Horoscope for May, 2015.

Horoscope for May, 2015.

There is such national belief – who was born in May, that all life will toil. Probably, this expression has bases, but it is precisely told not about those who will be born in May, 2015! Moreover, it will be one of the happiest months this year of a capricious Goat.

The sun in May will move on a sign of the Taurus and Twins, presenting us with the heat, light and blessing. It will be month of love, tranquillity, good luck and wellbeing. Problems will fade into the background. We will be open both to pleasure and pleasure. There comes time of miracles and fun. Especially it concerns the first half of month.

If it is correct to use energy of planets, May for many of us will appear one of the most favorable months this year. It is very important to support constantly an optimistic spirit, to live in the Love and Pleasure condition, not to give in to melancholy and despondency, fears and hopelessness.

In May – it is a high time to realize long ago born plans, even adventures this month can successfully end, but only in case you will make for this purpose the efforts. The passive relation to the events will not bring, of course, to negative events, only there will be the unique problem – you can miss mass of favorable possibilities.

At the beginning of May Mercury will appear in the first degree of Twins that guarantees us a set of the trips, the interesting events, new acquaintances and communication. This fine time to study, pass examinations many to go, buy the car, to be engaged in outlook expansion, to travel and have a good time.

Restless Mercury will constantly excite us, providing various possibilities both for study, and for work and rest. There will be many sudden changes interesting, exciting events. He will allow to establish easily friendly and business relations, to fasten new useful acquaintances, will add to us "creativity" and creative inspiration.

In May it is necessary to aspire to communication, to search of the adherents, to an active way of life. This successful time for travel and sports, communication with the nature, the distant business trips, new plans and affairs. Mercury will bring all many surprises, but they will please, cause only emotional lifting, it is even more enthusiasm and desire to live "at full capacity".

Not only the Sun and Mercury, but also kind Venus will present us with the favor, bringing pleasure in love, great mood, fun and pleasures. In the first half of month much will manage to make fine purchases of us, to be engaged in the appearance, to achieve success in financial affairs.

May, 2015 – fine time for personal and love affairs, for successful search of "soulmate", for rapid development of the novel and its successful conclusion, that is for wedding and marriage. Blissful spring flowering in the nature will revive in us new forces, and all of us will be though a little, but are enamoured.

Numerous affairs too will pass successfully. In May favorably to open the new enterprises, seriously to be engaged in business, to ask salary increases. Negotiations and interview will pass very smoothly, many of us can achieve the purposes. Especially will carry to creative people and what business is connected with trade, tourism and transport.

While Mars together with the Sun will be in the Taurus, we will enjoy life and to take all advantages of a successful arrangement of planets. But on May 14 Mars will pass to the first degree of Twins, and we will see the back of this dual sign.

During the period from May 14 to May 17 try to avoid completely new acquaintances, trips and active movement. Will dangerously assume big physical activities, to do something fitfully and hurriedly. Open opposition of Mars and Saturn warns about danger of manifestation of impatience and about aggression which will be shown both in ourselves, and in people around.

At this time Saturn in the Sagittarius will be in connection with a star under the name Jubbah that can cause political excitements in the different countries, an aggravation of already existing opposition, bloody collisions and natural accidents. Mars, Saturn and the Jubbah can influence very negatively a political situation in the world.

Perhaps, these in the middle of May it is possible to designate some days the most dangerous during the whole month. Probably, some of us should resist to rudeness and hostility manifestation, venomous attacks and to be exposed to unfair criticism. All this negative influence should oppose tranquillity, patience and sense of humour. Do not give in to a negative, remain on the light party.

After May 17 to us good luck and pleasure again will return. But now Mercury any more will not be former. Since May 19 it will enter into a retrophase and though we can take pleasure in fruits of the actions at the beginning of a month, but after all it is not necessary to begin anything new and to show too much activity. Try to surround itself comfort and not to be overloaded physically.

There can be conflicts, difficulties in the relations with relatives, friends and acquaintances. Much should remember «affairs of bygone days», and not always these memoirs will be pleasant. At the same time the second half of month is favorable for the solution of old problems, restoration of the lost contacts, achievement of harmony in the relations with people around.

At the end of the month when the Sun will be left by the Taurus and will pass to a sign of uneasy Twins, we should show the increased care on trips. Do not plan for this time – from May 24 to May 29 – especially important meetings. Affairs can end unsuccessfully, especially if they are connected with need much to go. Mars in a quadrature to the Neptune warns about danger of voyages. This adverse time for flights and moving.

Can face deception and insincerity. These days Mercury will create a lot of excessive vanity, will bring experiences because of numerous problems and illusion of that is really important and big problems. But over time we will inevitably find out that actually anything terrible does not occur, and our problems did not cost at this time and "the eaten-away egg". Try not to give very much great value to the events, especially in the sphere of finance and business. If not to go on adventures and risk, it is possible to worry quietly these some days at the end of May and it is safe, without monetary losses, to finish the period of retrogradny Mercury.

In spite of the fact that in the second half of month of business will be late a little, May as a whole will be very favorable for a set of undertakings, business activity, and especially – for romantic meetings, pleasure actions, games, entertainments, creativity, love and partnership.

Venus in the Cancer will bring harmony, tranquillity, stability in the family relations, the world and pleasure in the house. Surely pay more attention to the relatives, members of household, children, spend with them more time. This communication will bring all a lot of pleasure. Influence of Venus also can give increase of the income and profit, improvement of a material situation.

The period of retrogradny Mercury will proceed till June 11 that will lead to a delay in affairs. But thanks to the general positive tendency of planets in May we all the same will manage to achieve much, both in private life, and on work or business. At us possibility will use as much as possible beneficial effect of planets, successfully to be engaged in finance and to enjoy life.

Astrologer Anna Falileeva