Planetary model of the personality (PML).

Planetary model of the personality (PML).

We say with you that in us there is the whole world – the whole Universe much. Moreover, we say that I am a uniform Universe. But then it is reasonable to ask a question, where in us the Sun, the Moon, planets, stars?.

The astrology studies interrelation of observable heavenly space and space of consciousness of the person, approving their identity. Therefore, from the point of view of an astrology, competently to speak not about influence of planets on the person, and about that, as planets, and the person submit to the same laws. And observing that occurs in the sky, it is possible to realize that occurs on Earth: «that above, and below» – the main paradigm of an astrology which underlies all astrological theories.

So, we say that the person and the Universe are uniform. Therefore all events of human life, its condition and experience, his hope and dream – are reflected in the sky. But it is not simple in the sky! And in that sky which was created at the moment of the birth of this person. This sky also is a matrix of the Universe which is born together with it. It is that world which arises together with the person and disappears together with it when he quits this World (or this Light leaves it).

But the Universe which arose at the moment of our birth and which is space where lives, suffers and rejoices, finds experience and ours develops I, has the parameters – karmic parameters. It is the self-learning Universe which is shown in three worlds: corporal, mental and social.

Question: by means of what there is this self-knowledge? What tool of this space what allows it to be shown, exist and transformed? This tool – the personality. The personality which works with the limiters (Ego) and expands the possibilities to acceptance of the whole world and all its laws in the bosom. The task at this space one – to open to the world, but, as a rule, it is very difficult owing to karmic preconditions, i.e. the remains of unrealized intentions and incomplete experiments with life.

So, the personality and its limiters – what model in our space Universe can be taken for its analog? The astrology offers Solar system. T.O. we receive planetary model of the personality. In due time the mankind accepted planetary model of atom and promoted in knowledge of physical laws. Came it is time to accept planetary model of the personality to realize regularities of thinner interactions, i.e. spiritual laws of development of the person.

According to the astronomical concept, the Solar system is planets which rotate round a star the Sun. According to the astrological concept, the Solar system is our base (congenital) requirements of the personality which exist as results of karmic experience and which should be dissolved to reach a completion stage, i.e. perfection (perfect self-sufficiency which will be the certificate of clarification and readiness of merge to the world, humility).

As a result, there are 7 base requirements (by analogy to 7 flowers of spectral decomposition of This World) which turn our life into the closed run around. These are some kind of base attachments – so-called «congenital draft» that pushes pulsing consciousness of the person on an identification True I with objects of desire that actually exist only as memory of last unrealized desires. These are those SEM-Ya – 7 reflections of a sunlight (True I) in mirrors of planets of solar system.

You will tell, it is necessary to escape from this dependence. I do not argue. But it to make not so simply – it is easy to be deceived, giving out the attachments for mission, for a duty, for spiritual practice and so forth. And then, before to get rid, it is necessary to finish experience for it should be finished to our descendants! However, also there are no guarantees that thus we will not put new incomplete intentions … That is why it is so important to develop sensibleness in work with karmic traces.

Let’s consider in more detail PML (planetary model of the personality). Heavenly objects which participate in it and reflect base requirements of the personality, are called as a septener:

  • The sun – base requirement to prove;
  • The moon – base requirement to accept;
  • Mercury – base requirement to define;
  • Venus – base requirement to feel;
  • Mars – base requirement to advance;
  • Floodlight – base requirement to expand (to form Space);
  • Saturn – base requirement to limit (to start Time).

The model is rather trivial and reminds space egg. From it all symbolical ranks of planets at all three levels automatically follow: bodies, souls, spirit.

In the center of this model there is a Sun – our internal child. It is our creative fire which brings both pleasure of life, and inspiration. Creative fire that helps disclosure of potential of the personality, her identity. It is our first independent breath, the first shout. And first applause. The sun teaches us to game of self-knowledge is an observer behind karma game on Earth. This heart of our shown Universe, its motor. It is the main instrument of work with attention which provides identification and razotozhdestvleniye possibility with various forms of the shown world. It is a symbol of our openness and naivety, our generosity and self-return to game.

This solar baby is sponsored by mother – it bears it, shades. It builds space which accepts us certainly, and shrouds in the care. This that space to which we trust. It as «the shirt» – always «is closer to a body». This principle is displayed by the Moon. It designates the safe, learned space hidden in clouds of the past, kept in memory and fanned by patrimonial tradition. This our subjective and internal space (subconsciousness) which is showing in our emotions and intuition.

