Secrets of a symbol of the Sun.

Secrets of a symbol of the Sun.

Occult Cosmology

fragment from the monograph

Symbols of nadstrochny symbols:
/*/-references (at the end of the text),
[*] – sources (at the end of the text)

It would seem, there is nothing more simply, than to imagine the Sun. That you see also that you feel directly, most quicker clothes value and qualities, becomes metaphoric or symbolical, representing quite certain situation material or material. That really is present at our life, it is easy to characterize and it is convenient, without being afraid of misunderstanding or bewilderment, to describe. And still, exactly in it, most likely, the probability of unilateral or unsatisfactory interpretation also is covered. Objectivity of perception something, accepted by us for truth, does not exist in itself, and is only a part of more volume and deeper maintenance of the subject world and Real/1/.

Without stopping on physical parameters of a star which are much presented in scientific literature and are comprehensively considered from the materialistic or utilitarian point of view, we will dare to concern the sphere metaphysical, alchemical and even spiritual. Let’s look at the Sun as something divine that gives us not only life, but also leads to death without what development and improvement, but also falling and decomposition is impossible. Us this planet, more, will interest, not as a light source and is warm, though it is very important, and as an element of/2/organizations of the universe, one of the key symbolical moments of creation or representation of the person and God/3/.

Certainly, concerning mystical vision and ideas of the World and the Sun which were issued more than 6000 years ago, it is impossible to avoid discrepancies and to capture knowledge entirely, however to be with these knowledge of a context, already the Benefit. And still, as though we did not try to come nearer to vision of wise men of the past, always there is a high probability to go on a false way and it is incorrect to interpret these or those words, values and signs, preventions and precepts. In this situation calms and gives hope of positive results of researches and reasonings that each new generation of people, as though there was no mankind history, introduces not only rudiments new and progressive, but also already comprises the most valuable information of the past. Therefore, though old, probably, also it is forgotten, but also it cannot be revived as something new. Old, this imperishable which present and future basis is that represents a continuous and indivisible symbolical chain of improvement and evolution Only. And time this knowledge a basis or a certain intermediate constantly being improved knowledge, it in any case is present and in our modern and real / 4/, gives us reference points and the directions for creation and understanding/5/itself and the World surrounding us.

As the Egyptian god Dzhekhuti (Greek spoke. That; lat. Hermes), addressing to the son: "The knowledge not is the beginning of the Benefit … Seen us fascinates, and invisible raises doubts, but after all bad is visible, and the Benefit is not visible for eyes for it has neither form, nor outlines; it is similar to itself most and differs from all the rest …" [1].

Time exorcised about Egypt, we will begin consideration of occurring versions and assumptions of symbolism and analogies connected with the Sun with it.

Egypt as one of cradles of a modern civilization, possessed philosophically reasonable and almost used cosmology penetrating not only a course of life of the person and his activity on the earth, but also stages of his doleful travel. It is quite possible that analog of a cyclic ascension and a niskhozhdeniye of human life were stars, including the Sun. Sunrise symbolized the beginning and life development, a star zenith – the highest culmination and a maturity, and inducement to the horizon – aging and withering. Respectively, night or its invisible advance on space ways and expected universal mystical orbits let’s an occasion draw analogies to symbolical existence of the person after his leaving in other other-wordly world/6/. Not for nothing and a holiday in honor of god of the Sun some called precisely "Wanderer".

In literal and figurative sense of this word, the representative of the Sun in the Egyptian hierarchy of sacral forces god Ra was bright. On representations ancient, It is itself the Sun as the objective being, and is his owning and driving highly spiritual substance/7/. The solar disk is attribute and a symbol of its high importance, integrity, movement "around in the sky" and multiple embodiments at level of tonkomaterialny or power information expression./8/It is Life, Health and Force which call the lord of Truth and the Truth, living the Law and Order.

Despite that a number of sources considers Ra generated itself (as well as Atum-R’s its identities/9/, Amon-Ra/9/, Sebek-Ra/9 / …, etc.), the sacred tradition assumes to it the hierarchical predecessor/10/. Ra appeared the primogenitor or elements from which there was Nong, and mother, respectively, but not necessarily, there could be Naunet, spouse Nong/11/. Pair of gods Nong and Naunet represented primary "chasm" which organized" … The creator, outside of the creation …, the tsar heavenly, the master of gods …, the Lord"/12/, the founder of Light and the Truth, Idea and a principle of the organization of Life – Birds/13/.

