Occult symbolics of planets.

Occult symbolics of planets.

«Creating us on the similarity, God wanted, that we were capable to apprehend and share with it his own thoughts …

Our knowledge of the same sort, as God’s, but, at least, so far as we can understand at least something during this fleeting life».

Johann Kepler

Occult symbolics of planets.

Symbol rather capacious and, during too time, ambiguous display in our understanding rational or irrational, given to us in perception or being out of a field of our natural feelings. According to E.Kassirer creatum (symbol) is Einheit von Sinn und Sinnlichkeit [18], that is unity of sense and a chuvstvovaniye. A symbol предстаёт before us in the issued look, representing the concept of its contents supported with experience, the saved-up mankind in the course of evolution. The pure form of the image does not depend in it on all material world and does not exist as well as all matter. Its form is sensual given from merge of a material and spiritual form, result of internal activity of spirit. In other words, spirit activity for production of symbols surely should demonstrate itself in signs – words, images. The symbol or sign is necessary attribute of consciousness as «ideal forms are learned and learned only in aggregate sensual signs which they use for the expression» [18].

Being apprehended, signs and symbols as sensual data through making strength of mind will be transformed according to certain "point of view" and receive the symbolical contents which is fixed in a sign symbol…

Elements of graphic symbolism were applied practically always and everywhere, on all extent of intelligent activity of the person. Since a petroglyphic list and on today’s time, people gave to certain graphic elements peculiar transcendental qualities. And these elements were carriers of metaphysical, magic, philosophical, cosmogonic or astronomical information.

Astrology – the knowledge constructed on a deep kosmizm and esoteric symbolism. This knowledge is harmonious and is comprehensive in spiritual expression, historically valuably and has no temporary restrictions. Throughout many millennia the modern astrological graphic shape, that perfect shape which strikes philosophers, archeologists, critics and culturologists was formed. Along with that similar knowledge involves a large number of experts and people interested in them, a lot of things remains foggy or mysterious, inexplicable or simply forgotten. Speaking about symbols applied in an astrology, it is necessary to tell that they, have very certain value, but often, as well as many people around us symbols, either are not interpreted, or treated is rather free.

What it is possible to see and what it is possible to emphasize by consideration of astrological symbols?

Considering symbols of planets and zodiac signs, first, it should be noted their diversity which is reflected by elements entering into them. Each element of a sign symbol bears spiritual semantic loading, defining the corresponding power information contents. Secondly, elements of signs and symbols, possessing own characteristic, allow to describe system which they make the configurations. In the third, defining system (a sign or a symbol) the introduced qualities, elements and adapt for properties and functions whole (a sign or a symbol), receiving some specificity found in the course of interaction with cumulative elementary sets.

Let’s consider the most characteristic and general elements forming signs and symbols.

It is possible to consider as the simplest elements a straight line piece as the part of an infinite spatial straight line, and a curve (arch) which becomes isolated in a circle or forms an infinite spiral in space. These elements define forms and structures, and as types (directions) of movement of material and non-material (spiritual) substances in the Universe. Galilei as Platon’s adherent, stating system of the world of Copernicus, said that the circle is perfect not only from the esthetic and mathematical point of view, but also from a mechanics position. Respectively, according to him:« the roundabout is naturally inherent in the bodies making the Universe and placed in best order; rectilinear movement is reported by the nature to bodies and their parts only where they are placed in a bad order, not on the natural places». Johann Kepler considered "natural" to the physical world not a roundabout, and rectilinear, supporting arguments with celestial motion and a human body. In his opinion «all muscles operate according to a principle of rectilinear movement … consistently being compressed and being unclenched». He considered a roundabout as ideal movement from the point of view of metaphysics and allowed deviations from a circle for real physical ph. Generalizing views Galilee and Kepler, it is possible to tell that in the tonkomaterialny, ideal metaphysical world the preference belongs to an arch, a circle and its derivatives (spiral), with some presence of straightforwardness. In the real world, the world of material domination, rectilinear movement and rectilinear forms, with some inclusion of a krivolineynost (arches, circles, filched etc.) prevails. It can show symbolical value of figures of a circle (made of a curve or an arch) and a square (made of straight lines) more visually.


