Horoscope for 2015 for all zodiac signs.

Horoscope for 2015 for all zodiac signs. Aries

For Arieses 2015 will be not the simply and easy. It will be time of changes, changes. The winter and summer will be especially heavy. There will be unpredictable events, life will force to be reconstructed, change, will teach to operate more reasonably, without haste. At the beginning of a year there is a risk to acquire to itself many enemies because of the excessive sharpness peculiar to Arieses.

It will be much easier to Arieses in the spring when they will manage to adapt by a year of the Goat. Spring for them – a time of hopes, development of new strategic courses, preparations before a new forward rush. In the summer and in the autumn the Aries will manage to realize many plans and to obtain compensation for failures at the beginning of a year. The main obstacle for Arieses in 2015 are competitors who will be extremely active. Their strength – ability quickly to make the decision, not to miss being provided possibilities.

In private life of Arieses there can be unexpected troubles up to conversations on divorce. It will be very difficult to them to hold a situation in the hands, but, most likely, crisis of marriage will manage to be bypassed. Lonely Arieses will manage to find the love, and most likely it will be love "at first sight".


For the Taurus 2015 will be very successful and happy. This year he should reflect on implementation of the dream or of advance in career. He should aspire actively forward, to achievement of the desired purpose. Planets will be completely on its party! And though Tauruses not so like to strain, after all they in any way cannot miss such successful arrangement of planets and not to use their favor.

In their life will be shown love to risk and passion, need to make risky decisions, receiving thus enormous pleasure from luck and adrenaline. 2015 – the best time for search of new work, advance in a career ladder, search of the partner, cheerful holidays and interesting travel. But only do not plan these events for August is an adverse month for distant flights and important events.

2015 for the Taurus – that time when it will manage to take pleasure in life really. He / she will be surrounded by love, acceptance, admiration. It is necessary to enjoy and rejoice only to how successfully there are circumstances. The unique danger is to grow plump because of excessive attachment to the sweet.


Year will begin for Twins not so successfully. It is not necessary to be too self-confident and to put itself yours others. There can be unexpected troubles and disappointments. Wait for one – receive absolutely another. It is necessary to spend energy and to do efforts, but they can not bring results. Especially it concerns the first half of year.

But the second half of year will be much more successful. And good luck will accompany Twins literally in all spheres of life. Will carry to those representatives of this sign who will not stay idle for a year, and all the efforts will direct on implementation of the dream or business.

Private life of Twins will be rough. Within this year they will be often angry, can provoke the conflicts. They that will show understanding and patience miracles, will suddenly change a line of conduct and unexpectedly to be rude and break. But some Twins will manage to find harmony in soul and even to meet the partner who for the love of it will forgive unexpected flashes and to love the Twin such what it is.


In 2015 of the Cancer the set of happy changes waits. It (or it) attempts to get new job to replace a field of activity or to open the business will lead to desirable result. There will be many possibilities for communication, education and more prestigious and highly paid position. Try to carry out the career tasks in the first half of year because, since September, there will be many personal records.

It is necessary to plan the distant trips, expensive purchases for 2015, it is possible to afford that postponed "for later", for example, a trip to Italy or India. Crayfish will be supported of relatives and friends. This fine time for meetings with with whom long ago did not see.

Year of the Goat will awaken sensuality practically each representative of the sign Cancer. They will be very inclined to love adventures. In private life of the Cancer there will be many changes, and not always positive because of heightened interest in an opposite sex. Love it is fine, but know when to stop, differently not to pass losses and partings.


2015 is truly year of the Lion. Representatives of this sign will manage all all or nearly! This year Lions will manage to carry out a lot of things from this that in other years it was impossible. They can promote on work, achieve tops of career growth, gain the deserved recognition and success.

The first half of year is suitable for creativity and active self-manifestation, and the second – for the solution of material and financial problems more. It is very important to be active, to be in the attention center, to set the purposes and to achieve them. Also active trips and interesting travel are favorable, but after all it is more important to use energy of planets for implementation of the most treasured desires in the field of business or career.

Lions will possess improbable attractiveness and charisma in 2015. Lonely Lions should use fully beneficial effect of planets and actively to look for to themselves the partner. These searches will surely crown success. Private life Lviv in 2015 will be really festive fireworks.


During the period from January to August, 2015 it will be very difficult to Maidens to understand occurring events. It is necessary for representatives of this zodiac sign to use more common sense and not to come under to influence from outside. Some people can affect the Maiden, and is the extremely negative, they can use her weaknesses and involve in troubles, in other words – to "substitute".

At this time Maidens should not do large investments, to begin the business, completely to change the life, to move to other country. All similar affairs are better for postponing for the period from September to December. The second half of year, unlike the first, will be very happy and successful, especially for business and important issues.

Representatives of this sign become very vulnerable in a year of the Goat, it will need to be operated the feelings. They will be in great need very much in support of relatives and in council from outside. They can have feeling sick and breakdown periods. In 2015 lonely Maidens will not manage to arrange the family happiness, but they can have interesting meetings and communication.


