Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a sign of the Aries is educated from two arches which, being crossed in the lower part, form остриё, a point or form a certain similarity of an ellipse – "drops". Arches at a divergence in the parties are inclined down, speaking about the corresponding power information message.

Considering two arches in the separated condition, it would be possible to speak about various spiritual qualities of a various orientation, as a set of characteristics which are in potential of their possible manifestation. The corresponding potential proves long before formation of a considered sign. At formation of energiya of a sign of the Aries and his characteristics it is necessary to consider as the forerunner a sign of Fishes where there is a symbolical association of all separated and multidirectional in a uniform complex.

The first symbol in the basis has a triangle focused by top up. Its sizes are rather small that can speak about insignificant, but, after all available aspiration to the top power information streams or communication with the Highest world. The symbol of this triangle is a prototype of a symbol of elements of Fire and specifies that this process is interfaced to the transformation giving life to a certain unrestrained force.

The second symbol, on the contrary, confirms with the peaked basis directed down an essence of a niskhozhdeniye of a spiritual power information stream. And only arches, there is no time possessing the potential characteristic, point to its communication with the Highest source giving not only strength, but also indicating a way of their further transformation (a symbol of Fishes).

The third symbol is transitional between the second and the fourth as in the basis contains or остриё directed down, or the direct horizontal line.

In the fourth symbol, the rectilinear basis is expressed more obviously and represents the lower part of a horizontal straight line characterizing communication Top and Nizhny of the worlds. The horizontal basis – an ultimate goal on which all influence of descending energy – the limit defining a place of a direct embodiment of not properly executed power information stream is directed.

The fifth symbol confirms the assumption that energy streams proceeding from above and having a high spiritual charge are directed on a horizontal axis which characterizes time world, the world subject, having a certain beginning and the existence end.

The sixth symbol in the basis is characterized by a certain roundish element which on the one hand shows communication with there is no time the harmonious counterbalanced roundish system, with another, characterizes process of transformation of this system. Former situation in this configuration has only remote reminder, the present gets dynamics and aspiration. Figurative vision in this element of certain "drop", sends us to idea of elements of Water, reminds of sources of the come true fact and, that less, speaks about falling, a niskhozhdeniye or an orientation on levels of the lowest situation. Communication in one symbol of the Aries of elements representing various (antagonistic) spontaneous qualities, can not only show his discrepancy, but also ability to combine elements and characteristics Began also the End of a certain cyclic process, "alpha" and life "omega". Character of a symbol is ambiguous and comprises at the same time growth and decline, activity and passivity, an increment and exhaustion. It possesses both external, and internal expression that is defined by a different orientation of elements (arches) forming it.

In a complex the symbol speaks about uncontrollable aspiration down or niskhozhdeniya of the spiritual component possessing variety of qualities and characteristics. This active action bears in itself the maximum potential of possibilities of an expected embodiment.

In traditional interpretation the symbol contacts horns of a ram or the head of a ram, with sprouting grain more often; with a fountain or a key beating from the earth. It is a symbol of offensive power, an initiative and courage, aspiration to manifestation, to life. "Helicoid horns emphasize idea of evolution, strengthening value of the first step, familiarizing, the initiation, containing in a V-shaped form of any animal horns" (Andree Virel). Sil Ovna it is shown in a combination of force impregnating and destructive. At shumer it is translated as "the inhabitant of fields".

Aries – the first fiery sign – creative heat, updating of solar energy, undivided, the prime cause. The sign symbolizes transition potential in actual, is connected with a dawn and with Spring, from the beginning of any cycle, process or creation; a creative impulse and spirit at the moment of its origin. Spiritual aspiration on a basis первоидеи and an impulse of divine forces….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a sign of the Taurus represents a circle with a half moon or an arch at its top. Being based on the general characteristic recurrence of zodiac system, it is possible to characterize a sign of the Taurus as the subsequent in the spiritual development after the Aries. Thereof, elements of a symbol get quite certain and natural treatment. The arch over a circle speaks about a receptacle of the spiritual energy, that place where the impulse which has been let out in a sign previous the Taurus of the Aries descends. Being transformed, the energy accepted by an arch of the Taurus, finds integrity and stands apart in harmonious self-expression, receiving a form and the symbolical characteristic of a circle. Falling "drop" of the Aries comes nearer to the earth and, feeling resistance of waves proceeding from it, finds a circle form, slows down movement, is stabilized and counterbalanced in power information value. The pure emanation of spirit has in this place characteristic integrity (circle) and possibility of the subsequent feed from energetically active sources (through an arch). As, ability to isolation and preservation of this energy for own purposes, in interests of general harmony and an order. Thus, the symbol of a sign of the Taurus characterizes spiritual power information transformation in respect of etapny self-organizing, adaptability to new external conditions of the environment and stability.

Despite unambiguity of the bottom element of this symbol (circle), the top element has a various configuration and, therefore, a little excellent power information treatment.

Lunopodobnye figures of the top element reflected in the first, fourth and fifth symbols, speak about energy acceptance from above and its isolation. And here the top elements of the second and third symbols, have more difficult configuration. They can represent a combination of arches both perceiving, and transferring energy. This duality can have roots in the previous sign symbol (in the Aries), and also can speak about some extent of course of process of a niskhozhdeniye and further formation of complete structure in Nizhny the world.

In classical representation, the symbol reminds the head of a bull with horns. In it the characteristic of two beginnings is concluded: The moon, as energy of soul – the semi-spiritual, developing beginning (female, the Bus); and the Sun symbolizing Spirit, Solar energy (man’s, the Bus). It is a symbol of will, persistence, development and absorption. The soul dominates over Spirit that speaks about considerable proximity of a sign to the Nature and Earth, than to Space and God. Here endurance and endurance, ability to store or hide acquired that allows to accumulate huge potential of energy (including the spiritual. Bus). Designates also fertilisation and creativity functions in both aspects – victorious and sacrificial. This force promotes revival of every possible forms of life. At shumer – a heavenly bull. A spirit temptation a matter and the embodiment fact in it….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a sign of Twins represents two vertical straight lines which from above and from below are limited to arches. According to other version (2nd), it is four straight lines – two vertical and limiting them from above and from below two horizontal straight lines (like the Roman figure two). According to the following version (3rd) which can be seen in designation of Twins, at a symbol there are four arches, two on a vertical and located from above and from below from them two across. To feel a difference in power information qualities of above-mentioned symbols, we will consider consistently each of these versions.