The circle since the most ancient times designated spiritual forces and the world spiritual, it was visualized, as the world the highest and being over us. The roundish form of planets and their image in the form of a circle represents these, apparently, especially material bodies, the allocated spiratualny qualities. The circle symbolizes spirit. Describes all space as a whole – everything that is concluded in broad lands of heavens [5]. The circle is sacred as the most natural state containing egoism, not shown, infinite, eternity. It personifies heavenly unity, the solar cycles, any cyclic movement, dynamism, infinite movement, end, execution, God. In system the Zen the empty circle means an enlightenment. At Chinese the circle is Heavens. In Islam the circle personifies a dome, the arch of Heavens, This world. Platon has it «a mobile image of eternity motionless» [9].


Square (rectangle) – the figure uniting vertical and horizontal lines, symbolizes the sphere material which, from the occult point of view, is the spirit limited to time. Four parties represent four elements (fire, air, the earth and water) which in turn, are a basis of a matter of the physical world [5]. The square personifies Earth as opposition to a circle of Heavens. It represents restriction and consequently possesses a form. The quadrangle personifies talismanichesky assurance of constancy and stability. At Pythagoreans the square symbolizes soul. The circle and a square are symbols of an order of things in space and the world of people.

As English royal astrologer John Di (1527-1608) in «Monas Hieroglifica» («A hieroglyphic monad» 1564) noted: «Through a straight line and a circle the first simple image and пресуществилось representation of things, including not existing and hidden under nature covers» [2] was on light.

Having presented the overall symbolical graphic picture of a universe, we will pass to its poelementny consideration. Let’s address to primary sources: to a point, arch and straight line piece


The point means Unity, the Origin and the Center. As the center, she speaks about integrity, integrity, absolute reality. It is a source of all real; set of all possibilities; holy site; a breach in space and time; a point of the mutual message between three worlds, connecting space and time; an axis uniting space both vertically, and it is horizontal; crossing макрокосма and микрокосма; space order; «the motionless engine» Aristotle.

Considering a point as the center something, it is possible to note that advance from the center to a circle, means travel to the world existing and in plurality, and a way back to the spiritual center – there is a way to Unity and the validity. A point – a place where the space from which эманирует movement and there are forms is made; a point – an element, both expansion, and szhimaniye, a convergence, plurality pulling back to the center (from a form to the contents), to harmony, knowledge and an enlightenment.

There are two types of points: points not having the sizes, being symbols of creative force, and such points which as Raimund Lully in the book «New geometry» which are characterized in the smallest real sizes defines and are a symbol of a principle of manifestation. [8]] and [9].


Arch with top below or "bowl". The arch of this look, the configuration expresses something, capable to serve as a spirit receptacle, something, capable to hold spirit, to keep it [5]. In east tradition, such similar symbolical and mystical position of hands (hand) – Dkhyani (самадхи) – gesture meditating in Dkhyanasan is wise. It is an image of a symbolical bowl from which gods drink nectar of immortality [17]. It is possible to find analogy in this image and with wise «Chandmar’s Bowl» which symbolizes collecting nine jewelry of which the body, mind and soul of the person, and also world around consists. This is wise, speaks about unity of soul and a body, about unity of the Person and Space [4]. In operations of modern formal logic, this symbol speaks about the sum of two volumes of information therefore the third information size [10] turns out.

Arch with top above or "the overturned bowl". The arch of this look, in the configuration expresses a condition at which there is no possibility to hold spirit, displays a condition of inertia and lifelessness [5]. In this case the figure of the overturned or overturned bowl that is characterized by a return principle is observed. In east tradition a hand (hands) bent and lifted on level of a shoulder and overturned by a palm down (fingers look at a shoulder) – Tarpana is wise – a pose of respect [17]. In modern formal logic, this symbol designates multiplication of volumes of information therefore the new volume consisting of elements first and second in the field of their crossing [10] turns out.