For Scales 2015 will be unusual and unpredictable. They are waited by cardinal changes in life. Those Scales which continuously worked and were engaged in career growth, will unexpectedly feel taste to life and with pleasure will plunge into the sea of entertainments and pleasures. And what interested earlier professional achievements a little, bewildered will find in itself increasing interest to social success.

Both that, and another it will be possible to change the life to the best. They should lead active life, getting acquainted with new people and whenever possible being in the attention center. They are waited by many interesting events. They will rush forward on sails of inspiration and can achieve unprecedented successes.

In a year of the Goat Scales more than other Signs will be inclined to romantic to communications. They will constantly fall in love, but it will be Platonic the love, not destroying already developed relations. For lonely Scales it will be exclusively active and favorable time. Many of them have a chance to meet Love of the life.


The scorpion in 2015 should overcome a set of obstacles, however, to it to it not to get used. It is adjusted resolutely and in a condition will quite cope with difficulties of year of the Goat. During such unstable time for it it is very important to conduct a regular life, to watch that the periods of active work were replaced by rest that it had a plan of action and to it it was possible to follow it at least in general.

Summer – the most adverse period for Scorpions. Try not to give in to emotions, to listen to a voice reason, not to undertake too zealously the affairs and not to try to achieve the purposes "at once". It is necessary to show care and discretion, to think, analyze and three times to check, before making a crucial decision.

It is necessary to reduce a little rate of life in the summer and whenever possible to have a rest, devote time to a family and children. The love of relatives will give to the Scorpion necessary energy in order that during the period from September to December to continue fight for implementation of the purposes. Lonely Scorpions will be careful and circumspect and not so inclined to marriage.


Year will begin for Sagittariuses not in the best way. It will test for durability, checking ability to make crucial decisions. The main thing of what it is necessary to think in the winter and in the spring, is health. Try not to overstrain the organism which can start to glitch at the most inappropriate moment.

The summer will be for the Sagittarius the most joyful and pleasant season. If in the first half of year he rushes about and look for the most suitable options for professional activity or business, in the summer it will manage to find the niche and to carry out the plans.

During the period from September to December Sagittariuses can have difficulties and difficulties in private life. Having fallen in love, they will be broken off between a family and secret love. All this can create spiritual wounds which will begin to live at a distant day. Lonely Sagittariuses will aspire to love and be darlings, but this year hardly will bring them implementation of their desires. They will accept short-term novels and the love relations more.


Capricorns will have a difficult year. For the majority of Capricorns approach of 2015 becomes the beginning of new life, time when in their life with huge speed there will be serious changes. There is a danger to be deceived, make a mistake about which they very much will be sorry subsequently. It is necessary to avoid competitors and envious persons, carefully to think over the actions.

As a result at Capricorns improbable intuition for danger that will help them to avoid troubles will develop. In the summer to them will not prevent to have a rest and treat nervous system well. The most important in 2015 is to keep cool and ability to operate is reasonably and prudently.

And here in private life of the Capricorn there can be positive changes. It becomes more passionate, than usually, and will give to relatives love and pleasure. It will find calm and rest in a family from vital fight. Lonely Capricorns should be engaged very actively in search of the soulmate – they are waited by dizzy success, love and romanticism!


Aquariuses will test unusual take-off of inspiration in 2015. They with ease will achieve the purposes, actively to move forward and to lead an interesting rich life. This ideal time for career growth and business development. They are waited by success, fulfillment of desires and it is a lot of interesting events.

But all these positive tendencies will reveal fully in the middle of the year, since April. The first four months will pass in doubts and searches of the correct decisions. At this time very favorably to be engaged in intellectual work or creativity, to study something, to absorb information, to prepare for the subsequent active period.

Private life of Aquarius will be full of surprises. In the winter and in their spring more work and business, and here summertime they with pleasure will borrow will devote to a family and relatives. The prospect of updating of the love relations can interest some Aquarius, but such temptation will last not for long, and bonds of marriage will not be destroyed. Lonely Aquarius will enjoy freedom and possibility to meet different representatives of an opposite sex and without hurrying up to choose among them the pair.


2015 will be exclusively good for Fishes. At desire they can reverse the life and make it happier. They can promote, achieve creative successes, appear in "the necessary time in the right place". It is the fine period to show the potential, to show, on what they are capable. It is necessary to use favorable influence of planets as much as possible.

For Fishes interesting feature of year of the Goat possibility will go and communicate much. It is necessary to plan distant trips and long travel for 2015. Fishes will receive from these travel much more, than simply rest or entertainment. New places will bring them new understanding of life, will broaden horizons, will change outlook.

Private life of Fishes will be harmonious and quiet. To married couples very favorably to make joint walks, to meet friends, many to go. It will strengthen their relations. Lonely Fishes will feel especially strongly the loneliness that will inspire them on actions and on search of the soulmate, despite shyness inherent in Fishes and isolation.