The first version in the image simply characterizes perception of energy from the Highest authorities, its transformation in the lower class and return. Or, in other words, the spiritual plunges into a bosom ("is absorbed" by it) and has possibility to remain there some untimely period. Two straight lines in the vertical plane can say that transformation of a spiritual power information substance occurs both down, and up. And the bottom arch characterizes process of accumulation of energy going both from above ("sorbtsiya"), and from below, ("adsorption" "absorption", "absorption"), and respectively dumps it down or sends upward.

The second version characterizes cyclic process of spiritual transformation through prostranstvenno time continuum. The horizontal straight line from above characterizes Idea of a material world in its movement and development ("idea of an embodiment" objects). The right vertical straight line as reflection of an inner world (space), speaks about possibility of manifestation of Idea of material objects in Nizhny the world and their embodiment (process of an embodiment and development stimulation). The bottom horizontal straight line characterizes direct process of "life" of a material world and its development (in time), and the left vertical straight line connects this process with growth natural to material objects (in space), withering and transformation material something (lives) in anything (in a non-existence).

The third version of a symbol represents four differently focused arches. All concave parts of these arches are open for the various directions. Two vertical arches characterize potential spirit, and two horizontal – a spiritual receptacle, transfer and the subsequent its braking. Here potential spiritual qualities can be transformed to the highest or lowest structures. It is possible to assume that vertically located arches as activity symbols (left) and passivity (right), operating in the horizontal plane, symbolize possibility of perception of spiritual information, both from the future, and from the past (in the sphere of a material world). Horizontally located arches work in the spatial spiritual plane. They carry out both reception, and transfer of a spiritual power information substance down. Spirit transformations from its Source, through a zone of possible information embodiments (an existential paradigm – the horizontal plane) to a zone of spiritual enslaving and inertness promote. In aggregate, this configuration symbolizes continuous process of power information niskhozhdeniye and an ascension with possible elements of self-expression and manifestation in the shown world.

In traditional interpretation, this symbol characterizes possibility of connection unjoinable: The moon growing and the Moon growing old, perceiving Space and Earth moisture; last and future, young and old, developed and backward, active and passive, evolutionary and involyutsionny, lives and death. In a number of cultures Twins characterize a rising sun way, that is developments, and at the same time a sunset and decline. Some sources represent a symbol as connection of two pieces of a tree, day and night, white and black, creating and destroying, changeable and stable, the good and evil. At Agrippa is these are two persons connected by hands and feet. Some sources draw an analogy this symbol with the Roman figure "two". A dual condition of Spirit in the course of its embodiment at connection of power information streams from two Worlds….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a sign of the Cancer is represented as two circles concluded between arches which concave parts are focused at each other. Rather seldom, but it is possible to meet a symbol where instead of arches two horizontal straight lines are used. Let’s note that modern interpretation of a symbol offers three versions of the image.

One version, represents a symbol where the top circle is interfaced to the left extremity of the top arch, and the bottom circle is interfaced to the right extremity of the bottom arch. Considering this semantic design, it should be noted that the arches which concave surfaces are focused at each other in the vertical plane, speak about translation of the power information agent, his subsequent reception and deduction (preservation). This arrangement on the one hand speaks about activity, about filling by energy, about life, and with another, about passivity and inertia, about power enslaving, deduction, oppression, about death. Arches have no common ground and, therefore, cannot characterize in aggregate an integral spiritual emanation (circle). However between arches there are objects – two circles which apply for this characteristic. These circles in essence and to an arrangement speak about accessory of spiritual quality (quality of a transformed spiritual substance) to "transmitter" (the top arch) or "receiver" (the bottom arch). In particular, the top circle speaks about dynamic characteristics of a broadcast spiritual substance (the power information agent), and the bottom circle about characteristics of a withheld substance, about its static situation. The right and their left arrangement also has a certain value. The right arrangement – activity, and left – passivity. Truly to orient, it is necessary to consider a symbol of rather zodiac plane (entered in it), and subjects of supervision (i.e. us) being in the Zodiac, i.e. in "geocenter", but not outside (as the reader). Then, the left top circle in the "readable" image of a symbol is the right active true situation (the positive characteristic), and right from us (readers) a circle – its real left passive situation (the negative characteristic). In the generalized look, the symbol represents a combination opposite according to characteristics of power information processes which in the dynamics have aspiration to recurrence (in space and time), and in a statics to isolation.

The second version of a symbol has the mirror (overturned) display of the first that in a form and the subsequent its interpretation gives the similar characteristic of a symbol of "geocenter" considered above from a position. This symbol is adapted for the reader in respect of understanding of its essence: the right circle characterizes spiritual active positive transformation from above, and the left circle speaks about spiritual passivity and the stagnation defined by the bottom arch, a negative condition.

The third version of the symbol, rather stylized image of the first of two. Considering its semiotics, it should be noted absence in aspiration drawing to recurrence. The preference is given to straightforwardness. In the characteristic spiritual transformation in the temporary plane of the phenomenal world, communication or parallel power information (spiritual) existence of the past, the present and the future on Earth is looked through.

In ordinary interpretation the symbol of the Cancer is represented as two interpenetrating whirlwinds, two beginnings, Jan and the Yin. This interpenetration is necessary for creation of new life. Two power spirals, neutralized each other and finding stability, isolation of energiya in itself. The double spiral transfers idea of a protective cover and idea of a vynashivaniye of a fruit. A symbol represent as being closed claws of a crab or a cancer, and just as process of merge of female and man’s cages. At shumer – nippers, pincers. Agrippa and Skaliger has it also the symbol of possibility to move forward and back. Female breast (mother of all live). A sign – the intermediary between an outside and inner world." Gate from the Milky Way to the world of manifestations" (Porfiry). The soul entering into this world. Spirit immersion in a physical cover and the beginning of formation by it power structures of life support of object. According to Ptolemaeus, the Cancer is on limit of the section of the Zodiac on area of night and day houses of planets, finishing the six of night planetary houses…..