) or (-the arches, symbolizing the configuration potential spirit [5], its activity or passivity. On analogies to a crescent moon, its phase display, the left symbol speaks about growth, an increment, addition, activity, external expression. The right symbol, shows decline, exhaustion, decrease, passivity or work at internal level. In the Buddhism, the right symbol (crescent moon) decorated hair of god Shiva which in a divine triad (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma) acts as god destroyer destroying the worlds and gods at the end of each кальпы (Kalp – 2000 Makhayug or 8640000000 years) [17]. In modern formal logic, these symbols unequivocally characterize an inclination, attraction, a sheaf or inclusion ("implication") [10].

(и) – arches of this configuration symbolize potential spirit and in the set express potential life or death. It something being in an equilibrium state. It can overturn and pass to a formation condition, be filled with vital forces, or turn over, to become inert [5]. Being closed-uniting, these arches form a circle about which it was told above. This smykaniye will lead to transformation of an equilibrium state of potential spirit. The educated figure will characterize true spirit and all Universe.

Straight lines

The vertical, symbolizes an ascension or a niskhozhdeniye of spiritual energy or the spirit. Expresses movement from top to down, that is from Heavens to Earth or from Heavens to the Underworld. In certain cases it expresses movement from below up – from the Hell to Earth, or from Earth to Heavens. In occult symbolism the similar vertical line designates the creative power connected with idea of spiritualny force, descending over [5]. In the reflection, it is an active, dynamic element [9]. As the axis or a space axis, a symbol of a straight line is the central point of time and space (an existential continuum. Bus); last support of all things; round what all things, a certain standard or an essence of all existing rotate. The line vertical – heavenly, spiritual and intellectual, positive, active, man’s.

The horizontal, symbolizes a matter. Expresses movement from the West on the East. Also, this symbol expresses movement in time, – from the past in the future [5]. Represents a passive or static element of life [9]. As the line, means division, measurement, border, the time world. The horizontal line is terrestrial, rational, passive, negative and female [8].

Rather often at images of zodiac signs and symbols of planets there is a cross. This one of the most ancient and most astro applied symbols, has rather extensive and various interpretation in various written sources existing for today.

The cross represents a certain chetvertichny condition – spiritual and neutral. Placed in the mystical Center of space, it becomes the bridge or a ladder by means of which the soul can reach God. Prevailing value of a cross – "connection". In the generalized value is an association of contrasts: positive (vertical) with negative (horizontal), the highest with the lowest, lives with death. The spatial arrangement along a vertical axis designates the most important level (meaning moral and power characteristics). Situation along a horizontal axis: the left side – ретроспективна (the zone "origins", it is connected with unconscious and a gloom), and the right side – aspiration by an outcome [9]. A cross – the center of the world and, therefore, a message point between heaven and earth or the space axis having symbolism of the Space Tree, the mountain, a column, a ladder etc. [8]. The cross also bears on itself symbolism of four pervoelement: Fire, Air, Earth and Water [5].

If the symbol is generated by unity of sense and a chuvstvovaniye, to form in us possibility of understanding surrounding the world, its sense, in practice of perfection comprehension, and to develop thus the spirit, the soul or the sensual sphere, ethical and esthetic qualities, it is impossible without knowledge symbolical.

Occult symbolics of planets.


Shamash or APSU (shumero-akad.), Helios (Greek), Ash-shams (Arab.),

To Soljntsa (other Russian).

