute, no surprises are necessary to them!

Energy which the fixed signs give, is a stability, reliability, obstinacy and, certainly, firmness and constancy (sometimes even to itself at a loss). These are those people who too hesitate with decision-making, are afraid to use the case which has dropped out on their share or the opened possibility therefore lose everything. They thought up a saying: "Better it is less and better". They need to be encouraged and encouraged, that they used a case and made any changes in the life.

If you have a child with the strong fixed type of behavior, as the parent you are obliged to create to it such environment, in which he would feel so protected and out of danger from time to time to make (or at least to allow) changes in the life. Such children love all habitual, and if something in their cozy world is broken, it can cause feeling of uncertainty and even a hysterics.

How to wait from such person of active actions?

The only way to achieve, that the person of the fixed type made that you want, is an indirect influence. You should, so to speak, "arouse a seed", having let to them know, that you would want, and to provide to them to operate at discretion. You will be surprised, with what sense of responsibility your child having a significant amount of planets in fixed signs, will begin to repeat your own acts at the beginning of objective performance! And then, soon, it will believe that it has a tremendous idea (that is your thought will begin to consider as the), and then slowly but surely will start it to carry out.

The main difficulty at people with the majority of planets in the fixed signs consists that they need to have possibility to move ahead. They need to be pushed (unlike people of cardinal type of behavior it is enough to them to point only to a problem), but if they were got, will stop them very difficult! Step by step, they will pass all way up to the end. The person of the fixed type of behavior it is necessary to encourage and prompt the direction only. If to talk to such people, you will surely hear complaints that to them is unclear, from where and as it is necessary to begin to carry out them the favourite project! And all only because any changes throw into their confusion and they are capable to be engaged only in something one.

Three types of behavior of people. The fixed type.If at your child the fixed type prevails, during the day all set of toys available in the house because it will be concentrated and concentrated only on something one is not necessary to it, and in this game he selflessly will play for hours and hours. Besides, they are dependent, so you can always count on them. But it can sometimes become a source of troubles because they hardly refuse the habits and hardly get used to the new.

You can help new to enter to this into their life, shifting models of their behavior so that they became more flexible and more mobile. Then the purposes which should achieve for a long time, can appear that is necessary for them, giving sense of their life.