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

Zodiac sign symbol the Lion includes two elements. One represents a circle (circle), another, an arch or the zigzag line made of two arches. The circle is an element of a symbol which is in interface to an arch (arches). In any of four presented images the circle – integral and spiritual in the nature tends to manifestation through power information streams going both from top to down, and from below up. The zigzag line made of two multidirectional arches, speaks about possibility of a niskhozhdeniye of a spiritual element with the subsequent its preservation or potential manifestation in time.

The first, among the symbols presented to consideration, has an arch (interfaced to a circle) designating return or inability to keep Spirit. Thus, the subsequent arch interfaced to this arch has not quite opposite characteristic. This bow-shaped extremity of a symbol is focused more in the horizontal plane, as though speaking about potential possibility of manifestation spiritual in the phenomenal world, in the world objective for human life, in the human physical nature. Accepting this position in symbol consideration, it is necessary to notice that the mentioned arch is higher, by the semantic characteristic determines some passivity (analogy to the Moon in a phase of its decrease), and even the forerunner to a dying down (death).

The second symbol is almost similar to the first, and here the third has difference in the image of a final arch (an extremity of "zigzag"). This arch is focused in the direction opposite to an arch interfaced to a circle. At the same time, being in an antiphase, arches are displaced from each other in the period, representing as though harmonious oscillatory system. More precisely, two arches representing the period (T) of fluctuations which can be considered as development in time (the function y schedule = sin x) a primary circle (Spirit). Proceeding from this characteristic of a symbol, it is possible to assume that the Spirit (a spiritual component – the spiritual agent – power information spiritual emanation) in the course of the embodiment in the phenomenal world, proves according to the law of formation and distribution of harmonious fluctuations, being in an equilibrium condition (quasistatic process). Thus during each next moment of the existence the spiritual has change not only in time, but also space. It, unlike the closed power information system of the Cancer, more open, but as harmonious and cyclic spiritual system.

The fourth of the presented symbols, it is possible to consider as mirror display of the third. In this symbol instead of a circle the point is used. The point means Unity, the Origin and the Center. It also represents manifestation and emanation principles. It is possible to tell that here received the symbolical display similarity of the Ancient Greek word arche (первоначало) which in initial sense mattered – "the beginning in time" or to "operate". In Anaksimandr’s works (611-545 BC) this concept gets theoretical sense of a source or essence of all things. This place of harmony and the beginning, a place previous a circle, but also saying about development that in aggregate can have the characteristic somewhat equating this symbol to the previous.

The fifth symbol is mentioned at Agrippa in "De Occulta Philosophia" (1531) and with the traditional characteristic of a circle as spiritual whole, in the finishing broken line assimilates to a rune to Soulu (Soul) which is translated as the Sun and has magic value of integrity, and mantichesky, light and creativity.

In ordinary interpretation the symbol of the Lion has dual value, bearing in itself both solar, and lunarny symbolism, an embodiment both is kind, and is malicious. Lion’s tail. This sign – a place of counteraction of terrestrial and heavenly, their comparison and interaction. A keynote of the solar lion who is breaking off a throat to a lunar bull, quite often it is possible to see in Asian and African ornaments. Carrier of energy, integrity, omnipotence and pansophy. This beginning of the world of manifestations. The symbol speaks about the beginning of comprehension of a microcosm the soul embodied in the phenomenal world. This free manifestation of spirit in the new status and a new situation. First impulse of collaboration physical, mental and spiritual…..


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

Zodiac sign symbol the Maiden is rather difficult in interpretation, but, at first sight, represents the simple stylized letter of the Latin alphabet of "m". Loyfler, investigating alphabetic symbolism, reminds that at ариан and Semites of "M" always was the first letter of the words relating to water and by the birth of beings and myths. Probably, it so, but end of this letter does not keep within at all a simple explanation of decorative effect of its image. According to alchemical tradition this letter symbolizes the androgenic nature of water in its initial condition of the Great Abyss. Blavatskaya notes that in this sacred letter are concluded the man’s and female began. Saint-Yves д Alveydr notes that "M" corresponds natural первоначалу which, in turn, gives rise to all temporary forms of existence. At Bailey it is a coiling snake. "Mundus sensibilis" – the sensual world, the nature.

Let’s consider consistently presented types of the image of this symbol and we will try to find out its power information contents.

In the first two at the left symbols it is possible to notice a certain similarity. Assorting them on the main graphic power information structures, it is possible to note both ascending, and descending positions….

Representing a sign of the Aries uniformly in the form of a tear-shaped figure reminding a small fish, it is possible to draw a parallel with the letter "m" characteristic as Great Abyss where these water beings float….

In a combination of elements at the 1st number, the counterbalanced and outwardly independent multidirectional vertical movement of spiritual energy (analog of zodiac sign of Fish) is looked through. It as though interpenetration of power information structures Macro – and the Microcosm. Force and powerlessness place. A transition place (ascensions or falling) in other condition of life through harmony with Laws of the Universe or discrepancy crisis with these laws. The combination of elements at the 2nd number, characterizes too vertical movement, but with advantage of descending streams. Considering a symbol in characteristic sequence of treated elements, it is possible to note that, despite presence of descending energiya, an ultimate goal – an ascending power information stream. That is a symbol orientation transcendental, though at manifestation of "prizemlyayushchy" structures (especially in a combination of elements at the 2nd number). Also, the combination of elements of a symbol at number 2 can characterize harmonious or disharmonious interaction physical, mental (two descending power streams subject to time) and spiritual (an ascending power stream not subject time) components of a triad of the phenomenal world, with an obvious ("terminal") priority of spiritual aspiration.

Subsequent of the presented symbols, i.e. the third, is close according to the image to the first to two. Considering its feature, it is possible to note that the ascending element (the overturned symbol of "Aries") is focused also vertically, though has more rectilinear lines. In the simplified value it can be ranked as the characteristic presented above for a combination of elements of the first look entering into a sign (at the 1st number). At more careful analysis, it is necessary to address to value of elements forming a coal figure. In the image it is possible to distinguish connection of two elements:" cross" in the form of the line letter "X" and "broken line"" / ". Prevailing value of a cross – "connection". The Andreevsky cross (X) which is present at the image, according to Platon ("Timey"), speaks about how the Creator connects disconnected parts of world soul. It is characteristic for a sign of the Maiden, as boundary upon transition from the bottom zodiac hemisphere in a hemisphere top. The symbol" / " in the form of the square directed up, shows as the aspiration direction, and introduces the characteristic of activity, mobility, development in space. As confirmation of it the analog of the image which elements are present at the most ancient ornaments fire symbolics (//////) can serve. On set of elements" / " and "X", it is possible, as well as in the presented first two images of a symbol of a sign of the Maiden, to ascertain presence of the overturned sign of the Aries. In a literal look it is represented in presented the fourth, from a number of symbols, a sign.

