Influences which render on the person of an eclipse.

Influences which render on the person of an eclipse.

The sun is our spirit, consciousness, will power, strong-willed actions, creative energy. Symbolizes the father, the husband for the woman, the person, his vital energy.

The moon is responsible for intuition, subconsciousness, a presentiment, unconscious behavior, symbolizes mother, maternal instincts, fertility, a life, a family, the wife for the man, real estate.

The period of eclipses is extremely adverse for any actions and undertakings. But here if actions are connected with spiritual human life, with service to God, time of an eclipse is possible and it is necessary to use for spiritual practice. It is possible and even it is necessary to say prayers or to listen to church music, religious chants.

At the moment when sunshine, suddenly interrupt, the darkness falls by Earth, as in direct and in the sense that «the absolute evil» comes into the own. During this moment people, animal and all the live test the strongest sufferings, the consciousness and logic do not work, the brain, as though itself tests an eclipse. Incorrect decisions are made, the intuition does not join and does not help with difficult situations. Any events are perceived menacing to life.

According to the Vedic Astrology it is recommended to observe certain rules during solar and lunar eclipses:

In day of the eclipse it is necessary to say prayers (any what know), mantras, books on spiritual development to meditate, is in water (to take a bath to bathe in the sea, the river), and to carry out room fumigating in which are (be reserved by sticks in advance). Does not recommend to look at an eclipse. It is desirable to be at the moment of an eclipse in a room. If you are in a trip, to the moment of a zatmevaniye of the Sun or the Moon (in advance learn eclipse time in your district) come into a room, or park the car, sit 5-10 minutes, interrupt thoughts, mentally forgive those who offended you, mentally ask forgiveness for before whom feel fault. It is not recommended to accept food in 3 hours prior to an eclipse. Not to make the transactions, all financial questions to postpone next day, it is desirable not to do important purchases also. It is forbidden to perform a body any operations in day of eclipses. To avoid places of a big congestion of the people. It is possible to start to "stop" to smoke and work with addictions.


Influence of an eclipse on the person starts to be shown in 2 weeks prior to the exact moment of an eclipse and 2 weeks after it. Especially it is felt by aged people, diseases become aggravated, the feeling sick forces to limit the activity and more to show consideration for a food. Meteorological dependent people especially suffer.

Pregnant women are not authorized to leave during solar or lunar eclipses, it is fraught with emergence of pathologies in a fruit. The moon – a star which to be very close to us. The sun gives energy (machismo), and the Moon absorbs (feminine). When two stars appear in one point during an eclipse, their energy have the strongest impact on the person. In an organism there is the most powerful load of regulation system. Especially badly with health in day of an eclipse to people with cardiovascular pathologies, to hypertensive persons. Badly will be felt also by people who now pass plans of treatment.

Even doctors advise, in day of an eclipse it is better not to be engaged in activity – actions will be inadequate and a high probability of mistakes. They advise to overstay this day. To avoid discomfort with health, recommend to take this day a contrast shower (which, by the way, well to accept not only in days of a solar eclipse, and it is regular, every day). In the morning of douche it is necessary to finish cool water, it tones up, and in the evening – warm.

In 1954 the French economist Maurice Allais, watching pendulum movements, noticed that during a solar eclipse it began to move quicker, than usually. This phenomenon called effect to Alla, but could not systematize it. Today new researches of the Dutch scientist Chris Duif confirm this phenomenon, but to explain it cannot yet. That eclipses affect people, astrophysicist Nikolay Kozyrev found out. He says that during eclipses time is transformed.

Eclipse consequences in the form of powerful earthquake or other natural disaster are very possible within a week to or after any eclipse. Besides, instability in economy within several weeks after an eclipse is possible. In any case, eclipses bring changes in society.

