Marriage horoscope. Marriage guidebook.

Marriage horoscope. Marriage guidebook.

This article continues a subject begun in a material the Horoscope of marriage. Compatibility of partners in zodiac signs.

Here you will find the analysis of your relationship with the person interesting you: the description strong and weaknesses in pair, sincere degree and conflictness potential. Who precisely approaches and who precisely does not suit you on zodiac sign. Depending on zodiac signs (degrees between them) and elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air), and somewhat from their natal charts, combinations can be favorable, adverse or neutral.

Horoscopes are not absolutely simple for tracing, since in the marriage there are three main factors: 1. Horoscope. 2. Psychological compatibility (interest to each other, communication, their education level, purposes of spouses). 3. Benefit or reason for marriage preservation (children, rich husband/wife).

The description of all 144 types of marriage for all zodiac signs

Calculation is carried out from this that the man always is the first sign, and the woman in the sign presented further. Marriages are located in options from the best to the worst. The system is completely similar for all other zodiac signs.

1 place. Marriage from the sign, 0*.

This marriage is obviously allocated, the strongest, good financial position, in general is appreciable that live very well, there are no stains for 90 %. Good physical health at both spouses. Stains happen only in those 10 % cases when it has birthday at the beginning of a sign and at it at the very end of a sign (at a difference about 18-28 days). I RECOMMEND, it is checked and proved in practice. From 14 marriages which came across to me, 12 pairs lived well; 1 divorce – it 24.06 / it 19.07; 1 marriage so-so – 27.10. he / she 16.11.

2 place. Very steady marriages.

5th sign. (+120 * where it – the Aries, she is the Lion) – stains quite exceptional case, is lucky men often – can reach a high social status, after all after all marriage in тригоне (Jupiter). After marriage on the sign is the second good marriage, it is recommended; especially, if between birthdays an interval about 112-148 days.

6th sign. (+ 150 *) – quite good marriage, especially, if is not present problems in understanding because of a difference of elements of signs, then same good, as well as the 5th. Even better, than the 5th sign (good pairs, where it – the Cancer, it – the Sagittarius / it – the Scorpion, it – the Aries sometimes looks; not so successful pairs (where he is the Lion, it – the Capricorn; it – the Aries, she is a Maiden). By the way about marriage: Barack Obama (4.08) – Michel Obama (17.01) – divorce?

3 place. Quite good marriages, but psychological compatibility is necessary.

12th sign. (-30 * where it – the Aries, it – Fish) – if is mutual understanding, will be very and very quite good; but because of a difference of elements the rare are happy. If do not understand each other – get divorced, if in marriage – live quite not bad.

7th sign. (180 *) – quite normal marriage, is sometimes a little rather weak because of opposite to elements, sometimes slightly better. For example, if it – the Aries, it – Scales; he is the Lion, it – Aquarius it is quite good. On the contrary – is much worse and stains happen more often. Also as well as in marriage with the 12th sign, it is necessary to have good mutual understanding, then everything will be good. All these five types of marriage are sufficient are good, in them is both development, and certain pluses, success, self-sufficiency.

4 place. Purely neutral, quite keep, in them there is less than success and achievements, but, strangely enough, and it is less than stains, than in group of 3 places.

They have the pluses, but also shortcomings too.

11th sign. (-60 * where he is Twins, it – the Aries) – quiet, purely average marriage, seldom get divorced. Purely neutral marriage, is both pluses and minuses. If in such marriages of the man reach high posts, then then there are society destructions (again, I suspect, because of minuses of this marriage). Not so to be pleasant to me this group, especially if in examples: Lenin – Krupskaya (the Taurus – Fish), Hitler – Eve (the Aries – Aquarius), Gorbachev – Raisa (Fish – the Capricorn).

9th sign. (-120 *, where it – the Cancer, it – Fish) – too the best understanding because of the elements – тригона. Marriage average, live quietly quietly and; seldom get divorced. If a difference between their days of births about 120 (+ – 8) days, marriages it is ready ustoychivy.

5 place. This group not so well looks – more in something unhappy marriages.