The fifth symbol, from a number of the presented symbols, is excellent from previous the unusual termination (the alchemical work "Aureus Tractatus" of the edition of 1677) . It is some kind of unfinished eight of infinity, or an element of a previous sign of the Lion. In interpretation of this sign with expected unfinished symbolics of "infinity", it is possible to speak both about the median provision of a cycle of existence, and about the invitation to adjoin to this cycle. By the way, by arch consideration in a sign of the Maiden as an element from a sign of the Lion, it is possible to reveal and more weighty correlation of these two zodiac representatives. So, a sign of the Maiden, in the corresponding considered position it is possible to present as a combination of the following elements: arches with top above + arches with top above + specularly overturned "S"…. Apparently, two semi-circles represent two elements of the opened circle being a part of a sign of the Lion, and the third element – the "semi-infinity" arch directly belongs to this sign according to the image. Remembering interpretation of a sign of the Lion where it was told about mystical development of the spiritual agent, it should be noted that in a case with a sign of the Maiden the doubled positive part of amplitude on time axis is presented. The incomplete eight can represent harmonious fluctuations (quasistatic process) focused in a smaller measure on time axis (horizontal), and in bigger on an axis spaces (vertical). Here concentration (specification) of positive (more active) on some piece of an axis of time for creation of a necessary condition which forms an impulse of transition to other, probably narrowly temporary, but wider spatial spiritual condition is felt. Geometrical elements of a sign (two semi-circles the focused down and two opposite focused semi-circles interfaced down) characterize it as incapable to keep energy, but capable to concentrate its potential possibilities which were created by accumulation in evolutionary process of spiritual improvement in the bottom zodiac hemisphere.

The sixth symbol, has vertically focused infinity sign in the end. Consecutive consideration of a symbol (at the left on the right) characterizes it as system which in geometrical execution speaks about interface of three elements: a vertical straight line, an arch with top above and vertically focused infinity sign…. The straight line, in this look assumes symbolical association of the top and bottom power information structures, their mutual penetration ("the corpuscular theory"). The arch similar to the overturned bowl, speaks about mobility and activity of the spiritual agent, about his certain orientation. Vertically focused "the infinity eight" can be considered as a standing wave ("the wave theory"). In particular, as it is accepted a science, the standing wave represents the fluctuations arising in system as a result of an interference of two running waves which amplitudes are identical, and the directions of distribution are mutually opposite. It, rather considered element of a symbol and all entering into it systems of elements as a whole, once again speaks about direct process of a sopodchineniye and an exchange of power information streams various (on Hierarchy) spiritual levels (Mira Nizhnego and Mira Verkhnego, Micro and Macrocosmical structures etc.).

The seventh symbol is the earliest medieval version of the image of a sign of the Maiden, about it there is a mention in work of "De Occulta Philosophia" (1531) of Agrippa.

In a traditional key, the sixth zodiac sign, at shumer – "her father was Cyn" (Cyn – a lunar deity). At Egyptians the sign was identified with Isida (the Sky goddess, and in a water and wind consequence, the patroness of motherhood). At Agrippa and Skaliger, the symbol is the stylized image of wings of the Maiden. At some authors, its symbol is represented as "two steps forward, one back" – two evolutionary power spirals and one overturned, involyutsionny. It points to aspiration and an evolution potentiality in three plans at the same time – physical, power and information. And if the first two levels can be overcome according to Space laws, information level is blocked that does not allow to have integrity and harmony (it is quite possible that there is a share of a relativity in understanding of evolution of a descending power spiral, respectively, and involyutsiya ascending – "the step forward, two steps back" – "for a side passes a third" – natural selection under karma laws. Bus) . The sign of the Maiden is sometimes represented by a soul symbol, or Solomon’s Press (two triangles representing fire and water, imposed at each other and being crossed in such a manner that form a six-final star). In mythology and religious doctrines this symbol associates with the birth of god or the demigod as highest expression of dynamic consciousness. There are processes of comprehension of values of a material world and during too time, the spiritual sphere is estimated as the highest component of a cooperating triyedinstvo (a matter, mentality – soul and spirit). To accept a divine verb and to incorporate to the primary energy which is giving rise to the worlds, completely updated nature is necessary, in which the perfect order reigns, where the superfluous is put out to make room for the necessary; the reality reduced to the simplest and harmonous schemes is necessary. Here an enlightenment, clarification, rescue, forgiveness of a sin but as also possibility allowing to run in a temptation, to be inclined to something sinful…..


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

Zodiac sign symbol Scales one represents two parallel over another horizontally located lines, top from which is opened in the middle of included and interfaced to it an arch, the concave which (open) part is focused down. The bottom horizontal straight line in this case can represent time axis – border of the bottom and top hemisphere. It is a basis (base) of what to aspire up on a vertical axis of spiritual development that progresses and tries to overcome an attraction of the material sphere and temptation of Nizhny of the World. The top horizontal straight line in interface to an arch characterizes separation process from spheres of purely material structures. The included arch symbolizes a free spiritual component which, breaking off a dense physical environment, is synthesized with it and makes power information quality of higher order. Considering different types presented above symbols (at the left on the right), it is possible to note a tendency to formation from an arch of a figure coming nearer to a circle. It speaks about a priority spiritual over material and aspiration to complete spiritual experience. Considering a symbol of Scales in aggregate it elements, attracts attention rather strong manifestation of purely material structures (horizontal straight lines) and only insignificant, but rather active manifestation of the spiritual agent. It is possible to explain it to that Scales, being the first sign of the top hemisphere of the Zodiac, feel on itself rather strong influence of structures submitting to time laws, i.e. forms of emergence, formation, a current and the destruction, inherent in the phenomenal world, Nizhny to the World of the subject environment. And that less this already new timeless condition, borderline physical and not physical structures, life and non-existence border. Difficult level of interaction different in quality and characteristics of structures (elements), speaks about instability, possible manifestations of the unbalanced and counterbalanced conditions of system.