During a lunar eclipse mind, thinking and the emotional sphere of people are strongly vulnerable. The number of mental disorders at people increases. It is connected with work violation гипоталамуса at psychophysiological level which corresponds to the Moon according to Tony Neyder’s opening. Hormonal cycles of an organism, especially at women can be broken. During a solar eclipse the risk of cardiovascular diseases as the Sun operates heart more raises. Perception "I", pure consciousness – замутнены. Strengthening of intensity, radical and aggressive tendencies in the world, and also an unsatisfied ego of politicians or heads of the states can be a consequence of it.

When there come the hard times, we can do the best, it – to address to the Absolute. During eclipses it is better to think of the world and tranquillity in the family. Rest – the best recommendation and for the period of lunar and solar eclipses.

Eclipses usually yield strong negative result on geographical regions which cope a sign in which there is an eclipse; in places where they are visible; in areas which zodiac sign in which there is an eclipse (for example, the Capricorn operates – operates the mountain district, it is not necessary to go to mountains).

Researches concerning eclipses show that the probability of different types of accidents increases during the period of «a phase of influence of an eclipse». In the subsequent some weeks are probable events, such as war strengthening, fires, accidents at the airports or the unusual meteorological phenomena. Any of world leaders can get to scandal or in the tragedy; influential governors can be the blinded anger, envy and therefore the illogical or silly decisions accepted by world leaders are possible.

During this period at people the reserved, immoral behavior and cunning are brightly shown. Therefore, the governments of the world should be сверхбдительны in questions of the terrorist organizations, subversive activities. Political leaders should strengthen the safety and keep cool and tranquillity when they make critical decisions. Smugglers and terrorists often strike the blow within 2 weeks to and the 2nd weeks after an eclipse. Revolts or big food poisonings are possible. Seismic activity is not excluded. For the governments and special services the most important is vigilance.

Lunar and solar eclipses

Each eclipse has the distinctive features.

The lunar eclipse will occur on December 21, 2010 at 11:13 on the Moscow, winter time, in the 30th degree of Twins.

The private solar eclipse will be on January 4 2011г.

The private solar eclipse will be on June 1 2011г.

The private solar eclipse will be on July 1 2011г.

The private solar eclipse will be on November 25 2011г.

The total lunar eclipse will be on June 15 2011г.

The total lunar eclipse will be on December 10 2011г.

Astrologer Pavel Globa about eclipses

The role and function of eclipses is very serious. They realize a karma which at us anyway collected and realizes it in the shortest term.

Eclipses always open our problems and allow them to be realized in the shortest term. They sharply compress our problems and quickly open them. Eclipses is a clarification, they have medical function, cleaning, surgical, but they can be and terrible, not all maintain them. This surgical intervention in our destiny which are caused by us.

If in eclipses to us there is something bad, means, it is good that there was it, instead of something another.

Eclipses and magic

Question: A solar and lunar eclipse allocate with a set mystically – religious qualities. What value eclipses in magic rituals and ceremonies have? Probably, this successful time for any magic actions and very unsuccessful, for example, for the moment of the birth of children. We such illiterate in these questions.

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to remember that during solar eclipses it is necessary to show care: not to begin this day any important issues, to refrain from distant trips or to postpone them to other time. In general time of a solar eclipse since ancient times in many countries was considered as very dangerous time: for example, in Ancient China and Babylon this astronomical event always was a presage of trouble, certain tragic, but important changes. Not casually at once after all animals rose by Noah’s Ark, there was a solar eclipse is was a presage of the end of the old world.

People in the ancient time always tried to explain a solar eclipse or race for power of the highest forces, or actions of dirty and mighty spirits or monsters. In any case, anything good as they considered, this event did not promise to simple people.

Really, eclipses have not too favorable impact not only on people, but also on equipment, nevertheless it is not necessary to panic. If to observe all necessary precautionary measures, anything bad with you does not happen.

Still in ancient times sorcerers and sorcerers called this phenomenon not an eclipse, and the "black" sun. Time of an eclipse and the next six hours after it – the best time for work with spells to Wood.

Also remember, this day complete abstention from food is necessary: drink only pure, spring water.