The solar symbol is represented around with the central point. This image characterizes its exclusiveness and a pervostepennost. Sun, symbolically, native son and successor of heavenly God, beginning of all real and spiritual. This all-seeing deity and its power, motionless being, space heart, center of life and intuitive knowledge, «reason of the world» (макробиус), enlightenment, eye of the world and eye of day, unsubdued, glory, greatness, justice, tsarstvennost. The sun is connected with will and activity. The graphic sign of a planet is represented some astrologers as Helios’s board or an infinite circle where the point symbolizes an inner self. The sun sees everything and knows everything. The sun personifies the Universe center as heart («the internal place»), is the center of the person. Fixity of the center symbolizes eternity and perfect constancy. In India it under a name Surya is Varuna’s eye (god of water and an okhranitel of West side); in Persia is an eye of Akhura-mazdy (Avest. «Lord wise». The Supreme god of the zoroastriyets who has created the world by effort of thought; embodiment of absolute good and justice); in Greece it is known as Helios – Zeus eye; in Egypt it is an eye of Ra (god of the Sun), and in Islam – the Allah.

Occult symbolics of planets.


Cyn (shumero-akad.), Selenium (Greek), It is scarlet – a mosquito (the Arab.),
Louna (other Russian).

The moon represents an arch in the geometrical image or is more exact a double arch. Month in the first quarter. It is represented a symbol of an eye night, whereas the Sun – eyes day. Really, the double arch of a lunar symbol reminds a close eyelid of the closed eye. In the Greek mythology the Moon was represented by Selena who is often identified with Artemis or Hecate. As a rule, this planet personifies female force, Mother Goddess, the Queen Heavenly. The moon everywhere is a symbol of a cyclic rhythm of time, universal formation. It symbolizes periodic renewal of creation, time and a measure. Before time was measured by moon phases therefore it was considered as the carrier of changes, suffering and decline, a human life condition on Earth. The moon is connected with imagination and the world of forms. All goddesses of the Moon operate destiny and weave its thread. In the Egyptian tradition the Moon is considered «the creator of a next world and eternity». In the Buddhism the Moon personifies the world, serenity and beauty. In Hinduism the growing Moon symbolizes newborn quickly and vigorously growing child. In Daoism the Moon – a truth symbol, «an eye shining in a haze». In a shamanizm, symbolizes magic force. In China the Moon displays essence of the yin, a female natural principle, passivity and transience of life, and also immortality. In Christianity the Moon and the Sun are often represented in scenes of a crucifixion and symbolize the dual nature of the Christ. The moon – a residence of archangel Gabriel, and the Sun – Saint Michael the Archangel. Such concepts, as belief, hope, mercy and other highest emotions, everyday and household chores are subordinated to the moon.

Occult symbolics of planets.


To Nab or MUM – MU (shumero-akad.), Hermes (Greek), Utarid (Arab.), Ермесъ (other Russian).

Mercury, graphically represents an arch located at top of a circle of spirit which is respectively placed over a cross. Winged helmet of God. Connection of a circle and a cross symbolizes a matter attraction to spiritual spheres that promotes not only to its spiritualizing, but also power information clarification (enlightenment). The arch over a circle speaks about ability to contain (to consume and acquire) spiritual emanations going from an external source. Process of transformation is visible from a combination of arches (from top to down): CONCAVITY – absorption (finding) of spirit, CAMBER – release (transfer) of spirit, CONCAVITY – the subsequent reception of the transformed spirit (assimilation). In Twins where Mercury is the manager, presence of air elements speaks about more vigorous descending spiritual power information stream from out of. Whereas in a sign of the Maiden which this planet also operates, but to elements of the earth, a priority it is given not to reception of spiritual information, and consideration or revision, estimates and to the analysis of information already received and fulfilled earlier. In the Maiden the emphasis on a cross, instead of on a circle is placed.

The name of the first (on the astronomical account) planets, occurs from a Latin root merx ("goods"). Mercury carries an epithet an androgen since since the time of Ptolemaeus it was considered as a planet having dual (anceps) the nature, man’s and female. Androgin (hermaphrodite) means primary perfection, integrity, unity of contrasts, an absolute condition, an autonomy, the independence, again found paradise, association of protogenic man’s and female forces, the sky and the earth, the tsar and the queen, a pervootets and первоматери. Mercury – the planet of the adaptation testifying to level of knowledge, reached in each of lives. In alchemy this planetary god is symbolized by mercury. In the Greek transcription Mercury is Hermes – "interpreter" or "intermediary" therefore tasks are assigned to it to accompany souls died in the underground world (Hermes Psikhopomp – "conductor dos"). Mercury is connected with intuition and movement. In an astrology the planet is responsible for communications and «intellectual energy», and also supervises nervous system, as carrying-out certain information at biological level. To mercury unlimited abilities to comprehension are attributed. Its image in the form of a female figure and World Soul is not less widespread and we mean, than reduced only to a machismo.