But as soon as there was an idea of a close circle then there is an idea of a circle distant – unknown still spaces. This principle in us displays Jupiter. It and possibility of expansion, growth, issue, receiving new knowledge and formation of the idea of life. Floodlight – our teacher. This our subjective and external space which is shown in ability to see the world and as a unit. Here pertinently to notice, as so-called internally "lunar", and so-called external "yupiteriansky" space are for ours I as for the observer, external spaces – because both the emotions, and the social interrelations we observe from outside, but sometimes, forgetting about it, we sink in the experiences and reflections, we lose the identity and we forget about the True Nature – the divine nature of a star which is called the Sun.

But nevertheless, if we defined that there is near (subjectively internal) space and distant (subjectively external) spaces, between them there should be a border. This border is guarded by Saturn. This border is similar to the line of the horizon which divides Earth and the Sky – which always is removed, when we direct to it, and which stimulates us to finding of practical experience of life. Saturn is a symbol of the purpose and restrictions which ourselves to ourselves expose. And first of all, it is rigidity of a temporary framework which constantly remind us of approach of time of "H" when it is necessary to leave from the shown plan because illusions cannot eternally exist… Saturn is not only a symbol of high aim and aspirations, but also acceptances of the total loneliness. It is an aspiration symbol to perfection, through an ascesis and spiritual practice. Anyway, it is a sign of that the system of space time which creates ours I round itself, – is closed, sealed up that provides with it and protection against introduction, but also blocks the help from the outside.

Also there is only one chance to develop – to move this border. But to have such possibility, the strong-willed effort is necessary is Mars – and reference points from what to make a start and to what to direct. As these reference points Venus – an element of internal space which designates arisen need for something, and MERCURY – an element of external space which designates possibility of power information interchange serves. Only it is necessary to notice, as Mercury and Venus, despite their arrangement in planetary model of the personality on the different parties from border between internal and external space, belong to the same subjective space which is illusory is divided into 2 parts but which is created by the Sun as a playground for games our True I.

So, we received 7 base requirements of the personality according to 7 objects of Solar system. And if planets of a septener, including the Sun, in the Zodiac circle are in strong situation, we – are happy, because requirements with them connected, easy to satisfy. But if planets stand in defective situation, at realization of these requirements there can be negative mental conditions which bring chagrin and painful experience but which provoke in us spiritual search – search of the highest enduring pleasure.

Let’s consider, what mental conditions are connected with a frustratsiya of 7 base requirements.

  • The defective Sun brings an egocentrism, arrogance, "inflates" our Ego. The person aspires to draw all the time to itself attention and cannot be sated with it.
  • The defective Moon brings fear and uneasiness, deprives of possibility to establish a family and to "take root". Prevents to improve the harmonious relations with native, especially with mother.
  • Struck Mercury provokes lie, gossips and theft. The person prefers to be superficial and often is trapped because of unrecorded trifles. It is type of the talkative plagiarist, unscrupulous and diffused.
  • Weak Venus brings greed, laziness and jealousy. The person becomes braked, all the time fluctuates in decision-making and strongly becomes attached to reaction of partners, without having thus possibility to understand that is necessary for him.
  • If Mars appears at a great disadvantage, rudeness and aggression grows in the person. It becomes pugnacious, constantly looks for an exit of the rage and in all sees competitors.
  • Defective Jupiter bears confusion and conceit. The person as if cannot make a complete picture of the world in mind and it should blow out cheeks and to do an important look that, God forbid, nobody guessed narrowness of his thinking and ignorance.
  • Weak Saturn provoke a stiffness and tyranny. The person is so cold that does not test any attachments, to native even to itself! Perfektsionist fanatik, haughty, ready to sacrifice everything and everybody, justifying greatness of the purpose a pettiness of means.

Planetary model of the personality (PML).

Fig. Planetary model of the personality: The sun – the center, the child; the Moon – an inner world, mother, a family; Jupiter – knowledge, the teacher; Saturn – experience, the father; Mars – force of realization, a machismo; Venus – power of desires, a feminine; Mercury – power of intelligence.

T.O. we got acquainted with planetary model of the personality – it is an illustration of a certain space egg in which our True I play, develops and going to leave on the following level, having fluttered out in the Sky the Bird of Happiness!