Study of eclipses.

Study of eclipses.

Lunar eclipses happen during a full moon when usually emotions reach the culmination and are liberated. Whether creates it loss of orientation or divine inspiration, depends on our individual reaction. However, a keyword here is change.

When there is a solar eclipse, the Moon which let’s solar energy reach Earth becomes an intermediate body. As it always happens in a new moon which begins a monthly cycle, the combination of solar and lunar energy becomes extremely intensive, and sensual nature of the Moon prevails. Absolutely it is clear that it not the best to give during this period various serious obligations to make the serious decision and to do serious purchases which demand the weighed, sober thinking. The general council, be engaged in something quiet, for example, pass to easier loadings as your immune system and energy can be on lower, than usually, level. Be especially attentive to any alcohol or medicine.

Before any eclipse favorably to sustain a three-day post (to exclude animal food, sunflower seeds, nuts). This period is better for carrying out in a quiet situation, without undertaking active actions and important decisions. For half an hour till an eclipse it is good to light a candle, to bypass with it the apartment clockwise, saying a favourite prayer. Fire well clears the house of negative power. During the moment of an eclipse tell on a candle (or better write down on paper) that prevents you to live and of what you want to get rid, confess before Fire.

Practice of a solar eclipse gives the chance to realize and be released from internal fears, negative traits of character (for example, laziness, irritability, etc.) which brake movement of life and disturb spiritual development. In a lunar eclipse it is possible to be released from diseases, addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs), complexes, mental weaknesses.

In a solar eclipse which almost always occurs with 29 for the 1st lunar day, i.e. in a new moon, it is very good to sum up year, to understand the feelings where you could be not right whom offended of that you are afraid, for what worry. Any fear in you can draw adverse situations. For example, the fear of loneliness – draws loneliness, fear to lose stability in the relations or material security – loss of these relations or money. The thought is material, and similar draws the similar. And that’s it these experiences, fears you can, having realized them in yourself and having thanked for everything to that they taught you, it is simple to release forever.

Here it is very important to understand that if you do not have with someone a relation, it is not necessary to get rid of this person. On the contrary, present it in the imagination and listen to the feelings: that in you does not accept this person where in yourselves you feel a barrier, fear or irritation. Here these feelings write down on paper and feel, for what you were given these relations to that they teach. Try to treat this person as to the teacher, to thank for a lesson and to forgive him heart. And then there will be a miracle – your relations will be resolved in the best way. It will be to you an award for soul work.

Ritual of study of an eclipse

Take a contrast shower (at a solar eclipse it is necessary to begin and finish hot water to men, and women of cold 5-7 times, and at lunar men begin and finish cold water, and women are hotter). In 10 minutes prior to a solar eclipse it is necessary to lay down the head on the East (and, studying a lunar eclipse – the head on the North) and to relax, close eyes and to imagine as fears, complexes and other negative programs of which you want to get rid, leave you. You them in turn represent before yourselves in the form of images, symbols (for example, fear – as a stone, offense – as a lump) and send to this image energy of the love and gratitude for their lessons in your life. Look and feel that to them thus occurs, as they change, become light and pure creations or symbols. And then, surely fill blank spaces in itself where there were these feelings the love.

Know that the moment of a solar eclipse – unique. During this period you can not only get rid of negative situations and feelings, but also to put the program of execution of the desires for the whole year. After study of a solar eclipse, in the 1st lunar day, sit down before a candle, take a clean sheet of paper and write that you want, that occurred within a year. Only write specifically: that you want, to what term. Write many desires – it is necessary and to work more. God has no other hands, except yours. But Space will surely provide new possibilities for implementation of your plans. Do not hurry, well think, and suddenly the desire will come true, whether really you want it.

Here a formula for fulfillment of desires: for fancy start in a materialization it is necessary to imagine thoroughly this image or a form, and then to forget, release a situation.

Correction of the plans can carry out every month in the 1st lunar day during the whole year. Plans and dreams of this day come true, if thoughts are pure, correspond to your true desires and requirements, and also really for you are important.

Councils on eclipse study

First, surely in the plans enter the holiday periods. From our experience if it you forget to plan – on it simply does not remain to time.