Occult symbolics of planets.


Ishtar or Lahamu (shumero-akad.), Aphrodite (Greek), Az-zukhara (Arab.), Afrodikta (other Russian).

At a sign of Venus there are elements already considered in Mercury sign. However the ratio of elements says that in this case there is no reception of power information influence from the outside. There is a spiritualizing of a material substance already issued complete and dynamic energy. Distinction in treatment of this sign can occur from its application as the manager of zodiac signs of the Taurus or Scales. In the Taurus the material substance involves and isolates spiritual energy. Here Venus is in elements of the earth where for the material sphere and the possession sphere the natural priority exists something. Venus here expresses instinctive behavior and low motives. In Scales there is a process of removal of a material substance on higher spiritual level. In the second case the material tries to keep step spiritual, and the planet operates a sign in elements of air that promotes this process. Venus here reflects conceiving and live soul. In Fishes the symbol of Venus says that its spiritual qualities contain complex information on the material sphere and this information not only statically exists, but also is harmoniously combined with active spiritual involvement.

The planet is connected with the goddess of love and with copper in alchemy. A symbol which designates this planet in the Zodiac, some call «a pocket mirror of the goddess of Venus». The planet is connected with love and relationship. Its spiritual value has two aspects: aspect of spiritual love and aspect of a physical inclination. According to Claudius Ptolemaeus, Venus is a planet influencing action of internal, direct, intuitive force I. Some authors reduce its value to the characteristic physical and mechanical. It is quite obvious wrong view on this symbolics as at the accounting of true value of love such arguments disappear by itself. In a classical astrology the planet carries an epithet of small happiness. Such concepts, as love, harmony, beauty, art, music, pleasure, taste, sense of beauty and the woman are subordinated to Venus.

Occult symbolics of planets.


Nergal or Lahmu (shumero-akad.), Ares (Greek), Al-mirrikh (Arab.), Арисъ (other Russian).

This sign, sign of Mars, speaks about Spirit receiving an impulse – a circle with an arrow directed up. Being based on the Aristotelean concept of division of the Worlds on Top and Nizhny, Mars in the Aries shows Spirit transformation to Nizhny the World (the bottom hemisphere of the Zodiac). Symbolically the arrow of a symbol is sent down, to immersion to dense material spheres. This condition of spirit can be characterized as purposeful, impulsive, fearless and reckless. At F.Gudman Mars in this situation concerns idea of the cross personifying materiality which burdens a circle of spiritualny life. Mars in the Scorpion (a planet in the top hemisphere of the Zodiac) – the forerunner of a sign of the Sagittarius. It is an impulse received after Spirit in Scales became higher on value, than its physical environment (see a symbol of Venus). Mars shows activity of Spirit in respect of its exit from under influence of a material principle, the impulse of Spirit is directed to spheres of the mental. Feeling importance of the evolution, the Spirit characterizes itself a vsepronitsayushchy, being liberated and rebellious substance and during too time it is a basis of future achievements, it твердь and the spiritualizing base. In a sign of the Capricorn it is possible to present a symbol of Mars an arrow located over a circle, as continuation of its diameter. This situation speaks about the highest achievement or activity directed on the highest achievement. It is the activity sphere in a formoobrazovaniye of ideas.

Mars symbolizes a positive active machismo, passion, passion and courage, fire. Its symbol – a spear and a board of god of Mars, the god of war. It is connected with action and destruction. Its color – red, metal – iron. Mars was considered as the patron of agriculture and the first month of spring was devoted to it, further he became god of war. Mars is an inversion symbol, i.e. communications between the highest not properly executed world of future possibilities and the lowest world of the materialized forms.