10th sign. (-90 *, where it – the Aries, it – the Capricorn)., It seems, is slightly worse, than neutral, but can be and is even worse. After all signs square, can occasionally and row, a lot of things depends on elements, stains quite happen. If between days of births about 90* – then get divorced much more often and outwardly considerably that pair is as though under "tension". If is closer to 62-80* or 100* – then less.

2nd sign. (+30 * where he is Twins, it – the Cancer). Unimportant marriage, stains happen, happens sometimes and scandalous. If days of births very close (he was born at the end of a sign, and it at the very beginning of a sign, i.e. at a difference of 2-15 days), then still anything – they quite even get on, and marriage keeps.

6 place. These pairs always have from time to time problems which can become constants.

3rd sign. (+60 * where it – the Cancer, she is a Maiden) – simply unlucky marriage, especially for the man. Quite good mutual understanding because of parallel elements (Water – Earth, Fire – Air). Often in something it is problematic, especially for men (something always loses: or health, or in a profession, on work is not lucky). It is more similar to a deadlock branch in development. Thus it seems also get divorced not so often, but I do not recommend. It is slightly better, if a difference between days of births spouses have 32-40 days.

8th sign. (-150 *) – too bad marriage, quite often stains if live together, family life often unsuccessful. Undesirable marriage. It is a little better, if the difference between days of births of spouses is closer by 122 days or by 182 days.

7 place. Worse than ever: marriage which I do not recommend categorically.

4th sign. (+90 *, it is the Cancer – it Scales) – the worst, fatal and square marriage; at 62-95 degrees divorce is almost guaranteed, everything will be bad; the bad planetary arrangement of stars (Sun) – or one, or happens, as both spouses have physical illnesses. If remains, only as virtual and only on paper – thus actually do not live together, i.e. one of spouses works and lives in the distance – can, even in other city. What births between days will have somewhere 98-118 degrees can survive only. It is checked and proved in practice: Putin 07.10 – Lyudmila 06.01 (obviously there should be a divorce). To hold marriage fiery signs – men try (where he is an Aries – it the Cancer; it Is left – it the Scorpion), – however, it at them turns out all the same badly.


Marriages with signs: the 1st and square the last the 4th – are very easily appreciable, here even the astrology is not necessary. These are in itself real, sure reference points; these signs are independent of external and other conditions – signs «without rules».

Frequency of stains of marriages, approximately certainly, from the second to a penultimate sign makes from 30 % from the 5th sign to 70 % in the 8th, penultimate sign. All these 10 signs in the middle can fluctuate somewhere for 20 % in the worst or best parties. It depends on their psychological similarity (identical age, education, interests, intelligence) and arrangements of planets in their natal charts. At good these aspects penultimate bad marriages in a condition to "be tightened" to level of the neutral. And on the contrary, at these bad aspects the 5th and 6th signs can "roll down" before neutral marriages and start to doubt expediency of preservation of the marriage. But all the same thus – among good marriages of stains it is much less, than at bad. In case of increase of problems and instability of society it is also appreciable that penultimate four bad marriages are exposed to stains as and without that to the personal problems of marriage are added external pressure and society problems even more.

Comparison with the general standard system of horoscopes of marriage

As a whole the accepted standard system of horoscopes of marriage on zodiac signs, softly to tell, composes for all 70 %. I think that simply copied each other and something at the same time modified in bad, however, the party. In what coincidence. Bad marriages – square, in it at least almost complete coincidence; marriages on тригону – good, too more or less coincided.


First of all, marriages on the sign: type, they boring or will not get on at all. Full nonsense and nonsense: get on both two Arieses, and two Lions, and two Scorpions – anybody do not fight at all for the power in the house and does not stick poison each other. Opposite marriage – it seems, too difficult, too it seems as do not get on most likely. The nonsense, just the obvious majority also gets on. Marriages of neighbors – at least, on the one hand the Zodiac, very much even normal marriage. Marriages through one zodiac sign – at all so also are good: with one sign obviously neutral, and with another it is almost simply unlucky.