Three types of behavior of people. Mutabelny type.

Three types of behavior of people. Mutabelny type.

We continue a subject about types of behavior of the people, begun in materials

  • Three types of behavior. Cardinal type
  • Three types of behavior. The fixed type

Mutabelny type of behavior

If you deal with the person with strong mutabelny type (at which the majority of planets are located in mutabelny zodiac signs) or you are such personality, you will notice that such people are difficult for operating. They flow round you, like water flow, are lost in crowd, giving in and conceding to desires of others, and then changing the relation. And as a result often it appears that the manner of behavior they achieve that others start to carry out their desires and to accept their point of view.

Children of this kind do not know rest and well adapt to constantly changing environment and living conditions. They are pliable, easily adapt for Wednesday and give in to suggestion. Where people of cardinal type find ways to change the events, people of mutabelny type simply adapt to it. Very often they can change completely the personal habits and behavior depending on with what people they are at present. It, of course, not the people of the fixed type always remaining true to and all and each, showing same.

How to communicate with people of mutabelny type?

Such people are very sensitive and take great pain to avoid any direct conflicts. They slide from one subject to another and consequently the best method of communication with them is polite, but a firm approach. Arm with patience, and give them, let parts, slices, but to state the truth.

If to exhaust them in a framework of rigid agreements, people of mutabelny type feel in difficulty because such conventions limit their freedom to change depending on a situation. They very much love type phrases: "Also will suffice about it", "Let’s talk about it tomorrow".

Their huge force – in ability to answer world around changes, adapting to them and finding a new way of existence.

Now you see, how only a small part of information containing in the birth chart, helps to understand motives of different behavior in the same situation.

People of cardinal type hardly will estimate manuals and appeals to regularity and following to established orders which find an enthusiastic response at representatives of the fixed type. The last are shocked by need of people of cardinal type to be in the thick of things and actively them to influence. People of mutabelny type it is best of all than others are able to adapt and, apparently, better than others can get on with all the others though their uneasy nature can deliver many problems to people of the fixed type of behavior.

Compatibility is very difficult business, and there can be many difficulties. And it is worth to remember that at each of us there are traces of each of these three types. Each of us should learn to understand itself, and it can become a key to understanding of those who is expensive to us. All of us need love, approval and care, and all of us want, that others treated us kindly. If we manage to understand, than we differ from others and why we make these or those acts, that, probably, it will be easier to us to understand and accept motives and acts of other people.