Influence of planets on zodiac signs.

Influence of planets on zodiac signs. Sun

The sun operates a sign of the Lion and astrologically represents the main expression of identity of the person, will power, the personality, an ego. It operates health, vital principles, authority and leading posts, advantage, pride, energy, inspiration, feeling of an identification and ability to accumulate experience. Its influence gives physical and vital force.

Keywords: spirit, creativity, self-expression, domination, reputation, leadership, glory, egoism, centralization, energy, restorability, light.

In the social plan the Sun symbolizes the father, the husband and in general the man. The governors, the glorified people, noblemen and people whom we respect are also connected with it. Sun professions: the president, the public figure, the civil servant, the high-ranking official, the priest, the philosopher, the sculptor, the worker of art trade and other creative professions, the hunter, the biologist, the work connected with gold. The parts of a body operated by the Sun: heart, the top part of a back, a spleen, sperm, a spinal cord, a forward share of a hypophysis, the right eye at men and left at women.


Operates a sign of the Cancer and astrologically represents principles of response, adaptation, maintenance of life, unconscious, souls, a feminine, memory, intuition. The moon dominates over the world of feelings of the person. The general background of subconsciousness, the program of behavior and reaction which provide life in the biological and social environment is connected with it. Together with the Sun the Moon operates the general state of health.

Keywords: mood, changeability, plasticity, ability to accept any form, an impressionability, sensitivity, a susceptibility, attachment to mother, motherhood, love to homeliness, fertility, the birth, periods.

In the social plan the Moon symbolizes mother, the wife, small children, a family, the nation, hereditary lines as a whole. With the Moon tramps, travelers, seamen, sleepwalkers, people are also connected with changeable life. Moon professions: river transport worker, gardener and truck farmer, servants, actor, fisherman, seas, hunter, waiter, dealer in fish, dealer racing, forwarding agent, brewer, owner of hotel, intermediary, secondhand dealer. Often the Moon is connected with is low quoted professions. The parts of a body operated by the Moon: body liquids, blood plasma, lymph, sperm; lungs; the right hemisphere of a brain, a cerebellum, the left eye at men, the right eye at women, a stomach, chest glands, a uterus, genital bodies, a mucous membrane of any bodies, sympathetic nervous system.


Represents principles of rational thinking, speech, communication, contact, interaction, mediation, training, an exchange. In an individual horoscope Mercury symbolizes type of thinking of the person, his consciousness, inquisitiveness, intellectual aspirations, ability to communication and training, vivacity, dexterity.

Keywords: communications, mail, news, acquaintances, inquisitiveness, reflections, openness, a spontaneity, an eklektichnost in a choice, a raspylyonnost, youth, trips on small distances, brothers and sisters, relatives, transport, primary education, a voice, oratory, the letter, gossips, hearings, diplomatic art, equipment, tests, data processing, employees, skill, skill, criticism, lie, deception.

Mercury operates signs of the Maiden and the Twins, connected with communication, transportations, cars, computers, diseases and with the work demanding attention to details. In the social plan Mercury symbolizes the teenager, the young man (both the man, and the woman); younger brother or sister, neighbors; pickpocket, swindler, sharper; businessmen and sellers; scientists and teachers. Mercury professions: trade, publishing, mediation, a library science, journalism and literary activity, secretarial work, an accountancy, communication, equipment, computer programming, invention, excursion business, the professions demanding dexterity and skill (e.g., circus: balancing act, juggling), intellectual professions. The parts of a body operated by Mercury: nervous system (impellent nerves), sight and sense organs as a whole, mouth, language and organs of speech, throat, trachea, shoulders, hands, palms and fingers of hands, navel, solar plexus, sheaves and sinews, small intestine.


In an astrology represents principles of emotional love, attachment, personal relations, pleasures, beauty, an assessment, a choice, desire, esthetic features of perception of the world, a perception principle at social level, vital values. Venus predominates over luxury, public affairs and art, music, cosmetics, compliments, jewels, marriage are connected with it. It operates signs of the Taurus and Scales which are connected with valuable things, money, a property, contracts, agreements, contracts, partnership, the relations, primireniye, legal disputes and justice.

Keywords: sensuality, artistry, abundance, happiness, luxury, slackness, beauty, sozidatelnost, charm, physical appeal, tenderness, softness, sweet, feeling of harmony, positive view of the world. In the negative plan: sexual deviations, excessive sentimentality, a capriciousness, desire everything to try, recklessness, perversity. In the social plan Venus symbolizes the woman; in a man’s horoscope – the wife, a beloved or the mistress. Often Venus designates the young girl or the unmarried woman. Venus also symbolizes the people connected with art or show business.