Though Ra also possessed above-mentioned ancestors, exact data on its family tree are lost in the heart of centuries/14/. Some symbolical nuances of persons of this family tree which will give the soil for interesting can interest us and, I hope, fruitful reflections.

So, on the one hand, there is an opinion that Atum (Jtm) as something uncertain and indescribable which is similar Nong, is god of a pervotvoreniye, symbolizes initial and eternal unity of all real (legends гелиополиса, Greek Heliopolis, егип. Iunu). It occurred before Ra and even as tell some, generated it at some instant. It appears from Chaos [Nong/15/or the Bird/16/] and precedes sky and earth division. Its images (symbols) of a dragon and scarab ("Texts of pyramids"). On the other hand, Atum is characterized as the beginning of work material or material. Appears as "the initial mountain" ("Texts of pyramids") or there is together with "a protogenic hill" with which it is identified. Atum – god creator of the world (demiurge) and god of the sun, guards of the world law and all Real. In many texts it is called Atum-Ra – as the evening, coming sun. Subsequently Atum’s honoring was pushed aside by a cult of Ra identified with it (Ra-Atum) [13].

Probably, taking into consideration processes "the reason bases" [14], the organization of a matrix/17/and a kauzalnost following all this, the valid and necessary Condition of it was Birds. The condition did not generate and, by definition, does not generate anything, it has in itself Everything and promotes the organization and expression Every possible through the environment which is subordinated to a certain Law. Specifying feature the Bird, it is incorrect to speak about its pervonachalnost, as one of certain beginnings as It is a substance/18/. It underlying, but not subject to external changes, exists, as was already told, out of creation processes. Will point more precisely to it before-nachalnost, as the Condition and a condition of possession corresponding to It a creation potentiality, his manor of all elementary (four pairs "the first gods" – qualities of His environment), defining all complex initial or spontaneous, primary (casual) or possible in realization (causal). More all suits it a definition of effective or active Zero in the potentiality [15].

Repeating the thesis that everything starts with anything and to anything goes, that is comes back to a non-existence, the zero in a form of a non-existence represents set potentially possible, hidden and secret or unknown. The symbol of zero represents a certain border which divides the world external ekzoterichesky and internal esoteric, and during too time, the same border, unites them. The zero/18/speaks about unsteadiness of a side between elements of the shown and hidden worlds, and about presence of the most this barrier which is not given us in feeling, but exists. Unknown nearby, behind a thin veil of our ignorance also it is ready to go to us towards in proportion to our informative aspirations, expansion our spiritual, instead of physical possibilities/19/.

Birds organized Itself both the space, and this space was effective forces of his environment, captured by potential possibilities and surrounded with the Law. The symbol of it in the Egyptian epos is "the Boundless Ocean", and in Greek "Chaos". In sacred geometry, this situation is presented by a circle or a circle.

Considering and analyzing [17] Wednesday the Bird organized by It in four pairs gods/13/: Nong and Nunet ("Chasm"), Hukh and Hukhet ("Infinity"), Cook and Kuket ("Darkness or Creation"), Amon and Amonet ("Bezvidnost or Ugliness"), it is possible to allocate its some features.

First, all that was available before any process of creation, is characterized not by a disorder, and harmony of forces majeure / 21/.

Secondly, Wednesday the Bird comprehensive also is subordinated to the Law. All elements of the environment взаимоувязаны or are connected, focused on certain functions and possess for this purpose necessary power information qualities.

Thirdly, Birds as the Condition, does not participate in processes of origin something, and promotes them not only at the beginning and in the course of the corresponding growth, but also at a stage of maturing, self-identification and the subsequent functioning of this New [14].

In general, the space or Wednesday a Bird organized by "Spirit of All-powerful Waters", through fermentation of potential possibilities of manifestation as Non-existence, "Occult Light" etc., and Lives, "Sil Vremeni" etc., opens to us "the Force Voice" which need for origin of All possible or Real/23/is. Thus, Birds and his environment or its Sphere and the Law, that is It as the substance, in the image can be represented by the Circle or the Circle, as a symbol of prematureness or eternity, an invariance or constancy, unity or perfection.

Let’s return to consideration of Ra and Atum, regarding their origin. Both Ra, and Atum that follows from giving, generated itself. It is quite natural process if to consider that Birds are represented by the Condition necessary for this purpose and the Law which defines Everything, including motivation and a tendency of His environment or space.

