Uranium the Neptune and Pluton in an astrology.

Uranium the Neptune and Pluton in an astrology.

These three planets move very slowly. For example, Pluton who stays in one zodiac constellation of 12-30 years, defines characteristics of the whole generation. Pluton, the Neptune and Uranium specify on those, characteristics which are inherent in many people who were born during the certain period.

Uranium is directly connected with creativity. It defines ability to arrive and think in a new way. If to speak about society scales, Uranium and its movement set a rhythm of social changes. At level of the individual Uranium can become the catalyst something new, any changes.

Successful Uranium in a horoscope defines creative abilities, artistry and probably genius. Uranium is responsible for passion to travel and aspiration to the new. It stimulates need for innovations, and also allows to adapt in constantly changing world. Uranium is pernicious for conservatives. He calls the developing personality in the future and let’s force resist to stagnation and stagnation.

For example, in Kennedy’s horoscope Uranium occupies quite significant situation that speaks about quite radical vital turns: student, journalist, military man, president … Uranium in Aquarius as in Kennedy awakens sharp need for freedom and observance of the human rights.

The Neptune personifies the deepest elements of the unconscious. The Neptune is imaginations and secret desires, aspiration to other-wordly, non-material and intangible. The Neptune is responsible for natural tendency to mysticism and an occultism. On the practical level it gives abilities to cover mind large-scale things, and also abilities to the analysis and abstract thinking.

In total at the same Kennedy Neptun settled down in the Lion that allocated it with a special intuitive approach to life which drew general attention. The Neptune is a planet of leading seers. And Kennedy used force of this planet directly.

Astrologers started to comprehend only recently Pluton’s influence. Pluton concerns our desire to withdraw the undesirable moments from our life and to turn them into something more worthy and mature. Eventually Pluton defines change of customs, change of a fashion and change of the behavior, which mankind considers normal.