Secondly, very accurately register that you want. One woman wrote that wants to meet the man of the life, described that she appreciates in character kindness, sincerity, optimism etc., but forgot to write its age. Within a year she met such man – all that described, everything in accuracy came true, but it for 9 years was more younger than it. Everything terminated in registration of the relations, happy matrimonial life, but the lesson was taken out the valuable.

Thirdly, do not forget to put the signature and date under plans – you take responsibility on yourselves for the desires that there were no then claims to Gin. And the most important rule in eclipses, you meet him or not – try in these important for all of us and Earth days to be a source of only happy thoughts and desires. Showing aggression, quarreling and arguing – you only harm to yourselves, putting the program of destruction of the happiness. Remember, in disputes the truth is not born. On the contrary, thank for everything that the destiny sends you, wish all good and light and then personally will see that your thoughts create your life. These days you become magicians of the destiny and put the program of the happiness and the world for all. When heart is filled with gratitude in the head there is no place for problems.

And now let’s draw an analogy that we told you and as scientific physics describes an earth condition in eclipses. Unique researches are executed on August 11, 1999, in day of the well-known solar eclipse. Earth is surrounded with a magnetosphere which protects all live on a planet from space ionizing radiation. Scientists constantly supervise a magnetosphere condition, but on August 11, 1999 they especially carefully watched it.

By results of measurements scientists came to a conclusion: «While the Moon blocked the Sun, Earth endured strong excitement, parameters of its electromagnetic field sharply changed. Our planet as though splashed out all saved-up energy in Space. Then its potential began to decline and became at some instant equal to zero. Then Earth started to leave a condition of clinical death slowly; electromagnetic heart earned again, but its parameters were already others: the vector of a field changed the orientation, that is our planet revived in other quality».

Believe, the same occurs and to us. Before an eclipse we bring total lived, we realize the experience and we are cleared. We transform the unripe feelings to gratitude and love not to pollute the Universe Information field additional mental garbage. And then as though we regenerate and we pour in new energy in the future, having possibility to begin new life.

Each of us has possibility, having begun with itself, to introduce in this remarkable world a part of Love and Clemency and to leave this invaluable gift to the descendants.

And now look at the horoscope. If the Sun or the Moon of an eclipse get:

– in the 1st house – wait for changes in the personal plan. To you, probably, it will want to change image, to become the leader. It is not necessary to be idle. This house is symbolically connected with a sign of the Aries, and it means that you will become in something the pioneer, the active creator and identity;

– in the 2nd house – changes will concern your finance. This sphere of life can become unstable and if it does not frighten you – you will always find possibility to improve the situation;

– in the 3rd house – the situation can force to work with problems of close relatives (brothers, sisters). There is a possibility to learn, receive additional specialty or to increase qualification. Business trips can bring new possibilities and useful information;

– in the 4th house – changes will concern a residence. You can buy or sell the apartment, the house, to move to a new residence. Probably, it is necessary to give more attention to parents, especially mother;

– in the 5th house – changes can occur in affairs love. Give particular attention also to the children – in their destiny there can be an important event and it will directly concern also you;

– in the 6th house – if you looked for work – you surely will find it within a year. If stably worked – there is a possibility to change a place on the best;

– in the 7th house – changes can occur in family life, in life of the partner in marriage. The meeting with future partner and registration of the relations, and for wishing to receive freedom – long-awaited divorce is possible;

– in the 8th house – changes in a financial position of your partner (the husband, the wife) are possible. Can be it is necessary to risk something, but do not worry – this experience for you is vital;

– in the 9th house – can get the next higher education, go to travel abroad and even more expand the outlook;

– in the 10th house – the sphere of career and the purposes also waits for transformations. Probably change is more whole, statement of new tasks;

– in the 11th house – changes can occur in your plans, projects and to friends, and also in work with groups of people (for example, in network маркетингах);

– in the 12th house – revolution in your inner world, reawareness of true values in life is possible. And that growth of soul did not occur through crises – it is necessary most to meet half-way it (for example to visit psychological seminars, trainings to read spiritual literature and to reflect on meaning of the life).