The moon in a horoscope of the child. What your kid needs?

The moon in a horoscope of the child. What your kid needs? An astrology - article. Why the provision of the Moon in a horoscope of the child is so important?

The moon is a leading requirement of our personality, an emotionality and intuitivism indicator. This one of properties of our mentality which we possess since the birth.

All of us are born with a set of any qualities, we possess congenital properties – temperament. In process of growth and development, in the course of interaction with world around, the model of how our qualities are shown in the outside world is created. So we build up character.

From that, the leading need of the person for the childhood will be satisfied how fully, its emotional health in adult life will depend.

Besides, the Moon in a horoscope describes an image of mother. It is "image", that is how the child the mother sees. In horoscopes of children from one family the Moon can be in different zodiac signs. It does not say that children have different mother, and points to how the same person is perceived by different children.

If to consider a horoscope as family model, the Moon symbolizes the child. The model of a family shows, how the child of sees, the family, the relations of parents (among themselves and to him) are elderly till seven years. This model lays down further in a perception basis the person of and the world, promotes or interferes with its self-manifestation, and also forces to form in adult life own family according to the acquired experience.

In order that experience gained by the child was positive, it is important to pay special attention to the provision of the Moon in the card of the child and to try, that gained experience of satisfaction of leading requirement was positive. In process of development of the child, on this requirement as on a core, other human wants to which point other indicators of a horoscope are strung.

The moon in the Aries – need for the personal importance. It can openly be shown or take cover behind imaginations and secret disappointments.

With the Moon in the Aries it is necessary for child to feel that his opinion consider, initiatives accept and respect as the personality. This is the child pioneer who wants always and in everything to be the first and the best.

Try not to oppress freedom of the child, give the chance to it to show it "I!", which will sound at it earlier and more often than at other children. If your child is occupied with something, any derivations, even your most gentle embraces, he will apprehend negatively and will strongly become angry. Encourage its physical activity, do not force something to do violently. If its actions are unacceptable for you or do not conduct to anything good, distract the child, switch his attention to something new and interesting. Always aspire to offer it alternative it to occupations, to redirect its rough energy to other course.

The moon in the Taurus is deep need for reliability and safety, up to resistance to changes as to safety threat.

It is necessary for child to feel stability and safety in everything – in people, a surrounding situation, subjects and things. It resists to any changes. Such children usually do not hurry up anywhere and do not make decisions quickly. Any haste or pressure the child is perceived as the strongest discomfort. But if such child wants something, will do it slowly and surely, as an asphalt skating rink.

The child with the Moon in the Taurus from early age likes to accumulate – toys, things, likes to collect the whole collections from toys. He will not leave them under any pretext even if toys failed long ago. Do not force the child to share toys and things with other children if he does not want it. Try not to break whenever possible habitual way of his life, do not hurry him to make something very quickly or to make instantly the decision. Slow sequence – a keyword in life of such child. Prepare it for any changes slowly and gradually. And any changes in a mode carry out, surely considering requirements and desires of the child.

The moon in Twins – need for a variety, for communication, requirement to be heard.

Such child should pronounce aloud everything that he feels. In the same way it is necessary for it to hear and know that you feel. Therefore with the Moon in Twins it is necessary to talk to the child much. Definiteness in emotions and feelings is necessary for the child. If there is any uncertainty, it will start to rush about and run into a nervous condition.

For such child it is very important to receive a variety in contacts and all the time to receive new information. It for it is similar to a breath of fresh air. Communication about contemporaries therefore invite home his friends that they could chat in plenty is necessary for it. Talk to the child as much as possible, read together books, walk much, on walk without forgetting to share the impressions about the seen. Avoid any dual and unclear situations. Your child should feel that his parents are sure that do. Then it will provide to it internal tranquillity and comfort.

The moon in the Cancer – need for personal security. Very great value for the person – the house where he lives also his family.

The child with the Moon in the Cancer is very sensitive, emotional and sensitive. It is important to it to feel that the house is a place where it is safe where it love and need it. It is very important to show tenderness in relation to such child, on what he will answer you with the tenderness and attachment. But avoid any falseness in your emotions and feelings. He right there will notice it, will depart aside and for a long time замкнётся in itself. The child very strongly becomes attached to any negatively endured experience, he remembers it long and long endures these feelings. Attachment to the past distinguishes such child. Sincerity – the main principle of communication with such child.

The moon – requirement to shine and generous to reign in the Lion.

The child with the Moon in the Lion very much likes to be the focus of attention. It constantly would like to show the abilities that people around admired of. Praises for such child – the strongest incentive. Such children are artistic, love a scene. Such child with pleasure will tell a rhyme, споёт a song. The most important in education of such child – not to demand from the child more than it can for the age. Any failure and failure can strongly injure the child, and in further life it will affect as a ban on manifestation of the creative abilities.

For such child game is very important. He likes to play, when plays, and to play when does not play. From such children fine actors can turn out if let’s to them doubt the talents.

The moon in the Maiden – need for observance of a correctness and rules of decencies, in accuracy of perceptions and estimates.

With the Moon in the Maiden the accurate schedule in everything – in affairs, events is necessary to the child. So he will feel that in its world everything is quiet. Such children very much love, that everything was on the places therefore in every possible way encourage aspiration of the child to an order, do not sneer at his desire to spread out everything on boxes and yashchichka. Since the earliest childhood such children analyze everything that occurs around. They are easily trained, especially they manage everything that is connected with logic: mathematics, chess.

Children with the Moon in the Maiden can strongly reach for skill – to embroider, knit, carpenter. From them can grow real masters of the business. Organize for the child a workshop where there will be all necessary for development of his talents, and make together with it.