Professions of Venus.: artist, set dresser, flower grower, dancer, singer, musician, actor, fashion designer, perfumer, confectioner, jeweler, cook, financier, banker, tenant. Anatomic compliances: sky, throat, chin, cheeks, saliva, products of work of glands (kidney, vein), yaichnik, mochetochnik and bladder, internal genitals, skin receptors, fatty fabric.


Astrologically represents principles of activity, the action, the shown energy, an initiative, impulsive inclusion in activity, enthusiasm, upholding of the rights, implementation of the desires. It represents the aggressive and sensual and sexual party of a human nature. Mars operates signs of the Aries and a Scorpion, connected with the head, genitals, with leadership, self-affirmation, action initiation, with impulses, internal motives, sex, death, with penetration, transformation and with joint finance.

Keywords: activity, initiative, force, creation and destruction, confrontation, antagonism, competition, sports, courage, aggressiveness, excitement, irritability, hastiness, indignation, anger, violence, disobedience, sexuality, fights, accidents, traumas, burns, fires, inflammation, operations.

In the social plan Mars symbolizes the man; in a man’s horoscope it, depending on aspects, the friend, the enemy or the rival, in female – the admirer, the lover or the offender. Professions of Mars: soldier, athlete, surgeon, doctor, chemist, druggist, engineer, officer of fleet, butcher, mechanic, technician, metalworker, smith, mechanic, hairdresser, cook, dealer in iron, weapon, electrician, railroader, driver, armourer, physicist. All specialties demanding physical skill, concerning fire and iron. The parts of a body operated by Mars: bile and gall bladder, veins, muscles, external genitals, nose, forehead, left ear, right hand, blood, back pass, back.


Operates the Sagittarius and Fishes and astrologically represents principles of expansion, abundance, integration. In an individual horoscope Jupiter symbolizes optimism, generosity, aspiration to possession and expansion, moral and religious aspirations, ability to capture the whole. Floodlight operates process of inclusion of the person to the new sphere, whether it be social group or hobby (the person, a science or art). It is a planet of the new horizons and opening possibilities.

Keywords: abundance, integration, success, good luck, benefit, surplus, development, growth, increase, optimism, favor, protection, patronage, sponsorship, support, expansion, generosity, belief, religion, church, philosophy, the higher education, science, laws, law, bankers, publishing houses, foreign countries.

Such concepts are connected with Jupiter, In the social plan Jupiter symbolizes officials, civil servants, judges and in general lawyers, clergy, representatives of the banks, rich people, the people connected with morals and religion, adventurers, hazardous players, foreigners. Professions of Jupiter: priest, banker, lawyer, notary, scientist, teacher of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, wholesale dealer, publisher, functionary of a high rank, industrialist, musician, employee. The parts of a body operated by Jupiter: organs of smell, liver, hips, buttocks, coordination of movements, arterial blood, bile. Saturn operates the Capricorn and Aquarius and represents a principle of braking, concentration, an individuatsiya, short circuit in itself and internal study. In an individual horoscope


Symbolizes persistence, gravity, ability to study on experience, economy, melancholy, reserve and reticence, distrustfulness, bad ability to adaptation.

Keywords: structure, completeness, materialization, crystallization, severity, brevity, concreteness, logic, discipline, methodicalness, honesty, wisdom, reliability, duty, devotion, dryness, cold, braking, delays, reductions, simplicity, form, time, gravitation, stability, order, state, conservatism, borders, restrictions, abstention, care, asceticism, inflexibility, patience, deprivations, preservation, weight, test, gap. In the social plan Saturn symbolizes the worker braked or the sad person, the bankrupt discharged from office, the father, in general seniors on age.

Professions of Saturn: archeologist, historian, mathematician, dentist, manager, monk, ascetic, farmer, miner, bricklayer, time-worker, grave-digger, river transport worker, shoemaker, worker of protection of a law and order, frontier guard. The parts of a body operated by Saturn: bones, joints, teeth, spinal cord and related krovetvoreniye, organs of hearing. Chiron – a small planet (diameter in only 255 km), opened only in 1977. But astrologers attach it great value. It moves between orbits of Saturn and Uranium, as though connecting the ordinary world described by visible planets, known since ancient times (from the Sun to Saturn) and the world the highest, other-wordly, described in an astrology not planets visible with the naked eye (since Uranium).


The planet, allowing to see deep in ordinary, it is imperceptible for itself to fall outside the limits usual reality, to find an original way out of the deadlock through consciousness expansion. When Chiron is shown in a horoscope, it deduces the person for borders of usual ordinary perception, shows that from the point of view of the person almost improbably, but nevertheless is perceived as real-life. In external life Chiron gives such combination of circumstances and the solution of questions and problems which before occurred, seem improbable, but are comprehended as possible and real later.

