Zodiac signs. Unusual abilities of everyone.

Zodiac signs. Unusual abilities of everyone.

To each person who was born under certain zodiac sign, from the birth unusual talents which we can simply not notice in an everyday life were granted. Each person has unusual abilities – and power of zodiac sign only one thread in a huge power information ball at which everyone can "pull" us – and who knows, suddenly the door will open. A door in the secret world where we will manage to learn many secrets about the past, about the future and about the present …

Magic talents of the Aries (23.03 – 20.4)

Given rise under the badge of the Aries, are capable to apply to achievement of the purposes and implementation conceived all types of magic. Best of all at Arieses it turns out to charge positive and negative power clothes, food or water. Arieses can "consider" information on the person through his photo or personal belongings. That is amusing, people of a sign of the Aries, generating an enormous portion of energy on execution of the conceived desire, quite often do not give itself in it the report and do not wait for result as that. Also happen are sincerely surprised with increase in a position when they only the day before cooked coffee for the administration and thought that it would be time most to get own office and to wait morning coffee from the secretary …

Taurus and his "pot of gold" (21.4 – 20.5)

High income, advance on a career ladder, success and recognition – here those uncommon magic abilities which Tauruses possess. They as adherents of a material world fully justify an ancient cult of worship a golden calf (Golden Fleece) – to a wealth symbol. The effect will be better in case the Taurus will repeat the wish several times – and the more generously he will wish wellbeing to surrounding people, the will receive more.

Unusual abilities of Twins (21.5 – 21.6)

Fans to talk, it is possible to call Twins good master speakers, after all their speech is the direct magic tool – so successfully to start talking чирик or can charm only the representative of a sign of the Twin. Still Twins perfectly use elements of the Wind. Therefore, the Lord Twin speakers, whisper the desires to a wind, it is especially good to do it on open space – a field and a meadow, the cleared-up wind – the best place to make intimate wish or to make active the intuitions, you will not find. Also people of a sign of Twins possess an unusual voice at which there are special magic vibrations – phone conversations, negotiations are given to Twins easily.

Cancer and its sixth sense (22.6 – 22.7)

The people born under the badge of the Cancer often do not show a great interest to magic, and sometimes and become her ardent opponents. The only thing that does not leave the Cancer indifferent, so it guessing. Magnificent the intuition helps it to lift the veil the future and its forecasts come true percent on 80. In addition, Cancers – born psychologists. They developed observation, they without effort can define weak and strengths of the person and easily can manipulate people around for achievement of the purposes. Than not magic?

Lion and his abilities (23.7 – 23.8)

To understand, what magic best of all will turn out at people with a warm heart, it is possible for any. The love magic is the end given rise under the badge of the Lion. They can achieve the most surprising results in this question. Lions possess by nature strong power, and uncommon leader qualities. They are sensual and are able to convince people, to read feelings of people, Lions manage to "light" idea big mass of the people and to lead it.

The maiden and her trump cards (24.8 – 22.9)

At Maidens actually talent for guessing – and any conjectural equipment will obey them: tarot cards, Runes, fortunetelling on lines of a hand and other types of fortune-telling where it is necessary to remember, analyse and connect together a large quantity of combinations, conditions and additions. The logic, to trifles – here than presented figures, attention the Maiden of the adherents. If who knows, what of lottery tickets happy and as though it to extend – so it exactly the representative of a sign of the Maiden. Buying the ticket, the Maiden needs to pay special attention to its number and to listen to the feelings: this combination of figures is pleasant or is not pleasant. The intuition of Maidens in similar questions does not bring.

Scales and their natural essence (23.9 – 23.10)

The people born under the badge of Scales, easily succeed in all rituals which are connected with the natural phenomena: storm, rain, lightning, thunder, rising and sunset, new moon and full moon. Also Scales perfectly work with talismans, amulets and with jewels. If you received as a gift from the person who was born under this sign, an ornament and some kind words in addition, keep in mind that this thing in the nearest future will bring you happiness.

Scorpion and his mystical energy (24.10 – 22.11)

Mystical energy of fortunetelling, prediction, reading destiny on stars is subject to scorpions. Especially well at Scorpions the house magic turns out. Enough only their presence at the house to protect the dwelling and its inhabitants from any troubles. Invite people of this zodiac sign, especially when started general cleaning or repair, well or at least ask them to wash ware:) After such simple ritual, joint cleaning in the house there will be lost things, and troubles will avoid.

Sagittarius and his ability to get "in an apple" (23.11 – 21.12)

The name of zodiac sign speaks for itself. Purposeful, proritsatelny Sagittariuses always know, that want. And not simply know – and imagine wished to accurate details, even in trifles. Because it is their fad of successful execution of desire. Though accurately formulated purpose – pledge of successful execution conceived, it is also good to Sagittariuses to try to be in the right place in due time not to gape the hour of triumph. Still people of this zodiac sign are by nature allocated with healing gift, the headache recedes under power of their hands, also Sagittariuses are capable to diagnose diseases.

Goat and his natural magic (22.12 – 20.1)

The astrology, numerology and chiromancy are interesting to goats. They with ease cooperate with numbers and figures, signs and symbols. The natural magic is strong in Capricorns. Therefore representatives of a sign love wooden subjects and natural fabrics. Their intuition can essentially become aggravated, if Capricorns manage to get out on the Nature bosom, in the wood or to mountains. Having leaned against an old oak or, having stood in the center of a blossoming meadow, the Capricorn will find the answer to any interesting its question, only having listened in the internal voice.

Abilities to magic at Aquarius (21.1 – 19.2)

Aquarius loves theatrical effects. It is important to it to carry out beautiful, fascinating rituals. Aquarius is able to stretch beautifully a fan of the card and a steady voice to tell to the interlocutor of a detail about his past and the future. How exact guessing will turn out at Aquarius, depends on trust to his words of people. If Aquarius feels that to it listen, his councils take into consideration, magic abilities of the representative of this zodiac sign grow by leaps and bounds. Possessing rich imagination, Aquarius can think out new types of deals, fortune-telling and magic recipes with ease. At it it will turn out to train successfully these innovations of people and to put them into practice.

Fishes and their elements (20.2 – 20.3)

Fishes – masters on preparation of a love potion (the usual tea made with love on the night of a full moon) and power house cleaning can become it even (after Fishes take in hands of a rag and detergents, from the apartment disappears not only dirt, but also negative energy). They trust in signs, and signs in their life come true rather often. Fishes remarkably tell fortune, runes and a coffee thick. Also are absolutely not capable of black magic. Why to spend forces for holding in heart the evil when it is possible to direct energy on something more constructive and useful?