Ра and Atum in the environment the Bird could be born as independently, and it is dependent from each other. However, from ancient texts it is known that Atuma, on some qualities, compare to Ptakh, and the birth of Ra connect with one of its divine manifestations – Nong. But one does not contradict another. Nong and Nunet as the Chasm, the qualities the organizations of structure and to development of Ra/24/promoted. Nong and Nunet, representing a part of the environment or the sphere the Bird, there is also its part. Therefore, admitting to the organization its part and submitting in the maturing to It or to the General Law, Ra in this it can be similar too on the Bird, as well as Atum / 25/.

Atum and Ra can be two parties of one medal, representing the various parties or qualities Shown or First-born, as allowed to unite in the different historical periods them as Atum-Ra or Ra-Atum. Thus, relying on canons of the esoteric knowledge, Shown or the Origin, and also Unity or the Prime cause of all of the subsequent further, assumes the Point image – a symbol of creative force and a principle of manifestation/26/.


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2. … "If the truth consists in coherence of knowledge with its subject, thereby this subject should be separated from others; for the knowledge is false, if is not coordinated with a subject to which it is carried, let it and contains something that concerning other subjects could be perhaps and is true" [3].

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… According to anthems in honor of rising of God of the Sun (Ania’s Papyrus. It is smoothfaced. Muses. No. 10470, sheet 20): "… About the one who rises over the horizon as Ra, your essence is based on the law, [which is invariable and cannot be subjected to revision]. … To yourself you are obliged by the birth in limits Well (i.e. in the sky) … Yes there will be on that your will that I rose by heavens of immortality and on the mountain where there live souls ugodny to you". (Volume 1, chapter XV); according to anthems in honor of calling of God of the Sun (Nekhtu-Amen’s Papyrus. See Naville, Tom II, p. 23):" … Secret places worship to you, elders present you with gifts and allocate you with the magic force … About you, the master of fear, powerful god of horror. About Ra, you are twice fine, rising over the horizon Amenteta, you are a master Maat, living on the horizon. The fear inspired by you is great, and your appearances are executed greatness, and the love to you is great among inhabitants of a kingdom beyond the grave". In other text (The papyrus of the XIX dynasty. Dublin. See Naville, "Todtenbukh", Tom I, sheet 19):" About the founder of gods! … you turned the earth into the huge dwelling for the to Kh that each person could find the pair. … Lords of all areas Tauta (a kingdom beyond the grave), living in secret caves stretched the hands to the sky in worship before your KA …. You hear salutatory exclamations of those who in coffins (dead), you relieved them of helplessness and expelled from them all evil … "[5]

* to Kh – "the soul of spirit, is often mentioned when speech comes about Oh **** or about soul of heart. Apparently, she was considered as a radio being, i.e. in fact, that SOUL which cannot die under no circumstances; to Kh lived to Sakha, or a spiritual body of the person". [5]] (…, p. 43).

** – "double" … ". Represented a certain abstract identity or the personality possessing appearance and qualities of the person to which it belonged and though usually the KA lived in a tomb together with a body, it could leave it voluntarily; the KA did not depend on the person, could move and live freely in any his cover". [5]] (…, p. 42)

*** Sakha – "A spiritual body which was a soul dwelling. It developed from a material body by means of prayers or rituals …, was eternal and this body which has reached such degree of knowledge, power and glory thanks to which it becomes eternal and not subject to decomposition was not exposed to decomposition" or "…. In this condition it could communicate with gods, rise on heavens and live there with souls blissful". [5]] (…, p. 44)

**** Oh -" … soul of heart ["Ab" – the heart which has been closely tied with soul Oh, a source of animal life, the good and evil in the person], to some extent connected with KA, …. Oh, …, ability freely was attributed to pass from a material form in spiritual [the image of a falcon with the head of the person (Nebget papyrus, Paris)] and back". [5]] (…, p. 42)

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… "Amon’s proclaimed identity and Ra [already on the average a kingdom as actually and with Hnum (Hnum-R), and with Sobek (Sobek-Ra)] at all was not only nominal, and was accompanied by transferring on Amon of all representations and the myths connected with solar god, and caused reform of fivansky church service. … "Amon shines in the castle, like Ra on the sky horizon. All earth exults, having got beams it in a barka river, like Ra in its evening castle" (G. Daressy. La procession d’Ammon. M moires de la Mission arch ologique francaise au Caire. T. 8. P. 384) …. "As Amon-Ra both eyes are fine. Ahead of you eternity, And behind you eternity, – It is infinity" (The Berlin museum. Papyrus No. 3049)". [8]]

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… "An ancient Egyptian crocodile god, sometimes identified with Re or with Seth, and regarded as the son of Neith …. Sebek is depicted as a crocodile or in human form with the head of a crocodile. He was crowned either by a pair of plumes or by a combination of the solar disk and the uraeus. ("Sebek". Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online. [Accessed February 25, 2011]).