Occult symbolics of planets.


Marduk or KI – SHAR (shumero-akad.), Zeus (Greek),
Al-mushtari (Arab.), Зевесъ (other Russian)

The symbol of Jupiter is educated by a cross and an arch. The arch is designated at the left above from a cross and adjoins its horizontal component. Floodlight represents idea about the cross of a matter uplifted by an arch of potential spirit. From spirit displaying itself, duality of the world created is generated. An elementary symbol of this duality – number two. The figure two is constructed of the direct horizontal line and a vertical arch. These two components represent the opposite beginnings on the essence (an arch – a circle element, a straight line – a cross element) – light and darkness conflict (borderline). The two adjoins a vertical straight line which characterizes an axis connecting the Top and Bottom structures of life. Thus, Jupiter can characterize a transition state both at aspiration up, and at a niskhozhdeniye down. So, considering this planet in a sign of its management – the Sagittarius, it is possible to speak about a transition state in which there is a matter. The arch focuses on spirituality and assumes a spiritualizing of the material sphere. In this sign spirituality carries away or involves a physical component. Here the forces having positive or negative impact on the material plan, but in any case these forces (can be presented to essence – carriers of these forces) will represent highly spiritual basis. Orientation on spiritual here is paramount. In a sign of Fishes where Jupiter is the second manager (the brother of the Neptune), on the contrary, spiritual it is involved with the physical. The spirit and its carriers are focused on the material sphere. The matter here acts as a subject of attention and here a certain transition, a peculiar duality is observed. In Fishes the impulse which further to be shown in the Aries is formed. Floodlight which экзальтирует in the Cancer sign, characterizes the maximum activity of spiritual energy shipped in a material world. According to the culmination characteristic (lat. Exaltatio – an ekzaltatsiya – "greatness", the provision of a planet at which its influence is strongest) Jupiter in the Cancer shows that the spiritual element is necessary for activity of a physical substance. Lack of a spiritual factor calls into question life (high-grade existence) and adequacy of the shown material world of his highest idea.

Floodlight since ancient times connected with the Supreme deity as which attributes are considered a lightning, a crown, an eagle and a throne. Its sign – the first letter of the Greek word designating the god Zeus. The planet carries an epithet «Great happiness». Symbol of spiritualny expansion and love. In certain cases, Jupiter is represented a majestic sitting figure, sometimes on a chariot, with a staff or a spear. This is the Creator, soul, rational will, organizing force, an expression and expansion. It corresponds with true judgment and the management. Its color – dark blue, violet or orange. Metal – tin.

Occult symbolics of planets.


To Ninurt or AN – SHAR (shumero-akad.), Kroner (Greek), Zukhal (Arab.), Кронъ (other Russian).

The symbolics of Saturn, as well as symbolics of Jupiter, includes a material cross and an arch of potential spirit. In this case, the arch is attached to the basis of a vertical component of a cross. Representation of of Dee will be coordinated with it (by "Monas Hieroglifika" 1564 also.). But from some other sources follows that Saturn, is the overturned image of Jupiter. Saturn, as the overturned Jupiter, meets and in allegorical images of the same time (H. Spiczynski «O ziolach», 1556.) . In these images the arch departs from a horizontal component of a cross. Considering these different interpretations, it is necessary to pay attention that in the Zodiac the extremity of a horizontal axis which the arch ("left") joins, it is characterized as "passivity", "calling" and "humidity", and the bottom extremity (on of Dee) a vertical axis – "instinktivnost", "midnight" and "cold" (Saturn – the North). The left half and the lower part in an occultism since ancient times bore adverse omens, were characterized by negative qualities and carried out roles of objects of the hidden contents]. From the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that the basic difference is not present, but it is more preferable to attach an arch to the lower part of a vertical axis, after all. This point extremely characterizes stability (the median line of kvadrant of Earth and Water), braking, stagnation and enslaving in the bottom hemisphere of the Zodiac, answering symbolical qualities of Saturn (see. Saturn in the Cancer sign). This situation confirms the characteristic of this planet as the basis or base. Generalizing a symbol of Saturn, it is possible to tell that an antagonism spiritual and material (spirit and a matter) reject down an arch of spiritualny potential, immersing it in the sphere of oblivion, cold, illusion and a non-existence. Saturn also possesses such concepts as parting, obstacles, to difficulty, losses, opposition, endurance, patience, persistence, validity, alienation, loneliness, cold (the characteristic of the bottom point of a vertical of a cross. The bus), age, difficulty, cruelty etc. Besides, Saturn symbolizes the spirit of darkness captivated by a matter ("midnight" – the characteristic of the bottom point of a vertical of a cross. Bus) also associates with dragons, venomous snakes, cats, mice, foxes and night birds. Saturn in philosophical (spiritual) value as the manager of a sign of the Capricorn, represents set of Ideas based in Chaos which became a body, the basis and self-expression of Lord (base). In the same sense, Saturn operates a complex of potential possibilities Supreme, its qualities (resources) and its accessories (property). As a planetary symbol – a sickle of god of time. Color of Saturn – black, metal – lead.

