Retrogradny Mars, January-April, 2012.

Retrogradny Mars, January-April, 2012.

Elena Zimovetsretrogradnoye movement or movement back is a way of a planet seen from Earth. The effect of a retrogradnost results from a difference of speeds of Earth and a planet concerning the Sun. In retrogradny movement the planet repeats the way on the same degrees of the Zodiac on which it already passed in the direct movement. From the esoteric point of view is a return to the past, the address inside, reconsideration of the received experience, delay in affairs.

The Retrogradny phase of Mars will begin on January 23 and will last till April 14, 2012. However consequences of its retrogradny period will be felt till June 19 while it does not leave a loop, i.e. will not return yet in 23°06′ Maidens from which began the retrogradny way.

Entering into a retrophase, the planet will be slowed down to a statsionarnost (a stop – SR), and having slowly developed, comes back on recently passable piece of a sign (R) that at the end of the retrogradny period, again to stop off (SD) and will be developed to direct (D) movement. On the scheme threefold pass of Mars in its retrophase from occurrence about a loop in 03°41′ Maidens to an exit from a loop in 23°06′ Maidens is shown.

Retrogradny pass of Mars on the Maiden in 2012

Retrogradny Mars, January-April, 2012.

  • On November 18 2011 11: The 35th mornings of 03 Maidens 41′ – an entrance in R – a loop on January 23 2012 7:51 evenings of 23 Maidens 06 ‘-stationary SR to a retrogradnost
  • On April 13 2012 11:41 evenings of 03 Maidens 41 ‘-stationary SD to a direktnost
  • On June 19 2012 3: The 57th evenings of 23 Maidens 06′ – an exit from R – loops

Three times making a way on one sector of the Zodiac, the planet puts a problem – at the first passing, urges to look for ways of its decision – at retrogradny passing and gives a way out and the decision in a new key – at the third, direktny pass on the same site. Psychological features of the retroperiod of Mars

Already on November 18, 2011 Mars started to slow down speed, focusing our attention to cares and the problems connected with subjects of natal planets to which it does aspects. We are waited by 80 difficult days during which Mars will be retrogradny. Who has planets and corners in mutabelny signs – Twins, the Maiden, the Sagittarius and Fishes, – will feel this period especially sharply.

Mars happens retrogradny time in two years and two months that does its retroperiod by quite important event because Mars happens retrogradny more rare than other planets. At this time Mars is closest to Earth and is most removed from the Sun. It weakens influence of sunshine on a planet. Having become popyatny, Mars appears in poorly shined space and moves in the direction the return to Sun movement. Thus, it appears closed from external influences; turned not outside, and in itself, not in society, and in the world internal. At this time the principle of Mars starts to master new levels of last experience, without depending on any extraneous intervention.

In psychological sense it means that we have an opportunity to be released from a stream of social influences and stereotypes, from the habitual reactions operating our life, and to reconsider principles of the activity and ways of action. At this time our approach to settlement of the conflicts, our hostility, anger, self-confidence, ability to risk, ways of manifestation of will and physical activity demand reconsideration and new approaches.

Retrogradny Mars, January-April, 2012.

Maximum rapprochement of Mars and Earth

In a retrogradnost Mars is included into opposition with the Sun is a phase of a symbolical full moon in the cycle Sun Mars, the exact aspect will be on March 3, 2012. The sun – «consciousness, identity» and Mars – «activity, dynamics», are dissolved at this time on poles in our consciousness. It gives the chance to us to realize what of our habitual reactions and ways of personal realization should be reconsidered to remain adequate and effective.

Situations which arise during this period, reveal not resolved conflicts, not constructive reactions, the collected irritation and deadlock approaches in our desire to succeed or, on the contrary, – in our inability something to undertake. Especially strongly it is expressed in cases when transit of Retromars does connection or opposition to our natal planet.

For that to wait from Retromars in the Maiden?

Retromars in the Maiden creates a captious, exacting spirit, declines to obsession trifles; during this period large quarrels can arise in trifling occasions. At the same time, at this time we have an opportunity to get into an essence of unconscious reactions and the hidden motives which force us to operate without having thought. It helps us to reconsider the outlooks on life and the personal approaches in affairs and cooperation. Subjects of health, training, care of sick relatives, a food and hygiene, working questions and daily duties, can give trouble and becomes the reasons of problems. The relations with employees can become intense, and the administration will state claims concerning performance of our duties by us. The disorganization and sloppiness will be strictly punished. Our efforts on improvement of skills in work and to desire to raise return level, will be resisted by imperfection of reality. We should develop tolerance in such situations and to be ready to what not all our efforts will be productive, and, at times, there will be a feeling that we work in a single mode. Former affairs in which our small at this time can emerge, but key mistakes led to serious problems now.

If during this period to give in to emotions, we will easily lose ability objectively to estimate a situation and we will be not capable to see behind trees the wood. It will lead to losses as a result of unreasonable speculation and ventures in business, or to disappointments in love if at this time we lose a subject of private life. During this period there is also a danger of accident or violence, as a rule, thanks to carelessness, nonsense or uncontrollable aggression.

During this period the concern and alarms can arise round subjects of health care, pharmaceutics, chemistry and medicine. Nervousness and problems of intestines can be caused by excesses in food. It is necessary to keep cool and judiciousness to be ready to any surprises at this time. As a rule, problems and the conflicts which we face in retrogradny Mars, received the beginning during the last connection of the Sun and Mars, i.e. in a symbolical new moon in the cycle Sun Mars. So with what we deal outside and in ourselves today, has direct or indirect link by that occurred in our life at the end of January and the beginning of February, 2011.