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11. … "Nong (other – егип. "nwn" [Naun] – "water", "water") – in Ancient Egyptian mythology – the protogenic ocean existing at the beginning of times which left Ra and began creation of the world Atum. No own places of a cult and temples had. It is represented in the form of a humanoid man’s deity". [9]]

… "Nong’s holding on hands a solar castle image, it is possible to see in Osiriyon of the Network I temple in Abydos". [10]]

… "Together with the spouse continuation Naunet (other – егип. Nwn.t) were patrons of flood of Nile, and also a winter solstice and a season of rains in the Delta. Nong and Naunet (a sky embodiment on which the sun floats at night) the first of Germopolsky Ogdoada’s gods. From them there was Atum" [11] …. "Nong considered as father Hapi, Hnuma and Hepri" [11]. In Memphis it identified with Ptakh, and in the city of Thebes – with Amon.

12. … "I The one Who to the South from my wall [the South in the Egyptian symbolics – an image of eternity – a comment], the master of gods, the tsar heavenly, creator dos, the governor of both lands [The sky and Earth – a comment], creator dos granting to souls wreaths, importance and life, I am a creator dos and their life in my hand when I wish, I create and they live, for I a creating word which on my lips and knowledge which in a body washes, my advantage in my hands, I am a Lord" (a set phrase of No. of 647 Texts of Sarcophagi).

13. … "Birds – the demiurge, God the Creator who has created the first eight gods, (primary qualities of creation, or manifestations of the divine essence), making four pairs: Nong and Nunet (chasm), the use of pair of names, man’s and female – the symbolical instruction on ability to give rise to life; Hukh and Hukhet (not calculability embracing everything, infinity), Cook and Kuket (the darkness which is also possessing potentialities of creation); Amon and Amonet (a bezvidnost, lack of a certain image – not to confuse to a name of the Creator Amon) from which It creates the world and all in is mute existing (animals, a plant, people, the cities, temples, crafts, arts etc.) «language and heart», having conceived creation in the heart and having called conceived by language (having said the Word)."

14. … "… Oh, chiefs of hours of ancestor Ra, preparing a way [doing the road – primas] …" (Hl. 251, speech. 269 and.) [12]].

15. … "Like other demiurges, it personifies both female, and a machismo. Atum’s hand – the goddess Iusat. Itself having impregnated (having swallowed own seed) Atum gave rise, having spat out from a mouth, twin gods air – Shue and moisture – Tefnut from whom occurred the earth – Geb and the sky – Nut. From the last Osiris, Isida, the Set and Neftida" ("Atum") [13] are born.

16. … "In Memphis Atum’s origin conducted from the Bird. Atum was identified both with it, and with Hepri (Hepri in a row of «Texts of pyramids» is called as Osiris’s founder), Apis (Atum-Apis). It approached with Osiris («live Apis-Asiris – the lord of the sky Atuma with two horns on the head»)" ("Atum") [13].

17. … A matrix from an armor. matrix – the prime cause.

18. … Symbolism of a circle which underlies a zero symbol, together with expression of spiritual forces and an inner world, was represented by the world to the highest and being outside of our ordinary representation. In traditions of Ancient Egypt "the circle usually designates unity or a principle of continuous, perpetual motion" and recurrence. In east traditions, it is an enlightenment and penetration symbol out of bytiynost limits. Light shapeless also is a zero, that has no form and is manifestation which covers potentsiruyushchy movement ("a genesis principle") and substance ("a substance principle").

19. According to Anny Bezan, a circle – the beginning of all вещей38, and, therefore, and a zero – the beginning shown, being its receptacle, and in numerology – a numerical row.

20. … As Platon, "noted… we have conclusive proofs that reach pure knowledge something we we can not differently as having released from a body and beholding things in itself in itself soul" [16].