Whereas the straight line in the image of a symbol can characterize time (last, real and future), the symbol element located over a straight line, the image is identical to the Greek letter? (Omega). In this case symbolism of the Omega is very indicative. First, it is the last (24th) letter of the Greek alphabet. Secondly, along with wealth and abundance, it designates a successful conclusion of affairs. Thirdly, at gnostics it is deification – the seventh sky (Scales – the seventh zodiac sign). The omega is an embodiment of belief and the divine plan both pagan, and Christian dogmatic persons. The belief and the divine plan out of time and consequently the Omega is represented over time straight line in a symbol of a sign of Scales. It is some kind of break and an eminence over "meanness", a tvarnost and caducity. It that helps to glance in an essence to plunge into idea of a subject form, to feel inherent values of the World.

In the traditional description, zodiac sign symbol Scales is characterized as a yoke of scales or a swing. Two lines in a symbol show possibility of power information exchange in two directions – evolutionary and involyutsionny, Jan-sky and Yin sky, to light and shade. Scales mean the ascending or coming sun, the period of twilight before rising or after calling. Space between lines – a crack between the worlds, a crack in space and time, giving the chance to work wonders and metamorphoses in the phenomenal world. This aspiration to an exit to a vertical power information channel; comparison of Micro and Macrocosmical structures at level of an assessment of their compliance to comprehended laws of Earth and Space; a transcendental condition at feeling of information streams going from above. At shumer the seventh sign is translated as "heavenly destiny". As the tool, Scales of a haldeysky origin and in mystical sense were a symbol of justice (justice), that is compliance and equality of fault and punishment. During the Hellenistic period Scales had a name "Claw of the Scorpion". The name "Claws" is used by Evdoks, Arat, Gipparkh and Ptolemaeus. In alchemical, hermetic and cabalistic doctrines Scales – a symbol of a duality corporal and spiritual, terrestrial and heavenly. And in the Bible Scales – a symbol of necessary balance between the inner and outside world: them identify with wisdom, with return to unity through reconciliation of contrasts….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpion, is in many respects similar to a zodiac symbol of a sign of the Maiden. It is possible to tell that the sign Maiden is a power basis of expression of the world physical, an indicator of energy resources of the world of forms, concerning which sign of the Lion – a symbol of the shown matter – its impulse and operating force. A scorpion – a power basis (center) and potential of expression of the world metaphysical, the world vulnerable and difficult felt, for which sign of Scales – over – a material power information impulse. If in Lev Solntse as the manager, characterizes the beginning of active life of a body (the physical agent), in Scales where the Sun (vitalism) in falling, into the forefront leaves the spiritual agent being essence material. Activity and energy of the spiritual agent is defined by the Scorpion where, as well as in the Maiden for the Lion (vitalnost), there comes the period of orientation or reorientation to something other, more significant, higher and other-wordly for the spiritual sphere. In these characteristics some community of the Scorpion and the Maiden and in it an essence of the symbolical similarity concerning "transformation" of an initial impulse is defined.

The arches which are present at a symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpion indicate energy liberation, its mobility, activity and instability. The extremity of a sign formed by an arrow (vector), speaks about an orientation of power information impulse. To it fully there corresponds the first of the used symbols presented (from left to right) among versions. In most cases, the arrow is sent to extremities of a symbol up, pointing to an eminence or a prevozneseniye of an initial impulse. Considering elements of applied symbols, it is possible to notice that in one arches or power streams – energy whirlwinds (the 1st, 2nd, 4th drawings) are more brightly expressed. In others the final element (the 3rd, 5th drawing) presented by a curve in the form of the unfinished eight or an infinity sign with an arrow on the end is more expressive.

Let’s consider a symbol of the Sign of the Scorpion as interface of three arches: two focused by the open party down and one focused open party up with a characteristic arrow. This look speaks about big power freedom and insignificant isolation of power information impulse which to aspire not to stability, and to internal transformation or a mutation. The symbol represents open system which actively cooperates with the outside world and, on this basis, there are its internal changes (a sign of the fixed zodiac characteristic). These changes are focused on external information object it is necessary for them to correspond. The arrow on the end of a symbol shows process of proceeding centrifugal forces which are directed from an internal source to external drawing information force.

The symbol representing an arch of "activity" and an incomplete infinity sign with an arrow on the end, is characterized as system directing all the energy on processes of change of the internal contents, that is on perfection. All energy of a symbol is focused on changing or transforming the structure (contents) which cannot be former any more and should meet other requirements – to an image of an ideal (infinity sign). In this case an image of an ideal will not reach, it is quite possible that it is not achievable at this stage, but installation and orientation to it is, there is a desire, and there are certain practical transcendental actions. Despite an obvious priority in positive action on improvement of characteristics of system, improvement of its qualities, there is a delay possibility in dynamics of process. The arches focused in an antiphase, but identical amplitude (like a curve of the 3rd drawing) promote constancy, stability or isolation (mutual power information compensation) that attracts natural braking of process of change of qualities of system, delay of its internal transformation – aspiration to stability. It is also characteristic at weak orientation to an ideal – the arrow of a symbol is lowered down (similarity of the 1st drawing) if does not involve still big problems. Aspiration to energiya of the lowest level or already turned out earlier spiritual qualities, unwillingness to change reference points and attachment to time axis, the physical plan – crisis sources characteristic for a symbol of a sign of the Scorpion.

The sixth of the presented symbols was applied in the XVI century and It was reflected in "Occult philosophy" Agrippa published in 1498 characterizes an activity priority over passivity and isolation. Two arches with the open parties down have more significant geometrical sizes, and, therefore, and a bigger energy potential, and the big importance when functioning general (global) system and its power information components. The extreme arches aspiring to preservation and accumulation of an energy potential, are rather small and cannot play the leading role. They, representing accumulators of energiya of higher or lower order, are capable to feed and support in the potential activity of the free spiritual agent for his improvement or to counteract and weaken it, to promote falling, accumulating potential more passive and stable power слоёв a material world.

