Planets. Managements of planets.

Planets. Managements of planets. Sun and Moon

Two most considerable heavenly bodies in a vitasfer are the Sun and the Moon. Together they express that it is possible to call man’s and female the beginnings. During our times of development of psychology, feminism and opening "new age" this ancient truth of an astrology received convincing confirmation thanks to expansion of representations about human "I". At a horoscope of each person there is a Sun and the Moon, in each of us there are man’s and female lines, or animus anima. Each of us has more or less self-confident style of behavior, a way of life. Besides, intuitive aspects, ability to adapt and process information arriving from the outside are peculiar to us also.

Vital energy of the Sun arrives to us daily, provides existence and gives us forces for various activity. Besides, it induces us to realize mission to which we can and should aspire. The sun symbolizes our ego, our identity, or, saying to language of a modern science, all that usually call activity of the left hemisphere of a brain. The astrology refers external manifestations of nature of the person, superficial physical properties, expressivity, ekstravertny qualities to it and how you will ego-trip or suffer defeats at collisions with life.

In addition the Sun symbolizes a brain as physical body, and Sun interaction with other planets indicates health of a brain and its fortress. The sun reflects not so much powers of thinking, how many physical force of a brain as component of a human body. It is possible to have a fine healthy brain and thus to suffer from a lack of intelligence, imagination, adaptability or wisdom. Like it, it is possible to have the weak, unstable brain polluted by chemicals and unbalanced forces, and nevertheless to possess considerable intelligence and wisdom.

The Sun arrangement in your horoscope will specify, what will be manifestations of your personality in all spheres – from career to the friendly relations. It will supply information on, whether you will be frank with people or will prefer to achieve the by means of imperceptible manipulations and deception. Depends on the provision of the Sun what approach you will choose in communication with people – sensual, emotional or mental.

The moon radiates reflected light of the Sun. It symbolizes internal essence of the person. If the Sun is defined by identity, the Moon – subconsciousness. It is the general indicator of the internal nature indicating how you will use physical properties which the Sun shows. The moon allows to understand mental and mental qualities, especially what are shown thanks to the physical features which are inseparably linked with provision of the Sun. The moon operates such abilities, as intuition, sensitivity, comprehension and enterprise. On the Moon depends, in what degree information will be acquired by reason as it will be processed by it and what look will accept after processing.

Studying the provision of the Moon in the horoscope, you will start to understand almost imperceptible (together with more appreciable) forces which enter game during your interaction with people. You will make idea of that, as well as why you соразмеряете aspiration to sublime values (to love, rest, belief) with desire to possess material benefits.

Mercury and Venus

If the Sun and the Moon in a horoscope symbolize two main characteristics of the person, Mercury and Venus – channels, by means of which people personalities – accepts and processes information. Mercury operates perception of the data received from sense organs, and Venus – emotional life.

Mercury, the ancient messenger of gods, always testifies to nature of perception – five feelings: sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch, taste. Depending on Mercury arrangement we gain these or those abilities of perception which are showing in life.

On these predictions of Mercury can be learned, what will be perception – instant or methodical, and also tendency to idealism or a practicality to whims, wit or thoughtfulness. All similar impressions, however, each person perceives them in own way is every time when we get into conversation about recently occurred events proves to be true.

Venus, morning and evening star, was the love goddess, and her name suits this planet. In a horoscope Venus symbolizes a principle of sex, love, emotions, that is defines our emotional perception of the world – contrary to Mercury which operates touch perception. A diocese of Venus – feelings, instead of reason.

Venus is connected with a sexual inclination therefore depending on the situation in a horoscope can strengthen or suppress a sexual inclination, and also specifies on. a sex place among other types of activity and pleasures

But, in spite of the fact that sex belongs to the main manifestations of human life, it does not settle influence of Venus. In a horoscope it represents a focal point of understanding and development of an emotional aspect of life. The emotional unbalance and inability to operate strong emotional impulses in modern society generate not less diseases, than bacteria. The arrangement of Venus in a horoscope testifies to reaction of the person to the life experiences connected with an emotional pressure. But thus that Venus indicates the promise of love and on the floor nature, it is worth to remember about its role in other, more difficult emotional situations in which prevail anger, grief, satisfaction or ecstasy.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

These three planets symbolize communication between the person and the outside world. The sun and the Moon – symbols human "I", Mercury and Venus – instruments of perception by which it is allocated "I". Mars, Jupiter and Saturn use all possibilities "I" for interaction with world around: in spheres of production and consumption, career, good luck, fate and finally – destinies.

Mars – a power source in a horoscope and your life. Position of Mars indicates how in the person energy is reproduced, defines constancy and the direction of its stream, tendency of the person to persist or quickly to be given, be true to itself or changeable, to turn the energy into the evil or the benefit, to find for it these or those scopes. Speaking simply, surplus or a lack of energy, its inflow, decline or constancy depend on an arrangement of Mars, and also on what activity this energy, most likely, will be directed.

