A.K.Zaytsev Prognoz for 2012 «Year reformative».

A.K.Zaytsev Prognoz for 2012 «Year reformative».

1. Saved up мыслеформы provide 2012 very intensive character. Mines under this year it is put so many that will suffice for other century. And to get out of these blockages very it is not simple.

Another thing is that the prosypaniye covers the increasing social groups. And let somewhere it pours out in revolts and revolutions, the main thing that the darkness of self-oblivion to Mull to a grinding falls down from eyes and people realize who more and more they are is.

2. 2012 will have peaks and recessions. The first will be connected with idea of «the Black Dragon» and will capture itself January-March. The second will be constructed round "doomsday" in December. The last will gain in strength during the whole year, and will be трансмутирован in very curious events, especially inside and round the confessional environment.

About it people will read, watch movies, to build in it the lives. As far as it will be possible.

Generally the panic will accrue before its transition to anything in the end of the year.

Someone on it will warm hands.

And someone will prove truth of life in creativity, creation and a natvoreniye.
«Everyone about the».

3. Meeting New year, it is necessary to consider attentively the life in it. Increase of vibrations of space makes everything increasing demands to characteristics of thinking of each individual irrespective of his age. And the mismatch of external and internal energiya will be the main problem of coming year.

4. Weather seasons in 2012 will continue alignment towards the general increase of temperatures in middle and high latitudes. And the purpose one – formation in the future (not so far) uniform subtropical and tropical climate on all territory of Earth – From Antarctica to Spitsbergen. At the same time it will mean reduction of an overheat of the equatorial widths. So will begin to live everything easier.

5. December 2012 becomes month of check of a maturity of mankind, level of his spirituality.

6. Africa in 2012 will pass transformation in connection with withdrawal from its underground spaces рептилоидов.

Asia will master all year new frequencies of life. It will cause excitements which will be rolled from the country to the country of this most occupied continent of a planet.

Europe will be engaged in crisis reorganization of economy.

Australia will think of the future.

South America will begin to gather to a way.

North America will have arrogance and it will appear at the crossroads.

Russia will find a way.

Earth will be engaged more and more intensively in the expansion and release of the sunk continents.

7. The whole year will proceed under patronage of the active Sun.

8. Saturn will change a range of the energiya that will favorably affect people of Earth.

9. Floodlight even more will increase the luminescence.

10. Human feelings will be exposed all year to the massed influence of new space.

11. Attempts of a row of world elite to launch new wars and will continue old to coordinate more and more in frequencies of new space. In this regard efforts on complication of manipulative images by all possible means, their complexes will be undertaken.

12. Events of year will gain unknown spontaneity. Suddenness of their manifestation and their communication with the current decisions and thinking will be simply stunning.

13. 2012 will present to fans of the nature many signals and signs of its futures and the current changes. The mechanism of a promerzaniye is already broken, and the defrosting already generates many consequences for which it is necessary to adapt. For example, intensive thawing of permafrost. Or sharp reduction of volumes of glaciers in mountains.

14. Mechanisms of a planet will pass to new modes. In 2012 new sea currents and modifications of the old will be found. The sea nature will start moving, adapting for new modes of temperatures and effective reproduction.
Fishermen will have difficulties.

15. There will be accruing problems and in functioning of various infrastructure pipelines on all Earth. The number of their gaps will sharply increase. Earth will move the superficial plates and to show the expansion.

These situations will generate mass of consequences round bridges, the chemical and oil refining companies. Naturally, in the cities.
Repair services will be in difficulties.

16. Immersion of some territories everywhere on the ground becomes also appreciable phenomenon. But not explainable and not explained.

17. The love will capture new spaces of Earth of people. Mental structures of certain individuals and mankind as a whole become a subject of its attention next year.

18. The importance of Pleasure will repeatedly increase.

19. The happiness becomes property living outdoors and with the nature.
In the cities this condition of internal pleasure will be reached and to be supported by the very few.
In the cities of the world it will be more and more sad.

20. The nature shrouded in Love, will show the vital violence.