Traditionally, the symbol of a sign of the Scorpion reflects a tail and a sting of a scorpion. At shumer the sign is translated as "that suffices and cuts". The symbol during different eras differently was understood and differently represented. Except a scorpion, it there was аспид, a snake, an eagle, a dragon, a phoenix. He told about death and revival, simply death, and as a mutilation and restoration. It is energy transformation in the world physical and power on purpose to concentrate it in the form of a sting or an arrow for manifestation in the world spiritual – the world of Archetypes and universal and timeless knowledge. Inspiration and enlightenment; transition from a condition of comprehension of the material plan to a spiritualizing of the consciousness, aspiring to understand processes of an ascension and a niskhozhdeniye, take-off and falling both a physical body, and the spirit; situation of possibility of knowledge of cause and effect processes of an embodiment; possibility of the termination of an embodiment with elimination of mental and physical activity. The arrow in a symbol is a sting of a bee and tooth of a snake; needle of the physician or acupuncturist; the secret weapon or the medicine changing a condition of all organism, consciousness and perception. In constant throwings the Scorpion that responds to the God’s voice, gives in to temptations of the Satan, and in it there is a dialectic unity: creation and destruction, expiatory self-sacrifice and damnation….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

Considering symbolics of a zodiac sign of the Sagittarius, it is possible to allocate in his image obvious перекрестье, one of which parties is active and has centrifugal tendencies presented by an arrow. Perekrestye, in most cases (the first four images at the left) it is possible to characterize through symbolics of a cross of sacred Andrey, and as through synthesis of ascending and descending squares. As us geometrical symbolism more interests, the characteristic of synthesis of the descending and ascending squares making a figure of a cross is more preferable, rather than traditionally its confessional treatment. The usual image of a cross where the horizontal straight line (horizon) crosses a vertical rack (a world axis) means connection of contrasts, the union of a spiritual (vertical) principle with a principle of the world of the phenomena. in this cross tension and fight, comparison of positions and suffering is felt. A little povyornuty (on 45 гр.) concerning the center the cross adopts the provision of the image of a sign of the Sagittarius present at a symbol. Such turn speaks about transformation, movement and change. This movement can be tracked and in the image of a symbol of a cross in the form of an ancient Indo-European swastika (it is transferred as "wellbeing" from a Sanskrit;" гаммадион" in Greece) it is considered as a life and light emblem in view of the belonging to those symbols which, simulating an apparent motion of the Sun round Earth, are considered rotating round its pivot-center. Thus, given, that is the cross present at a symbol characterizes movement or change to the best, light and vital. The arrow in a symbol can focus on high-quality changes, transformations of components (components) of system through their transformation, with a priority of spiritual development. The transformation purpose – system reduction to more perfective aspect, its removal on higher level of functioning and control for true values. The combination of the ascending and descending power streams caused by interface of squares of a symbol, focuses us on understanding of occurring process of transition through an arrow orientation. Process is carried out from lower (the left bottom situation), strained (the Sagittarius connected with onions), dark, negative and perishable and material to high (to the right top situation), directed (connected with остриём arrows of the Sagittarius), light, positive, firm and spiritually – global.

The subsequent images of a symbol of a sign of the Sagittarius (i.e. the fifth and the sixth) also display process of improvement, collecting and information development from sources Mira Sveta at orientation to higher levels of divine Hierarchy. Here it is possible to see accurately designated horizontal axis (an axis of time, a matter and the physical shown world) which is overcome-is blocked by more active and more powerful spiritual component of progressing system. As smyslo-geometrical analogy of this image it is possible to offer a combination (synthesis) of runes of soulu and teiwaz that in mantichesky value speaks about confidence of own forces, an enlightenment on a way of knowledge of truth, a spiritual superiority and creative energy of leaders to a victory. Seventh image of a symbol (Agrippa. 1531) more reflects Teiwaz rune (an arrow directed strictly vertically) – will power and spirit. Here, as well as in the previous symbols the celebration of a vertical and the related active energiya of transformation which, overcoming horizontal power "thresholds" is shown and, leaning on them, aspire to find other new life of all system of relationship. The following image, the eighth, is earlier option of a symbol. It is in some way similar to the ogamichesky letter of Celtic tribes (Ireland, the West of ancient Britain.), but with bigger probability the type of a letter of the magic alphabet made on the basis of the Jewish alphabet and being, according to Agrippa, "decorative and occult" (the Malakhimsky alphabet) can represent the 2000th BC. In this symbol the emphasis on a superiority in strength of a vertical power factor over horizontal is placed that also characterizes spiritual growth and spiritual activity.

In traditional treatment the symbol of a sign of the Sagittarius characterizes the space symbol expressing idea of the perfect person which is at the same time both physical, and a spiritual being, worthy the divine origin. It on the two third its compliance of divine essence. At shumer the sign is translated as "defender". An arrow – all person and his both natures – animal and spiritual. Onions and an arrow symbolize the power, its direction and control over it, an aiming up at an angle 45 гр. symbolizes perfect use of the involved forces. Tense in the Maiden and released in the Scorpion, the bowstring of symbolical onions gives a mighty push to an arrow in a sign of the Sagittarius. The arrow personifies spiritual evolution and internal transformation. It expresses complete disclosure of the Universe, synthesis of the terrestrial and heavenly planes, synthesis human and divine, subconscious and over – conscious. This infinite distribution for the sake of the highest merge to world energy….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

A variety of the presented graphic symbols of a zodiac sign of the Capricorn, despite expected ambiguity of treatments, through consideration of elements entering into them has sufficient signs of semantic unity.