Occult symbolics of planets.


AN (Sumer.), Uranus (lat.), Uranium (Russian).
The planet is newly open Gershel 3/13/1781.

The symbol of Uranium consists of the cross which has been set up over a circle and two arches, dispersing from the ends of a horizontal of this cross. Considering an element of a symbol which represents the cross which has been set up over a circle, it should be noted its similarity to a symbol of the overturned Venus or Mars (the cross of materiality burdening a circle of spiritualny life) personifying idea. In this quality the element of this symbol is rather characteristic for the bottom hemisphere. In the top hemisphere this element can speak about allocation of Idea of interpenetration of spirit and a matter (cross) from spiritualny space (circle). The potential spirit, via arches settling down at the ends of a horizontal of a cross, extends extensively, giving equal opportunities for manifestation and expression in the world of mixture of existential factors. The road on the left side, as a rule, is considered an evil way (for this reason followers of black magic often call «Followers of the Way of the Left Hand»). The way being on the right, is a good way. It and cultivation on the different parties of certain possibilities of material realization programmed from above, definition of their polyarnost, isolation, bifurcation, and as collision, comparison and an identification of one polar situation in other. Allegorically it is possible to call this condition chaos with a huge potentiality of expression concrete unusual, bright and progressive. In an astrology to Uranium, the manager of zodiac sign of Aquarius, such concepts, as the suddenness, the unforeseen excitements, unexpectedly arisen intensity, unexpected events, nervousness, not tranquillity, spontaneous spasmodic changes are subordinated. By consideration of concepts belonging to Uranium, lawfully there is a question that such unbalanced characteristic can represent the second manager of the Capricorn, a sign symbolizing confidence, patience, persistence and persistence. The matter is that Uranium in the Capricorn gives the conscious reformer advancing time and an era, active and courageous, changing and the world. It is in an astrological, mystical and religious and philosophical way characterizes qualities, types of energy and resources which go Supreme (a sign of the Sagittarius) on process of creation of and the World (the second House from the Sagittarius), a place where He feels actively and from where scoop energy. Uranium in an ekzaltatsiya (Scorpion) is shown more brightly, than in the Capricorn, after all there it really pushes to crisis, supports it, promotes fight and overcoming something. If to consider Uranium symbolics from the trivial point of view as it is done by some astrologers, it only represents the first letter on behalf of astronomer Gershel who has opened it in 1781.

Occult symbolics of planets.


EA (Sumer.), Neptunus (lat.), Neptune (Russian).
The provision of a planet is calculated theoretically by Zh.U.Leverye (fr.) and D.K.Adams (English) and is newly found And. Halle (герм.) 9/23/1846.