21. … Space or Wednesday which organized Birds, in one of the revealed provisions, according to power information qualities, it is possible to describe through zodiac symbolics, as synthesis of signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpion and Lion, plus Cancer sign. The important role is allocated here for a sign of Aquarius (Nong – Nunet – Hukh – Hukhet – "The Infinite Chasm") which contains infinite variety of Ideas, that is potential qualities, properties, types and possibilities of All Real (bytiyny and nebytiyny). Pair of gods Amon and Amonet connect all signs of the fixed cross, providing "Plainness", "Bezvidnost" or "Reserve" of elements of the environment. Together with it they are capable to act as mediators at possible origin something, delivering for development necessary and required elements of the environment [14]. For all organization of space of the environment the Cancer sign can be boundary. Sign of a cardinal cross – the Cancer which Cook and Kuket including on classical canons, describes processes anticipating "Creation" characterizes pair of gods and it is independent, without the aid of Amon and Amonet, cares of the secret essence – "Darkness". If the fixed cross the Bird describes the internal dynamics, the balanced basis or harmonious structure of the environment, the element of a cardinal cross can characterize motivation or aspiration of system, a vector of its potential possibilities.

22. … One of total numerologichesky values of [17] Names of eight gods organized by the Ptakh, characterizing his environment or space of its influence, the sphere of its Law – 522 (5 + 2 + 2). In Taro’s numerologichesky symbolism, this numerical value is focused on the Lasso by "Eremite" or "9" which, in particular, describes "Inner world" or immersion in "It". If to assume that all complex of communications, forces, and elements of the environment or space, is itself Birds, that is It is All and It is the Law, according to characteristics of this Lasso it is, symbolically, possible to present its some compliances: "Prophet of Eternity, Magician of the Voice of Force, … Lux Occultata, Protectores, Prudentia" [18]; "… ideas "Shabby in the days merge" (i.e. God of the Father; see. It is given. 7.) and "light to the world" (i.e. Christ; see John. 8: 12, 9:5.)" [19];" … in an inner world expresses absolute wisdom. In the reason world – the prudence directing will. In the physical world – the discretion leading actions" [20]; "Iodine – Tetragrammaton’s symbolizing the Father the first letter which Wisdom is; it – the highest form of Mercury, Lagos, the founder of all worlds …, is flyuidichesky essence of Light, that is Universe life" [21]; "Spirit patron" [22].

… Numerologichesky, number 522 as 5 + 2 + 2 it is possible to characterize on its components. Five or "5 = 4 +1": "One Principle, One Law, One Agent, One Truth" [20], united by Will. The two symbolizes polarity. "Actually the duality is the most obvious thing. Even the truth is dual: esoteric and ekzoterichesky, truth real and truth seen" [20]. In our case, two polarities are a symbol of the fixed cross of a zodiac circle and a symbol of potential possibilities of the environment the Bird, spheres of its influence. The nine or "9" which turns out in addition (5+2+2) as "divine number", it not only "perfection of consciousness", but also potential "perfection of a form", that is is a symbol "the shown Deity, all which various demonstrations can be reduced to one primary source" [20].

23. … Value 522 the Bird characterizes external qualities of the environment, and internal qualities are described by value 156. In Taro’s numerology, the hidden characteristic of the environment is described by the Lasso "12" (1+5+6) – "Spirit of All-powerful Waters" [18], transient or the Lasso "15" (522-156 = 366 = 3+6+6) – "Occult Light" and "Forces of Time" [18], describes movement from internal ("potential") to external ("kinetic") expression of the Divine Sphere – the Lasso "9" (5+2+2) – to "The Force Voice" [18].

24. … Nong and Nunet it is possible to present a total numerologichesky indicator of pair number "2" (on the first level) [17], as well as a word meaning (name) of Ra (on the second level) [17]. This ratio specifies that the expressed qualities or characteristics of the Chasm (Nong + Nunet) were demanded by Ra in the course of maturing [14], that is in the course of self-organizing of the fundamental or hidden structures, initial or paramount qualities. The same code number or "2" in the name Bird proceeding from characteristics of its internal qualities, is comparable to number "2" names to Ra describing similar or hidden its features.

25. … One of numerologichesky code values of the name Bird is presented by number "20" (on the second level) [17] which in practice "mystical addition" can be brought to value of number "2". Similarly, one of values characterizing a name Atum "56" (on the first level) [17] can be brought to value of number "2". This similarity can speak about similarity of some characteristics of these two names, as it is noted in ancient Egyptian texts.

26. … "There are two types of points: not having the sizes, being symbols of creative force, and such as Raimund Lully in the book "New geometry" defines, are characterized in the smallest real sizes and are a symbol of a principle of manifestation. Moisey from Leon as follows defined the nature of a primary Point: "This level represents total amount of all subsequent displays, that is all external aspects relating to this level. Those they become in connection with sacrament of the point, which in itself represents the occult phenomenon occurring from secret of pure air, casting reverential awe. The first level is absolutely occult, that is not revealing and unattainable" …" [23]

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