The first symbol consists of three macro elements: a square with остриём directed down, a circle and vertically focused arch. In this look, the symbol of a square reminds the "overturned" symbol of Fire, that is, according to esoteric tradition, is similar to a symbol of elements of Water. Its orientation speaks about readiness for a niskhozhdeniye at available set of the apprehended and withheld energiya, their maximum potential and continuous information feed (there is no limiting straight line which turns a square "/" into a triangle. An element "/" – a letter of the Greek alphabet "scale", an equivalent to the Roman letter "G" – the first letter in a name of the goddess of the earth Gays (a symbol of terrestrial life). This image – "/", speaks about cumulative potential of all information wealth of Ideas of the shown world. It represents unity practically all elements: Lands (through "scale"), Waters (through a prototype of its symbol – a triangle with top directed down), Fire (an element of a symbol of fire//////and a symbol of the act of blessing – /-a prototype of the Aries), Air (an orientation, mobility and the aspiration expressed by an ostrokonechnost). The circle as a symbol of spiritual integrity, settling down in the right part of a square, reflects a superiority and the reason in formation of all complex of elements and a source of the subsequent set of the subject environment of the shown world. Vertically focused arch – spirit in the potential expression, as the possible moving and uniting force proceeding from a whole. Thus, set of macrocells entering into a symbol of a zodiac Capricorn, speaks about concentration of possibilities having rather wide application, a combination of set Began with their motive spiritual power, a superiority of a spiritual factor over all financially forming elements.

The second symbol, is almost identical to the first. Only that it is possible to add to its characteristic that the circle (spiritual unity), is a source of potential spiritual quality. How it can be understood? Considering a circle as the spiritual unity, is always noted it isolation and stability, integrity and a harmonious combination of firm elements. It is the closed system not subject to changes. To a floor the circle or an arch focused in the vertical plane (the spirit plane), shows already open system which not only is capable to take up certain influences of environment, but also which itself is capable to influence of this Wednesday. Thus, this arch is a symbol of the transmitter transformer of future influence of a complete spiritual substance (circle) on environment, and as transmitter transformer of external power information influence in need of formation of spiritual integrity. It, actually, also characterizes this symbol: considering it from left to right – process of formation of complete spiritual quality and an eminence – a progressive condition, upside-down (from right to left) – process of expression of spiritual quality, decomposition on elements (Beginnings) – a regressive condition and the corresponding dynamics.

The third symbol (it was used in "Occult philosophy" Agrippa in 1498-1531), instead of a square offers horizontally focused arch. This arch, being a perceiving macrocell of this symbol, more focuses on isolation of qualities which are broadcast to it from a certain sort of sources. These qualities, considering horizontal orientation of an arch, can quite have lower spiritual component, or to be parts of former spiritual integrity (circle). Generally, considering a figure which is occurring from the left top corner and coming to the end in the right bottom corner of a symbol, it is possible to speak about quite certain process. The beginning of this process is concluded in isolation of the highest elements spiritual, their collecting in the world of time and forms with the subsequent translation, transfer transformation for formation of a complete initial elementary spiritual condition ("pervotselostnost").

Symbols the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, quite answer the characteristic presented above. In them transition process from quality of structures of the horizontal temporary world, to qualities of structure of the world out of time is also appreciable. From dissociation and plurality to unity and indivisibility.

A little the fourth, most ancient symbol differs according to the image from all previous. On the writing it is similar to the letter "h" in the fivansky alphabet (it is comparable with Russian letter X: "Хронос" – the comprehensive time identified with Saturn (Kroner, Greek) the manager of the Capricorn), the unique difference that on a place of horizontally focused arch the square, as in symbols at number one and two is used. In a considered fourth symbol it is not reflected final formation of spiritual integrity, as highest step or completion of process of the spiritual creativity concluded in unity of its elementary manifestation. The inclination of a horizontal straight line as it was described by consideration of the Sagittarius, characterizes transition process from structures of Nizhny of the world, the world of elements, the birth and disintegration of forms (the left bottom corner), to structures of the Top world, the world of Ideas of all real, to the world of substances and spiritual greatness (the right top corner). This straight line terminates in vertically focused arch which is an indicator of the potential spiritual quality created by means of progressive transformation of spiritual elements of the shown world. Vertical straight line as the symbol of communication of the bottom and top worlds going through transformation of power information structures of descending and ascending streams, in the highest end has horizontally focused arch. This arch characterizes process of isolation of spiritual qualities of the highest order at level of their elementary execution (pervoelement). This quality was created at the bottom power level (on an inclined straight line) and transformed on the highest level (on a vertical straight line) where there is a preparation of process of its (quality) of further transformation (horizontally focused arch, in an image form, obviously to aspire to vertically focused and, further, to a circle).

Traditionally, a symbol of a zodiac sign of the Capricorn represent, on the one hand as aspiration up, a life ascension to light, to spirit heights. On the other hand – infinite falling in dark emptiness and death. This two-unity of evolution and decline is expressed by a duality of the "monster" symbolizing zodiac sign: semi-goat semi-fish, inhabitant of mountain tops and sea chasm. At shumer – "fish – a goat". The sign symbolizes also merge of a vertical axis (height depth) and horizontal (the firm and leveled earth) that is connected with cross symbolics. The symbol indicates possibility of crystallization of ideas of the Aries in three plans, this is a threefold Aries, but in addition to horns it has speed and strong feet. It is represented in the form of a goat, a sea goat of Ea and Varun as vital beginning of waters, can be represented as a crocodile, a dolphin or animals with bodies of fishes, or as a sea dragon. By the way, numerous images of human beings with fish tails often are the magic symbols representing process of initiation and finding of wisdom. It is new level of work with macrocosmical power information streams, at restriction of dynamics of physical processes….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a zodiac sign of Aquarius, represents two broken lines or wavy lines located one over another. Despite simplicity of this image, in it the deep esoteric meaning which is not limited to the elementary image of water is put.

The presented symbols at numbers one and two, consist of broken lines. The first symbol has three crests in each of lines with an obvious prevailing inclination to the right, showing the corresponding direction of movement or development. In geometrical symbolical interpretation, considering one line, it is possible to speak about three incorporated squares directed by tops up. It can symbolize an eminence or aspiration to higher position of triune system. The bias to the right characterizes it as systems progressive, positive and different from the previous condition in more perfect parameters. As an example of positivity of the right-hand direction of development or right-hand situation, it is possible to remember applied by some predictive or proritsatelny magic techniques of a rule (A piromantiya and an ornitomantiya). In them the right situation, shift the movement direction, always speaks about condition improvement, positive result, transformation negative in positive and receives the affirmative answer "yes". Set of the represented squares can represent, on the one hand, qualities of elements of Fire (as it was noted earlier-//////), and in the first symbol – qualities of directed Fire (a bias to the right), with another, mixture or synthesis of quality of Fire with quality of Water, especially in the presented symbol at number two. Here the finishing square has top focused down (//+ /). Similar creation of a symbol can be met and at Cornelius Agrippa, only a finishing element in its interpretation of the image is not the square with top directed down, and respectively focused arch (///+ an arch with top below ("bowl")). The name of a zodiac sign, which mentions Water and its symbol, which characterizes this Water, as active (Jan – I will hold down) the essence similar to Fire, does not bring in this case contradictions (elements are not identified with real or their material representatives), and characterizes the highest form of Water. Water here предстаёт as a life and death source, the prime cause of further development and transition to other condition (border – a watershed). Generating Everything, it is possible to consider as image of communication with Great Mother a symbol at number three where two are traced stylized (bottom and top) letters "By m or//". The characteristic duality looking through practically in everyone symbol, is displayed in Aquarius by two wavy lines where "The bottom Waters are a chaos or eternally changing material world, and Headwaters – a kingdom of comprehensive waters. Their set – Uniform which means general updating".