Keywords for Chiron: a key, opening doors, originality, knowledge of the hidden possibilities of the person, paradoxical thinking, interest change, change in the consciousness, the unusual point of view, the bridge between the established ways and evolutionary changes, alternatives, balance, harmony, ecology, reunion of separate parts of soul.

Chiron symbolizes the clown or a strange, unclear event, a ridiculous joke (the person go destinies) with the hidden sense. In the medical plan Chiron operates nonconventional methods of treatment which do not find an explanation at orthodox medicine: Akupunktury, extrasensory perception, holistichesky healing, spiritual treatment.


Operates Aquarius and astrologically represents principles of freedom, suddenness, revolutionary changes, communications with the principal reason. In an individual horoscope Uranium symbolizes originality, independence, dispassionateness, rebelliousness, interest to all new, easy excitability, nervousness, intuition in a combination to objectivity of judgments, changeable character.

Keywords: the highest information, opening, innovation, new technologies, electricity, equipment, aircraft, astronautics, reforms, revolution, anarchy, anomaly, enlightenment, clairvoyance, strangeness, nervousness, independence, disrespect, non-obligation, divorce, gap; hurricane, earthquake, explosion.

Uranium symbolizes reformers, inventors, engineers, rebels and the revolutionaries released from captivity or prison, clairvoyants, in general friends. Uranium professions: electrician, technician, pilot, cosmonaut, astronomer, astrologer, chemist, physicist, doctor, worker of transport, employee of radio, expert in computer equipment, variety conjurer, writer of the science fiction, all original and unusual professions. The parts of a body operated by Uranium: rhythmic systems (pulse, breath, перистальтика), nervous system, brain covers, hypophysis and spinal cord. The Neptune astrologically represents principles of synthesis, uncertainty, dissolution, absence of structure, a susceptibility, spirituality, secret. In an individual horoscope


Symbolizes distinguished sensitivity, ability to comprehension sublime and spiritual. To this planet there correspond such mental conditions at which control from reason and readiness for action are disconnected.

Keywords: the supreme values, belief, imagination, imagination, dreams, fog, uncertainty, illusions, cinema and television, secrets, deception, espionage, illegal activity, fake, confusion, compassion, altruism, tendency to mysticism, spirituality, religiousness, idealism, ecstasy, drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical industry, gases, liquids, meditation, inspiration, refinement, sacrifice, helplessness, negligence, wine, suffering, dominance submissiveness, washing out of borders, diffusion, entropy, chaos.

The Neptune symbolizes the person who is easily subject to influence of other people, the addict, the alcoholic, the medium, the psychic, the orphan, the identity of doubtful character, the embezzler, the deceiver, the blackmailer, the hitman, the suicide, the prisoner, the prisoner of war, the person of a holy order, the representative of religious sect, the member of charitable society. Professions of the Neptune: the illusionist, the psychic, the chemist, the pharmacist, the anesthesiologist, the photographer, the professions connected with cinema and television, the poet, the musician, the dancer, the psychiatrist, the oil industry worker. The parts of a body operated by the Neptune: shishkovidny gland, solar plexus; humoral system; bodies of ekstrasensorny perception.


Operates the Scorpion and astrologically represents foresight principles ("God’s will"), the invisible power, transformation, transformation. In Pluton’s individual horoscope symbolizes will, I lust after power, manifestation of unconscious forces, an insight, suspiciousness, aspiration to affect masses, ruthless use of force, fanaticism.

Keywords: high-quality change, transformation, regeneration, death, revival, clarification, regeneration, an insight, the deep analysis, ruthlessness, fanaticism, suspicion, threat, violence, extremes, a manipulation, control, punishment, intensity, mass character, power use for management of others, dictatorship, crowd psychology, the power of masses, the secret organizations, crime, a mafia, terrorism, accidents, cataclysms, destruction, garbage, pollution.

In Pluton’s social plan symbolizes dictators, bankers, criminalists, criminals, rebels, conspirators, terrorists, experts in the field of atomic energy, workers of a crematorium, entomologists, psychologists and the psychotherapists, dying people. The parts of a body operated by Pluton: glands of internal secretion (predstatelny, a pancreas, adrenal glands, a hypophysis), metabolic processes in an organism, processes of reading of hereditary information.

Pluton operates synthesis of nucleinic acids, influences allocation of corticosteroids and on function of okoloshchitovidny gland and эпифиза (Pinealny, shishkovidny gland). If you attentively read the description of planets, that, undoubtedly, noticed that many phenomena in our life are described by several planets. Let’s tell, the surgery on interruption of pregnancy is connected both with Mars and with Pluton, cars cope Mercury and Mars, and the religion corresponds as Jupiter, and with the Neptune. Therefore at a choice of favorable time for these or those occupations it is desirable to pay attention to a proyavlennost of all relevant planets. So, if you give the car to repair, it is best of all, if this day are not negatively shown neither Mercury, nor Mars.