In a symbol of the Neptune there is no element of a circle and, therefore, there is no spiritualny space, a spiritual component. The left and right parts of a horizontal speaking about various ways of development, have an opportunity spiritual lifting, through overcoming or refusal of addictions of the physical plan. In a symbol there is no activization of a vertical of a cross, and there is an orientation to spheres of higher spiritual order. Aspiration to spirituality. Here as a priority spatial orientation, a separation from the material and temporary sphere serves. Bezvremenye is the main keynote of this symbol. Without being able to operate lifting (development), it is possible to be disoriented and lose condition control, to run into a non-existence, to be lost in space. In an under control condition the Neptune helps to open the horizons mysterious and earlier unknown. Poseidon (Neptune) trident, god of the sea is identical to a symbol of the Neptune. In an astrology such concepts, as errors, rage, insidiousness, confusion, uncertainty, the mysticism, imperceptibly coming changes, greed, falseness and lie are subordinated to the Neptune.

Occult symbolics of planets.


US – MI (Sumer.), Pluto (lat.), Pluton (Russian).

The planet is calculated by Percival Lovel in 1930 (the founder of Flagstaffsky observatory, Arizona, the USA) and is newly open 02.1932 g or 1/21/1933 the American astronomer Clyde William Tombo (the employee of the same observatory).

The image of a symbol of Pluton represents «a cross, small month over which the infinity circle» soars. A vertical of a cross the arch capable to hold or keep spirit crowns. Over an arch that possesses the highest degree of spirituality – a circle soars. On the one hand the material factor presented by a cross is predisposed to interaction with a spiritual factor. The cross acts as the initiator of action, showing the transcendental possibilities. He, by means of interface to an arch is ready both to accept, and to release on some foreseeable distance a spiritual substance. The spirit receives big freedom. Pluton’s such condition shows in a sign of the management – the Scorpion. Considering a symbol on the other hand, it is possible to tell that the Highest Spirit or a spiritual substance descends or plunges into a material bosom. The spirit acts here as the prime cause or the interaction reason. This niskhozhdeniye is an element of fertilisation of material (parent) structure, penetration into its essence and fixing in it. This situation is characteristic for Pluton being the second manager of a sign of the Aries. As it was noted earlier, Mars, the symbolics, in this sign in this way shows a niskhozhdeniye of the spiritual plan in the lower class (Nizhny the World) for finding of experience and improvement of the spirit. Pluton’s symbolics enough definitely characterizes the provision of a planet in a sign of the ekzaltatsiya – the Lion. In this place the harmonious combination perceiving (arch) and a part keeping (cross), made active in the Aries, from a spiritual component (circle) is reached. This triyedinstvo physical, mental and spiritual gives the brightest possibilities of self-expression of characteristic features of a planet in the Lion. In this sign these qualities are born in the set, are shown as though in a uniform rush.

Pluton knows all hidden processes, unconscious (unconscious) I. In an astrology to it attribute management of the fears, the slowed-down growth, group factors, a transmutation, the beginning and the end, the birth and death, isolation, coercion, losses, bacteria and viruses. It represents emergence, restoration and revival. Expresses all mysterious.

Occult symbolics of planets.


KI (Sumer.), Ge (Greek), Earth (Russian).

The symbol of Earth represents a cross concluded in a circle. It is a limited material element within spiritual whole. Four radial straight lines proceeding from the cross center as though connect a source of physical life to the real world (circle). The circle or the world true unites all four directions the rotation, "smoothing things over" a square of the world of phenomena and by that, showing differentiation of the presented qualities (axes and the cross directions), a variety of the world of the phenomena and their interaction. A cross and circle combination, this corrected image of combination of a square (earth) and a circle (sky), at higher spiritual level of interpretation. It is conformable to connection terrestrial material with unearthly and non-material, data final with the infinite.

Mat Zemlya is a universal archetype of fertility, inexhaustible creative force and means of livelihood.

In an astrology Earth on the arrangement in the card is always opposite to the Sun. It shows, as well as where we come into contact to the world, and represents our vital mission. Earth is in a direct connection with physical and world problems. It symbolically operates (restrictedly) the Taurus and is in an exile/imprisonment (restrictedly) in the Scorpion.

Occult symbolics of planets.


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