The fourth symbol is presented by pair of wavy lines in the form of two focused arches interfaced differently. It was possible to meet a similar type of "sinusoid" by consideration of a zodiac sign of the Lion, however, in this case, it is as though represented specularly. At a Lion, the first arch was a source of free energy, and the second arch – its "accumulator". Aquarius on the contrary, heat-sink has the first, and broadcasting the second. In any case, here it is possible to speak about cyclic transformation, change of reference points, change of priorities and valuable installations at different levels (Top and Nizhny). More this interlacing of two power information whirlwinds forming a certain harmonious spiral structure which gives new quality to all system made of elements earlier separated, but quite compatible and complementary (like DNA, its genetic information and a code). Thus, this symbol of Aquarius, through the image is represented a smithy of Ideas of all real, a workshop of Codes and Programs of future embodiments and the phenomena.

The fifth, earliest of the presented symbols, reflects also two planes (sides) of the comprehensive World. The top side has four arches (an arch floor) which are focused to the right down, and the bottom side – four arches (an arch floor), focused to the left up. Arches are directed as though at each other and symbolize process of a mutual power information exchange in potentials of different levels of one system. The bottom level or Nizhny the World more to aspire, considering the progressive right-hand image of arches, to information reception from above. Whereas the top level or the Top World, also at a progressive right-hand inclination of arches, is accented on information transfer down. If to address to samples of the ornamental image of elements, this symbol in a bigger measure, than others the fourth symbol to an air subject answers a water subject, and.

In traditional interpretation, the symbol of Aquarius designates two waves – "live" and "dead" water. Some sources assume not only horizontal, but also a vertical arrangement of wavy tenches. In horizontal execution – possibility of communications and information transfer with use of existing laws of the Nature, and also telepathy and clairvoyance. In vertical execution – points to the dedication, the highest service and creative interaction with the world of Archetypes, on possibility of management time, space and destiny. At shumer the eleventh zodiac sign – represents the Lord of Water. There is a complete contact to Hierarchy and receiving from It power information support for an exit on out of – material level of life. Liquid assumed in a symbol, has rather a nature of air, air, than water. It is the intangible ocean of the fluctuations, invisible energy, space influences – the ocean in which all of us arrive since the day of the birth. These are waters of creation of the world and its destruction, cyclic death and updating. The tradition connects this sign of Aquarius with a symbolical flood where the represented duality means not only the end of the existing world, but also end of each cycle by destruction of the forces holding its parts contain….


Occult symbolics of zodiac signs.

The symbol of a zodiac sign of Fishes represents two horizontal differently focused arches united by the direct horizontal line in their central part. Symbols which represent the figure reminding horizontally focused ellipse instead of a straight line meet. All symbolics of geometrical structure of a sign is penetrated by a symmetry and harmony subject.

The first two of the presented symbols, are almost identical. Their vertically focused arches represent potential possibilities which, in the power information character, possess plurality and a variety. The straight line, on the one hand, as though divides arches into equal parts, speaking about prevalence of Top over the Bottom, and with another, is an uniting element which emphasizes unity unembodied with its possible and potential embodiment. A straight line, characterizing the matter world subject to a certain extent in time, shows dependence of the past, the present and the future on factors of the Highest order, from interaction of the Worlds, from their compatibility and a komplimentarnost. Considering a horizontal straight line as the dividing line, it is possible to note that arches in the power unity penetrate all world space, characterizing its integrity and mutual subordination.

The third symbol, repeating in the image previous geometry of vertically focused arches, instead of the direct horizontal line has horizontally focused arch. This arch, revealing to a bottom, promotes transformation of the potential energiya united by it. In the direction of aspiration of power information structures, the niskhozhdeniye is priority. This food and saturation of areas by the lowest according to the qualitative characteristic and by hierarchical position of instance. There is a process of accumulation of possibilities and granting a free choice by it in further expression.

The fourth of the presented symbols, contains an ellipse in the median part. An ellipse, without considering its elements, in symbolism it is represented mandorly – the union of two worlds or crossing and interpenetration area. Mandorla is formed of crossing of two circles, in this case, by the top – Spirit and bottom – Matters (in an iconography мандорла it is vertically focused where the left circle forming it – a matter circle, and right – a spirit circle). Thus, the horizontal straight line represented in the previous symbols, can be understood as certain limit of the section Top and Nizhny of the worlds.

In traditional symbolism the sign of Fishes means two lives or two slaves aspiring in different directions. They connected by tails, wander in ocean open spaces. It symbolizes life after death, soul and body fight, depression of self-expression. The sign has a double information code. One direction of movement of information evolutionary, its task to leave a trace in Evolution. Another – illusory and weak-willed which is content with performance of momentary tasks.

The sign of Fishes symbolizes the liquid nature. If the Capricorn notes process of the beginning of dissolution, Fishes designate the final moment which, owing to the final character, comprises the beginning of a new cycle. The dual aspect of a symbol is expressed in the sign. The left element specifies the direction of an involyutsiya or the beginning of a new cycle in the world of demonstrations whereas right, points to the evolution direction – an exit from a cycle. It is arrival and leaving, the past and the future, the end and the beginning. Here complex comprehension of space laws, transition to individual deep (spiritual) practical activities is made, transformation with transition to more perfect level of development, an exit for a framework material and phenomenal is carried out…..