Astropsychology. In what work of the astrologer consists.

Astropsychology. In what work of the astrologer consists.

I want to clear a little for the people ignorant of an astrology as the astropsychologist with the card works, and at the same time I will describe the personal preferences in work.

The birth horoscope, that is natal chart is not a sentence, and it is rather an operation manual, no, not the car with what the association, and own life or destiny at once comes. It can be compared to a district map or the embroidery scheme, to a coma that is more habitual, on which accurate strokes traced the main lines of fortune, but without exact details and a bright palette of paints though on the main of tone and a fork (on the left, to the right, directly) instructions in the card are available. There are places where everything goes exactly and smoothly, and there are places, where sometimes упадёт on the head a brick. And so, to high-grade internal and external life stir here such here bricks or barriers which in the card can be shown in the form of special aspects, planets, their various combinations or provisions.

The card can tell about prospects of career growth, marriage, about that as well as that this person as builds the relations, loves presence of children, whether the circle of friends is great or he is a single, tendency to diseases, traumas, life expectancy and many other things. But if to take a financial situation of the person, we will not see, how many, for example, at the person will be gold ingots or exact number of securities, whether and we will see, first of all, it will be satisfied with their quantity as you, probably, heard, as on bags with millions are shot too.

Specially lowered such adjectives, as: happy marriage, mutual feelings, kind friends, honest partners – not because it cannot be seen or such does not happen, and why, now I will explain. Certainly, is both very good marriages, and the house a full bowl, and the income which goes a continuous stream. But happens and so that all good to the person, but got for nothing – to it is not appreciated at all or he considers that so always should be, however, why with it, by him is not analyzed. The benefits that gives трин in the card, and this most harmonious combination of planets in a horoscope, it will use in the pleasure, probably, having forgotten to tell thanks, and weight of squares, that is problems and obstacles, will shift fault on another.

Therefore it would not be desirable to give any radical estimates to events. In my opinion, any provision of planets can be used as in the benefit, and to the detriment, as well as to treat events which occur to us without ours on that will and desire. Another thing is that at difficult, really very intense cards there is a big risk that the person will be broken by life severe conditions. That is will not sustain tests and will bear in the world the evil, in any its form: it can be and aggression at intense man’s planets, self-deception or intended distortion of information in the mercenary purposes, at defeat of air elements, Mercury, or influence of the Neptune; or such pessimism and a seamy side (if Saturn is intense) that near it the jump from the bridge remains the most optimistical desire only, besides run and is urgent, it is not necessary to push.

But do not think that at harmonious cards absolutely and there are no reefs, there are problems, but they a little others. All would like, that they had everything and anything for it to them was not, desire quite clear, and there are many horoscopes in which there are kind and strong assistants in the form of benefactors of planets, usually such as Venus, Jupiter, is available much тринов, BUT! For example, danger тринов can be that they give pathological laziness and unwillingness to put though any efforts to further development, very much weaken, and happens, and dull all care and conscience too.

Therefore I carefully try to give both positive, and negative estimates in forecasts. Depends on the person, his valuable installations in life much. For example, at the person the financial axis in a horoscope (it is the sphere of personal and others’ accumulation) can be struck, but he, voluntarily, decided to work much to contain a family and not to groan about it, understanding, what if not it, who? And at the damaged indicators of inheritance of people can remain, of course, without the last, but can also itself from it to refuse, as conditions on which it will ask to go, will appear unacceptable for its moral installations. Upon inheritance at it will not be, but as understand, each person will have implication and the relation to an event a miscellaneous.

If not to take into account that people after all differ from each other and on vital positions, and on spiritual development, that, looking only at a character set in a natal chart, it is very difficult to predict elections of the person, and, most likely, it is impossible. Which the person will be made by life under difficult conditions: the villain or, on the contrary, the hero, and at the harmonious card – the fruitless dreamer and a gourmet such as Oblomov or the person who decorates with the one presence life of other people to predict, I think, it is impossible. Only personal contact, experience moreover intuition will help to give the right answer.

The astrology is after all art, instead of a formula with one answer ready for all, it seems «twice two four». And without the will highest on that the astrologer, in my opinion, hardly that can see and predict in the card of the person. The person nevertheless possesses a free will though, to be fair, it is necessary to notice that freedom at all different: at someone this freedom of choice between the gallows or an axe, and at someone between rest on the Bahamas and Paris – to everyone the. Also it is not necessary to worry about it, everyone fulfills the karma how it is necessary to it.

On such frequent question, as: "Whether there will be a marriage?» and "When?" – to answer by means of a predictive astrology it is not so difficult, and here what it will be, its duration – depends already on ability of the person to be in pair, to love without illusions, to care about each other, yours faithfully to treat other person. And that is important for a female half, to itself too. And from many many other things.

The astropsychologist, first of all, pays the main attention not "that" occurs, and on "how" it occurs, and here looks for a key for the solution of problems. Many marry, or live without registration of the relations, but here feel in these relations already all differently.

The astropsychologist can show to the person his weak places where it does not finish, or incorrectly uses energy, or at all does not know, where it to take are weak planets, for example. Or, on the contrary: on what he can lean, as it is better to use the talents, past practices for improvement of the life and life of people around, solutions of problems. Or what sides of its personality are while in a cocoon condition, expecting, when wings of a fine butterfly will reveal.

I would like, that people came to the astrologer not only behind a forecast, but also behind the help in understanding of the problems and to search of their decisions. I hope that after my article you will have more accurate picture of work of the astropsychologist and there will be an interest to this to one of the most interesting directions in suite of its Majesty of the Astrology.

Choice for you.