Astrology: why it is necessary.

Astrology: why it is necessary.

And, however, what for? That it for us?

Today, when every possible, forecasts often contradicting each other fall down, apparently, from everywhere when only lazy not in a course, under what sign he was born when sometimes even children try to justify, referring to a horoscope …

Whether and we know, what there is a horoscope? Think, what we speak «I I am the Aries» or «It the Maiden», already means, what we so know ourselves and are to such an extent capable to understand motives and acts of others? And, according to it to predict, correct something in the life? Yes anything similar!

Let’s try dig slightly more deeply and though a few, but to understand. What is to eat an astrology of what the horoscope and why to us it consists, eventually, it is necessary to know.

By estimates of historians of a science, the age of an astrology as about stars makes sciences some millennia. Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, China … However, some scientists assume that actually the astrology arose tens and even hundreds thousands years ago …

The main idea of an astrology that the different moments of time are various on the quality. One period favors to certain actions, another is not present – and these qualitative distinctions are caused by influence of planets, stars and fixed stars. Success of application of this science about time also defines its solid age.

It is considered that the Christian Church negatively belonged and treats an astrology – all of us read about so-called "witch-hunt" in the Middle Ages. However known fact: some of Popes perfectly knew an astrology and were quite good astrologers. And Jesus appearance was predicted by magicians (astrologers), they the first came to bow to the Baby and, expecting his destiny, presented It gold, an incense, Smyrna – as symbols of the power, glory, the victim …

And in the Buddhism, for example, and in Hinduism the astrology in general represents itself as one of specializations of monks, in Nepal functions of the priest and the astrologer are at all combined on one face.

The classical model of Space was issued at antique school of sciences which was based by Pifagor. According to this model heavenly bodies settled down on seven spheres, moving away from Earth (the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). Distances between these spheres assimilated Pythagoreans to intervals of musical scale. Besides, was considered that at the rotation of the sphere publish corresponding tone that in aggregate forms heavenly harmony, or music of spheres. Such model of Space was widely applied by astrologers, since the early Middle Ages.

The astrological symbolics was constantly used in alchemy, medicine. The Roman emperors Neron, Septimy Sever, Alexander Sever were admirers of an astrology; among not bad knowing her we will mark out such persons as Cicero, doctor Galen, Richelieu and Mazarini, Bacon and Kardan, Copernicus and Galilei, Newton and Einstein …

The modern science is based mainly on a materialistic paradigm, and therefore contradicts an astrology. However signs of origin of the new scientific paradigm connected with vision of the world through a set supplementing each other began, allow to hope for recognition of an astrology by a strict official science nevertheless.

In the Middle Ages in Europe each doctor or the pharmacist was familiar with bases of an astrology which was studied at universities on a level with Latin, and not knowing astrologies which are not using it in the work, at all and were not considered as good physicians. By means of an astrology time for drug intake, these or those procedures, operations was defined by the doctor.

There are data, as now in the USA planned operations are not appointed to full moon time as during these periods the probability of unexpected bleedings, and also complications from anesthesia application is high.

As a rule, each of us knows the solar sign, on the basis of solar signs and numerous popular forecasts with which we are stuffed by television and newspapers are under construction. But the approach only by situation in the Zodiac of the Sun is a thing too simplified, the typology of people is much wider than that that is given us by twelve zodiac signs. By drawing up of an individual horoscope, besides the Sun, more many factors are considered. Besides, huge value has situation in the Moon birth chart – and its situation is not adhered in any way by a month of the birth, it completely runs a zodiac circle in 28 days, and at the moment of our birth can occupy any of twelve signs. And in the female Moon card, according to the nature, quite often means where as more Sun. The astrologer always will help with the correct definition of provision of the Moon.

Here we also approached to a question and what represents the real horoscope of the birth? Of what consists, how is under construction?

The horoscope of the birth comprises date, exact (it is desirable about one minute) time and the birthplace of the person. Is under construction according to the image of provisions of planets and stars at the moment of the birth of the subject concerning the Zodiac and concerning Earth, being the drawing on which planets, their interaction with each other, and also 12 fields of a horoscope are put. In the western astrological tradition the card in the form of a circle divided into 12 sectors is accepted. In the professional environment it is accepted to call a horoscope a natal chart or radiksy.

Being expressed figuratively, a horoscope of the person it at the same time and the play which is played during life, both a district map, and the schedule. The person here – the director, the guide and the dispatcher at the same time. The mistake (sometimes slightest) in cast of this play of life, alternation of actions, the phenomena, in arrangement of accents quite often very expensively to it manages. On own district map of people can orient, in what vital directions it will be waited by success, and where, on the contrary, it is necessary to go carefully and with caution, where, can not go at all … The schedule allows to define probability of this or that event in a certain interval of time.

Also there is one more reasonable question. And about what the professional astrologer can tell us, than help?

On a personal experience I can tell that, as a rule, the person addresses to the astrologer during the crisis moments. When something or already occurred, or can happen just about. Then we apply to count the future, to see these or those options. But a problem, no less than an illness (and any expert will confirm it!) it is always simpler to warn, than to treat. Therefore, in an ideal, we should not wait, while the cancer on the mountain will whistle. It is better to consult previously always to the astrologer that, if not to prevent undesirable, most to soften possible blows, to try to find in advance where and as we could transfer a negative to a positive, on what to be switched, and even if the situation is inevitable, to try to turn it to itself on advantage, to take lessons.

Studying an individual horoscope, the astrologer can always define weak and strengths of the person and will prompt, as in the best way for it to behave in this or that situation.

The modern astrology differs from that was in its origin a little. If earlier by means of the astrologer people tried to count, predict the future, now an astrology, first of all, helps to open various sides of character, allows the person to understand better than, the relation to people around to find the place in life.

By means of an astrology it is possible to count possibilities of compatibility of two or several people in love, marriage, friendship, business, in a certain group … Quite often to recommendations of the astrologer resort at definition of inclinations and abilities at children, at definition of their professional bents, in general in education.

Such section as the horarny astrology allows to receive at the specialist astrologer the answer to any specifically brought vital attention to the question for the person. And the elektivny astrology helps to choose time opportunity for the successful beginning of any important business for us.

Now wide development was received by such sections of a star science, as a personal astrology, an astrology of relationship, a business astrology, an economic astrology. In a number of the countries the astrocartography (definition of the place favorable for accommodation, in limits or outside of the country), an astrological forecast of magnetic storms, a meteorological astrology is successfully applied. The most, perhaps, interesting and popular astrological direction is an astropsychology.

A number of prominent politicians used and use astrologers. In States the astrology started to endure the real boom after R. Reagan whom, without preliminary council with the personal astrologer, it was not planned any important action became the President. For anybody, probably, not a secret and contacts to F.Mitterand’s astrologers.

To trust or not to trust in an astrology – certainly, a personal record of everyone. But everything in our world is subordinated to certain rhythms, cycles. To laws against which you will not go. The astrology therefore came to us, having broken through through darkness of the millennia that it works, brings the results and helps us to be guided with this world, to realize itself it a part.

I hope, now we can answer a question?

Tatyana Zanadvorova