Horarny astrology. Not radicalism cases.

Horarny astrology. Not radicalism cases.

Horarny astrology one of the youngest areas of an astrology. This area has a number of features. The first of them consists that the horarny card is a horoscope, but represents not the birth of the person, and symbolizes the question birth. The question "is born", when it for the first time is clear and is accurately formulated, i.e. when it sounded or is written, especially if it is set to other person – to the astrologer. For time and the question birthplace the horarny horoscope also is calculated. In it the astrologer sees circumstances of a situation which generated a question, and also a possible outcome (end).

For this reason the horarny astrology works only with group of questions, but cannot answer everything. Whether the majority of typical horarny questions begins with words "Will be?", whether "Costs?, Whether "It will turn out?", etc., that is it is that category of questions where it is possible to receive the level answer "yes/no". Some questions happen are connected with important critical fatal influences and answers to such questions should have confirmation not only in the horarny card, but first of all in a birth horoscope. Such questions quite often begin with a word "When?" and to the astrologer it is necessary to carry out the analysis any more only the horarny card, but also an individual horoscope of the person.

Far not any horarny card can answer a question precisely and authentically! This the first that is necessary the nobility for those who is going to use the help of a horarny astrology. Only serious questions, the answer on which are really necessary for knowing inquiring, and also questions, the answer on which exists and remains invariable under the influence of external factors generate authentic and readable horarny cards.

Questions of trivial character, frivolous, incorrectly formulated (not reflecting the main point); questions, the answer on which inquiring are not too important for knowing: to it / to it has no direct relation, it is not connected with relatives/relatives people or inquiring will not use the answer, whatever it was; questions, the answer on which inquiring practically knows (guesses or made the decision, but wants more and more times to check through different sources); questions for the sake of check of operability of the astrology (or the astrologer) generate so-called not radical horarny cards which contain the certain conditions, letting know to the astrologer that the card for one reason or another is not subject to the analysis – in it can be simple not correct instructions on outcome of the case, more often. Sometimes not radical there are those cards where the objective situation connected with a question still too "crude" – it is impossible to give the answer, since. the circumstances connected with a subject can change, therefore the outcome of a question can appear opposite. In such cases the astrologer, as a rule, recommends inquiring to wait some time and if the subject is still actual, to ask a question repeatedly.

Let’s in detail stop on the possible reasons of not radicalism and their treatment. If you asked a question to the astrologer, and it pointed to you to one of not radicalism cases, attentively read its treatment – probably that you will independently find in it the suitable answer.

So, not radicalism cases:

Early Ascendant. Arises in case the degree of the Ascendant gets between 0 and 3 degrees of any sign. It means that the question is premature and the conclusion on it cannot be made: still too early something to tell. It is also possible that the question is incorrectly formulated. On mind at you question more thorough or closer to an initial situation, than that was presented to the astrologer. Probably, you intentionally hid any details of a situation. Quite often repeated card if the astrologer considers it necessary простроить it for a moment when all points over "i" are placed can to show the authentic answer to your question. If the question gives "the premature card", it can be set later. Often by then circumstances to some extent change so that the situation becomes clear.

Late Ascendant. Arises, when the Ascendant in a horoscope of a question gets between 27 and 30 degrees in any sign. Such situation says that business or a question is out of limits for issue of the conclusion: too late something to tell. Also the following circumstances can be the reason of such horoscope:

  • Possibility to affect a course of events was rejected or was not used in time, and now it is not viable.
  • You are late with a question: an essence – you already addressed to other sources (probably, to other astrologers) for council and were not satisfied with result.
  • You already asked all whom only it is possible and now addressed to the astrologer only once again to confirm already chosen line of action.
  • The question is set with idle curiosity: does not concern your affairs and does not concern someone from people your native or close to you. You have no real need to receive on it the answer since you will not use it.

Saturn on the Ascendant. Damages a question, doing it not radical. In practice in such cases there is any event which interferes and turns an initial question, as not relevant. Recommendation: wait some time, the situation to change and it will be necessary for you переформулировать the question.

Saturn in the seventh house. The reasons can be two:

Question it is incorrect, too confused it is formulated or it contains something such that can cause complexity of treatment for the astrologer and lead to erroneous conclusions. On this question the answer cannot be received by an astrological way. Try to address to other source of information for obtaining the answer to the вопрос.тЕсли your question does not get under these two points, the answer to it can be received.

The moon "without a course". One of the most widespread cases. Here it is possible to tell the following:

  • Happens nothing, certain circumstances will not change yet.
  • Change of circumstances can change a question, make it disputable or irrelevant.
  • The situation connected with a question will not develop further. There will be nothing essential.
  • There is no need to show concern concerning a situation connected with a question.
  • You cannot affect a situation or change it. Others too hardly can help you.
  • The important facts about which you do not know, influence a situation and its end.
  • Your interests can change, and the question through time will lose the value.
  • The answer is not present, as the outcome is unpromising.
  • Situation critical and almost outside of that moment when it is possible to affect it.
  • The question is set with idle curiosity: does not concern your affairs and does not concern someone from people your native or close to you. You have no real need to receive on it the answer.

One of the main signifikator on Via Combusta (the burned way). The arch stretching from 15 degrees of Scales to 15 Scorpions, is known as Via Combusta. By traditions it is established that if the Ascendant or the Moon get between these two points, the question is fruitless (groundless). The circumstances connected with a question can change in the most unexpected way and, most likely, not in your advantage if you ask a question of or not in favor of that, person about whom the question is asked. The unique exception is the degree of a favorable star of Speek.

Alexey Vasilyev