Influence of planets on character of the person.

Influence of planets on character of the person.

We can often hear that planets allocate the person with these or those qualities of character. It is good and clear, but that if the person does not know, what planet in his horoscope influences it positively, and what – not so. Whether it is possible to define independently, what planet most yarok is expressed in your horoscope and more all influences your character?

Certainly it is possible! We suggest you the following – to write out on a sheet of paper the traits of character brightest and inherent in you, both bad, and good, and then attentively to study characteristics of planets. Thus, you is independent (certainly, approximately, but after all) to reveal influence of planets on your life.


The sun gives to the person vital force and energy.

In an individual horoscope the Sun – a symbol of a divine spark in the person, an indicator of our integrity, ours sosredotochy and a main goal of our life. The sun represents reason and the intellectual beginning at the lowest level – that is mind.

The strong and favorably located Sun allocates the person with mind and a susceptibility, will power and character. It grants firmness, endurance, viability, determination and belief, commitment, bravery, self-confidence, ability to lead other people, independence and frankness. People at whom in a horoscope the Sun is brightly expressed, have excellent health, a high social standing, prosperity, popularity. Besides, they are religious, sincerely, are generous and humane.

If the sun at the birth occupies not so an advantage, the person will be selfish, haughty, subject to feverish inflammations, and also diseases of eyes and hearts. Such people suffer the low I.Q. dulled by perception, weakness of will and character, timidity, tendency to melancholy, excessive dependence on others. They are not sincere and dishonest.


The moon is responsible for all processes connected with conception, a vynashivaniye and the birth of children. Therefore the provision of the Moon very important for a female horoscope.

The moon – an indicator of our ability to receive gifts and to accept love. By its situation in a horoscope it is possible to judge as far as the person is vulnerable and sensitive.

The strong Moon gives love to the house and children, an emotionality, sensitivity, a susceptibility, a caring attitude to people around, the good memory, rich imagination, musical bents. It grants the emotional maturity, the developed sense of responsibility and ability to have salutary impact on society.

The weakened or struck Moon leads to abuse of pleasures, inconstancy and a non-obligation. The struck Moon in a horoscope testifies to personal frustration, about difficulties in communication with people and emotional problems. The bad provision of the Moon in the birth chart can be a sign of sick imagination, hallucinations and mental diseases.


In a horoscope Mars is responsible for desires, feelings, ambitions.

Strong Mars gives to his owner independence, eloquence, a sharp susceptibility, an insight, leadership, courage, endurance, sharp mind, good organizing abilities, skill in work with mechanisms.

Weak or the struck Mars indicates imprudence, hastiness, sexual dissoluteness, tendency to the use of drugs. Also the person with bad Mars in a horoscope can be very aggressive and capable of cruel acts.


In a horoscope Mercury is responsible for mental abilities, training.

The people having a good arrangement of Mercury высокоинтеллигентны, are inventive and allocated with analytical skills. Can be linguists, writers, speakers, teachers, accountants.

If Mercury is struck – the person will be cunning and artful, can be subject to gamblings. Weak Mercury induces us to adjust the reality facts to convenient rational theories. It does the person unripe, naive and ingenuous. Washes away borders legal and can turn the person into the deceiver and the thief who will steal not because of money and because he does not recognize the property right and considers that the world should provide it with all necessary.


In a horoscope Jupiter is responsible for welfare, education, the law.

People with strong Jupiter differ easy cheerful nature, honesty, justice. They are sociable, respectful to seniors and spiritual teachers.

As a rule, choose to itself a profession of the doctor, the lawyer, the banker. Can become known scientists. Usually have a high social standing.

But the person with the struck or the weakened Jupiter in the horoscope risks to earn bad reputation as a result of tendency to gamblings, to excessive extravagance, levity and wastefulness. The struck Jupiter can inspire to the person excessive optimism, force it to forget about care and to make unduly generous and prodigal.


In a horoscope Venus is responsible for abilities of the person in art, character of the partner in marriage and in business.

Good influence of Venus is expressed in generosity, kindness, good sense of humour.

Strong Venus allocates the person with a harizmatichnost and attractiveness, testifies to ability to give love and about distinguished taste, beauty and purity.

The struck Venus creates a dissatisfaction with house conditions, unstable financial position, fieriness in food and drink. It inspires us attachment to forms, forcing to forget about an essence.


Good position of Saturn in a horoscope gives to the person prudence, reliability, honesty, devotion and chastity.

Professions of people with strong Saturn are usually connected with the earth, real estate, raw materials sources.

Favorably located and strong Saturn allocates the person with ability to concentrate and show attention to details, and also discipline and gravity.

If Saturn is struck, the dissatisfaction, irritability, anger will be observed. Strongly struck Saturn often meets in horoscopes of criminals and insensible, indifferent people.

Saturn can bring in restriction life, need and deprivations on the material plan, but gives aspiration to spiritual knowledge and improvement.

People with strongly pronounced Saturn in a horoscope – asthenic addition, are serious, closed.

To Rakh and Siberian salmon

In a horoscope to Rakh and the Siberian salmon will operate as owners of that sign in which they settle down.

Many texts argue that to Rakh can operate like Saturn, and the Siberian salmon – to Mars.

When influence to Rakh is considerable, it can give the power to the person.

To Rakh can cause nervous, mental and emotional breakdowns, drug addiction and diseases of a mysterious origin. Strong to Rakh brings the wordly power and success, but does not give internal satisfaction.

In the positive plan to Rakh helps the person to come to harmony with positive public tendencies, grants popularity and prestige, glory and the power. It allocates the person with exclusive sensitivity to mass tendencies and ability to use them.

Siberian salmon creates obstacles and makes constraining impact.

Generates doubts, concern, willfulness, too critical and narrow view of the world conducting to the conflicts and disagreements.

Favorable the Siberian salmon helps to develop extreme force of concentration and a perception sharpness, increasing mental and spiritual forces.

At favorable the Siberian salmon of people will possess internal force, but not necessarily it will appear susceptible to other people.

Siberian salmon grants wisdom and mental sensitivity, however can narrow an outlook and make the person too self-confident.