I suggest readers to make the retrospective analysis of events of that time better to understand sources of the reactions and problems today. Moreover, it is possible to return mentally to the previous period of Retromars, to analyse what aspects it did to a natal chart and what events and emotions were actual for you at that time. On the scheme you will find dates and degrees of the present, previous and next R-period of Mars

Retrogradny Mars 2012 Transition кR Transition кD the Exit from a loop 23 Maiden 06 on January 24 2012 03 Maiden 41 on April 14 2012 23 Maiden 06 on June 19 2012 Previous period of retrogradny Mars 2010 19 Lions 42 on December 20 2009 0 Lions 18 on March 10 2010 19 Lions 42 on May 17 2010 Next period of retrogradny Mars of 2014 27 Scales 32 on March 1 2014 09 Scales 02 on May 20 2014 27 Scales 32 on July 21 2014

Features of activity in Retromars or that it is impossible to do

The Retrogradnost of Mars is connected with a sharpening of internal tension on the one hand, and fall of our power – with another. The natural course of energy is turned at this time to revision and reconsideration, to internal activity, instead of to the external purposes and results. To try to do at this time breakthrough in business or to realize any blitz projects – means to go against the stream by badly operated ship. For this reason the new projects begun in this period calculated on prospect, will not bring expected result. At this time affairs demand additional efforts in order that it is simple to keep the status quo, and on the new enterprises and fight for a place in the sun of forces simply will not suffice. Affairs are slowed down at this time, realization of new ideas results in difficulties performed by and to frustration of plans. Now ability to brake and finish that is already begun would will bring about lshy return, than the desire to reap and to affect "gas" regardless of obstacles.

The special attention needs to be turned on an interval of time from March 12 to April 4, 2012 when against a retrogradnost of Mars, becomes retrogradny and Mercury. During this period it is impossible to make important decisions, to take or lend, do large purchases, to do planned operations, to start new projects and to undertake any actions directed on prospect.

Retrogradny Mars, January-April, 2012.

Mars (R)

After all it changes and reconsidered not only our personal approaches and reactions, – in parallel occur similar processes in economy, in the legislation, in public priorities. The general enterprise activity as a result of objective preconditions and unstable conditions decreases. To start new business at this time – to build the lock on sand.

Moreover, astrological practice showed interesting regularity: the one who in a retrogradnost of Mars begins wars, shows aggression or undertakes active actions, as that: arranges personal dismantlings, submits the judicial claim, initiates confrontation, – it appears in loss even if it put «right and sacred».

Mars as is connected with a subject of the relations of floors and sexual aspect in the relations. Therefore at this time it is not necessary to begin courtings, to enter the first intimacy. New sexual contacts at this time at the best, will not receive harmonious continuation and seem temporary, and in the worst – to turn back problems. Mars which is connected with blood, fire and metal, has a direct bearing most on surgery. During the periods of Retromars do not follow to do a planned surgery, cosmetic including though to operations urgent, «on fast» this ban does not belong.

It is the obstacle and restriction period in the free initiative, new affairs, personal growth, clips and will restrictions. Do not go against the stream, move by inertia, do not show an initiative – on any action there will be a counteraction therefore do not advance an event, do not break the law, avoid the conflicts, especially, judicial proceedings, supervise emotions. Energy should be directed not in out of, and inside! The period nasty influences affairs sports and military. The conflicts to security officers are dangerous to that party which initiated this conflict.

At this time it is not recommended to begin any important adventure, to buy the car, to go to dangerous travel or to carry out important changes in life. Unsuccessful time for equipment purchase, and here to sell second-hand, to get rid of "heritage of the past" it is possible. It is better to be engaged in already working projects, and with the beginning new, to wait to a turn of Mars to direct movement. New affairs are better for beginning only in some days after the termination of this period.

As Mars symbolizes active young people, force, aggression and brutality, – in a retrogradnost of this planet failures, fires, the power conflicts, fights and provocations can become frequent. Martian energy can receive not constructive exit. Irritability and a conflictness increases. At this time it is necessary be careful of haunts of vice, night clubs, to try not to give in on aggressive provocations from outside.

On retrogradny Mars it is possible to do from what expect effect of return. The example from practice, fictitious divorce on Retromars, was really fictitious and when there was a need marriage was registered again. The short list of recommendations is farther.

That it is impossible to do:

  • To begin the new business project, or any campaign demanding active actions and a pressure.
  • To register firm.
  • To do planned operations.
  • To buy mechanisms: cars, means of production, household appliances, tools, and so forth.
  • To begin construction or repair.
  • To organize sports competitions or the corporate sports championships.
  • To submit the claim, to initiate confrontation.
  • To initiate disputes, discussions, debate.
  • To give the car to repair or on prevention without the weighty reason.
  • To change a work place.
  • To go to distant business trips.
  • To use a fire and cold weapon.
  • To begin courtings.
  • To enter the first intimacy.

It is possible what to do:

  • To put things in order in old affairs, to complete and will tighten "tails"
  • To renew earlier thrown sports activities: ушу, chi kung (as a hobby).
  • To practice yoga, meditation.
  • More to have a rest, to do breaks in work more often.