The child can have an increased uneasiness concerning purity and the health. Learn it to relax in time that there was no mentality overstrain. Accuracy, clarity, clearness, an order – here the main principles of such child.

The moon in Scales – requirement to reach the personal importance through situation in society, need for popularity and recognition.

With the Moon in Scales it is necessary for child to feel recognition and the popularity among native and contemporaries. Besides, the beauty and harmony is necessary to such child in all that it surrounds. It can be beautiful and with taste the arranged room, blossoming plants. Involve the child, when discuss how to arrange his room that he made the choice. Let itself makes a choice when there is a question of dresses or acquisitions. The child with the Moon in Scales is inclined to hesitate in need to make a choice. "Or-or" is can drive parents into frenzy. In that case help the child to make a choice taking into account his desires and interests, having discussed all pros and cons each option.

Such child not always can distinguish own feelings from models which are shown it by society. Therefore talk more and communicate with the child, especially about his feelings. Feelings, the relations – the main leading needs of such child. Hardly such child will like loneliness, it will be involved more by occupations in pair. Invite his best friend or the girlfriend or play with the child. And when it подрастёт, say with it about his romantic hobbies and that he feels.

The moon in the Scorpion – need for that people around understood with whom deal; requirement that the person perceived as deeply considerable personality which possesses control over others and to which even should be afraid.

The child with the Moon in the Scorpion has very rich and saturated, emotional inner world. Such child needs that the atmosphere round it was filled with love and unconditional acceptance his such what it is. The child can cultivate from time to time in itself own insolvency and imperfection, biting itself and people around. He can suffer in doubts concerning love and that people around really love it and accept. Therefore it can hide the true feelings and emotions behind a mask of self-sufficiency and confidence. Psychological crises to such child will help to leave accumulation of emotionally stable positive and repeating experience. Unconditional acceptance and love – here that is necessary your eternally suspicious, doubting itself and others, to the child.

The moon in the Sagittarius is need for that the person considered as the open-minded owner, educated, the philosopher, the optimist and a generous opener of possibilities for other people.

With the Moon in the Sagittarius it is necessary for child to feel that with his opinion are considered, respect him ideas and offers. The behavior of such child can be authoritative, as though haughtily, and not only with contemporaries, but also with adults. Very clearly it will show that everything knows better, than you. Do not laugh and do not play a trick on the child as it will cause only his resistance and rejection you. Teach it not only to dictate another the opinion, but also to listen to itself, to other people and to compare it among themselves. Your child can constantly be covered by new ideas, thus staying as if in pink glasses, looking at the world through a prism of the idea. Learn the child to correlate the ideas to reality of the world, but do not urge it everything to paint to the smallest details and details, leave to it a place for scope width.

The moon in the Capricorn is need for strategic efficiency, planning of actions and life, discipline and removal of all unnecessary of the life.

"For the person with the Moon in the Capricorn steady following of a certain subconscious purpose which during life should be deduced in consciousness (in it a karmic problem of this situation) is characteristic and to coordinate with it means by means of which it is reached. Characteristic internal rigidity is given for something, and it something quite can be put into words."


At the child with the Moon in the Capricorn call of duty and responsibility for each emotion shown outside and reaction that can lead to feeling of an emotional stiffness and constraint is very strongly developed. He feels aspiration to operate people around and events therefore he should be convinced surely of it in practice. For such child preliminary planning of events and an accurate daily routine is very important. In advance report to him about the plans next day, and it is especially important to warn him if in these plans something changes. If the child feels unable to operate events in which it needs to take part, development of low self-image and desire to ego-trip at the expense of others is possible.

The moon in Aquarius – need for that people around appreciated and enjoyed a personal originality of the person with the Moon in Aquarius, and his care of others.

Children with the Moon in Aquarius need to provide stay in group of contemporaries. Usually they are included very easily into collective where provide various joint games and communication. At such children the need for novelty that causes continuous flight of new ideas practically in everything and always is very strongly developed. Try not to limit the child in his creative self-expression. Remember his internal love of freedom and need for independence. Without collective and constant innovations lunar Aquarius withers, it becomes boring for them. And then their cleared-up imagination can suggest to throw out them any number to feel spirit of freedom. These are children, able to lead collective, having offered them new ideas. The satisfaction of leading requirement will positively affect emotional development in the future. If the kid раскапризничался, be ready to offer the child something brand new, and he leaves this condition if will not begin to press on it.

The moon in Fishes – need for expression of the sensitivity, a deep emotionality, and also aspiration to find understanding of the susceptibility other people.

Lunar Small fishes are very sensitive to an environment. They have very much a rich inner world. Children very deeply endure everything that occurs to them. However they not always can express everything that occurs at them inside. Therefore there is a lot of among lunar Fishes of artists, musicians and poets is a way to express the internal experiences.

Often it is impossible to determine by external signs that such child feels. In the majority such tendency to hide the true feelings remain at lunar Fishes and in adult life.

These children love various secrets, fairy tales and mysticism. They will be not they if the curious nouse in the world of secrets is not put. The child with the Moon in Fishes is very sensitive to requirements of strict discipline and any refusals when his dream suddenly collapses «brute external forces» – for example, parents. Therefore to parents it is necessary to be extremely attentive to emotional depth of the child, to cherish the fragile peace of their fantastic little princes and princesses. At the same time it is necessary to learn not to soar the child constantly in clouds, in the world of fairy tales and secrets, and to compare the dreams with life realities.

From as far as the child will find understanding of the inner world in the childhood, its emotional health in adult life will depend.

Having understood leading need of the child, it is possible to expect behavior forms, employees to satisfaction of these requirements for adult life, using for the analysis a sign where the Sun is located.