As without energy there is no life, position of Mars and its interpretation have huge value for self-knowledge. The site of Mars in your horoscope indicates such essential characteristics as aspiration to make courageous acts and to assume a role of "pioneer", excessive eagerness at work with people, persistence on objective implementation, ability to do career or inclinations of the leader. The identification of Mars with energy also allows to assume that it is inseparably linked with sex. If to mean by sex emotional manifestation or energy liberation, Mars, undoubtedly, occupies situation near Venus as a symbol of human sexuality. Venus defines development of sexual relationship, and Mars – force and a sexuality orientation. The properties inherent in Mars, combine sex and life. The vigorous lover conducts vigorous life, and like it, the languid, apathetic lover in life will constantly face disappointments in view of a lack of persistence and low expenses, energy.

Floodlight, largest of planets, symbolizes ability to adapt to a surrounding situation and to comprehend it. If person to whom Mars patronizes, it is possible to imagine the armed soldier, a sword which is cutting through the road on lives, the ward of Jupiter – the dexterous sly fellow who adapts to any falsities of life, trying to understand them. Position of Jupiter in your horoscope indicates your ability to perceive information, to process it and to apply with advantage to itself.

"Good luck" or "luck" – words which associate with Jupiter more often. It happened to all of us to endure "unexpected" failures or favorable events, and more often of them accuse Jupiter. And in vain! Floodlight defines only how we will act, having appeared in an unexpected situation: whether the next failure will stun us, or, on the contrary, will cause new inflow of forces? Whether Podvignet us good luck on new fulfillments or will deprive of any desire to achieve the?

Besides. Floodlight – a planet of expansion and abundance which often associate with money. However money – only one of criteria of the vital benefits or ability to expand the territory. If to be exact. Floodlight indicates ability to receive information from the outside in any form and to change necessary data in the useful. As a matter of fact, we take our life and we turn it into great value.

Saturn, the fine "banded" planet, defines two мнимо inconsistent aspect of the personality – aspiration to self-preservation and inevitable restrictions of our caducity: outwardly they are various, but actually are closely interconnected. Saturn slowly moves on a horoscope, providing us ample opportunities, but, without allowing to dump an armor when we are threatened by danger of death. Raving on life, Saturn introduces in it realism, constantly reminding us that life is not infinite, and interfering with megalomania development. Adverse position of Saturn in a horoscope can distort our ideas of reality and to become the reason of the underestimated self-image, paranoia or feeling of helplessness.

Saturn is artful. Sometimes it reminds of care, when actually we need courage to dump oppression of artificial, speculative restrictions – for example, fear to break tranquillity in a family. Saturn often generates fears and interferes with our growth and self-knowledge.

As positive force Saturn helps to find the calling, symbolizes development human "I" and its establishment in the world. As the defender and the patron, it personifies flight "I" from stones and arrows of severe destiny. At the correct interpretation Saturn will specify the moments of the aggravated independence – such, as a beginning of the career, a choice of a new vital course or, in other cases, actions after death of parents.

Uranium, Neptune and Pluton

Three last, slowly moving planets define specific characteristics, the general for a large number of the people who were born during this or that period. Pluton who is late in the same sign for 12-30 years, points to characteristic features of generation. Thus, the provision of Uranium, the Neptune and Pluton in your horoscope reflects typical properties of a great number of the people who were born in years near your year of birth, and individual traits of your character depend on a concrete site of these planets in your horoscope.

Uranium associates with creative abilities, ability and desire to find new ways. As a whole movement of Uranium is connected with alternation of the periods of sweeping changes in society and the periods of prevalence of conservatism and consolidation. At personal level the stability times depend on movement of Uranium, alternating the short periods of excitements, changes and new undertakings.

The strong provision of Uranium indicates artistic bents, creative lifting, even genius. It can be a bent for sign to wanderings, constant desire of changes, requirement to adapt innovative and bright abilities to the changeable world. Uranium threatens conservative natures with a shock of foundations. It suits constantly developing personality in the future. Uranium – means of fight against stagnation.

The Neptune symbolizes mentality, depths of subconsciousness which the internal essence perceives as due, In some cases it reflects desire to enter into the imagined world, to reach transcendental, easy to feel in the sphere hidden, intangible and non-material. It can point to congenital tendency to supernatural, mystical and occult. At more practical level the Neptune testifies to ability to cover all plan or the plan, to project it in the future, to show abstract thinking.

Pluton still remains the least studied planet. Since it was open in 1930, he managed to visit only five of twelve signs – in the Cancer, the Lion, the Maiden, Scales and the Scorpion. Pluton’s studying only begins, still it is necessary to define his role. It is connected with our desire to eliminate and change old, negative, undesirable elements of life, to replace them with more mature and worthy realities. In process of alternation of generations Pluton’s influence will be shown in "new conventions", various styles in the clothes, new ideas of relationship of people and destiny turns.