Horoscope houses. Values of houses.

Horoscope houses. Values of houses.

In the widest sense astrological houses represent duodecimal division of a picture of the star sky observed at the moment of the birth from the birthplace. The system of Houses displays Earth rotation round its pivot-center while division into Zodiac signs displays Earth movement on an orbit round the Sun.

Houses are similar to signs, that is the first house corresponds to an Aries, the second – to the Taurus, the third – to Twins and so on.

Interpretation of houses has something the general with interpretation of signs, but, at the same time, there are also differences. If signs – deep power, houses more superficial, but also more much being shown, sobytiyny layer. Houses characterize spheres of life and our relation to them as affairs in each sphere are at us, what events and when will occur.

12 houses in principle cover all our life, any events which in it can occur. Here short interpretation of astrological houses of a horoscope:

1 House – the Personality, the early childhood, a physical body, external shape, the house of ours "I".

2 House – That than we own, our relation to a property, finance and other material resources, ability to earn money, to use subjects of a material world, deep values.

3 House – Direct connections and behavior in the social environment, direct communication, brothers and sisters, neighbors, short travel, social training, perception of information, practical mind.

4 House – Ancestors, the house, family roots, bases, a place where the person feels in safety, the house of the parent, with which at the person the most close connection, traditions, a patrimonial karma.

5 House – Creative self-expression, children, the love relations, art creativity.

6 House – Physical health, the relations with the administration, service, work, daily work.

7 House – Partnership, including marriage, society, obvious enemies, justice, legality, relationship equal in rights, business connections, public work.

8 House – the Property and finance of other people, inheritance, death, sex, revival, the transformation and regeneration house.

9 House – Philosophy, religion, the right, views of the world, long travel, the religious beliefs, the higher education, sports, languages, literary abilities, the joint thinking forming world consciousness.

10 House – Career, a profession, communications with the outside world, the house of the parent with which the person is connected less closely, the life purpose, the political power.

11 House – Big groups and the organizations, the disinterested relations, acquaintance, friends, people of the same social standing, hopes and desires, achievements of the purpose, collective creativity, self-expression.

12 House – Reserve mysticism, an occultism, self-destruction, sincere health, secret societies, freedom degree, freedom, the conclusions (in hospitals, prisons, etc.).

"The life point" – the Ascendant or top of the 1st house from which it is reckoned all houses, defines external manifestation of the person: his appearance, behavior, lifestyle. Whereas zodiac sign to which the Sun at the moment of the birth gets and by which we usually determine the belonging to this or that zodiac sign, shows more deep, our psychological nature. That is why the people who were born under the same sign so strongly differ. The provision of the Ascendant strictly depends from minutes, and even seconds of the birth, and also on place coordinates in which it occurred.

The elementary calculations show that from people living now on a planet about 400 million people belong to a certain Solar Sign. The number of the people who were born in the same day, from among the living makes about 20 thousand. Each seven hundred people were born a certain minute but if to consider that this minute people were born in various points of a planet, clear there are claims of astrologers for assignment to each horoscope of the status of unique identity. This statement is reflected in a picture of Houses of a horoscope.

Having dealt with compliance of houses with zodiac signs, we will start more detailed consideration of each house.

First house of a horoscope

The first house means your personality, I am shortly characterized "", the most important house. Here it is possible to define the main traits of character, a behavior manner, appearance, a body structure, vital installations. On this house there are events to active personal participation, events changing life, including mentioning changes of a physical body, change of vital installations. It is very important and strongly being shown house. The ascendant and planets in the first house are shown more strongly, than a solar sign, in any case their influence is more appreciable from outside.

If the top of the first house is in the Aries, the person is vigorous also a naporist, well knows that wants, shows independence. As a rule, sports constitution, high growth. It is impulsive, gusty.

At Twins at top of the first house, sociability, aspiration to obtaining new information is inherent in the person. As a rule, gives ease in learning of foreign languages. Fast, passing. Skin swarty, is easily subject to suntan.

If the Ascendant got to a sign of the Maiden, the person loves a sensible approach to everything. It is critical, first of all to itself, and at intense aspects the inferiority complex can be shown. Such person likes to see concrete results of the hard work.

Thus, we see that the Ascendant shows qualities of a sign with reference to the identity of the person, his appearance, vital principles. The planet in the first house, and also a site of the manager and a house signifikatror is very important.

Second house of a horoscope

The second house shows, everything than owns the person, that he considers. Material living conditions, property (rather movable, than immovable which is more connected with the fourth house), money. Shows also a stock of vital forces, the relations to the material values, with what things this person tries to surround itself. Also here it is possible to learn, how the person spends the earned means. Events on the second house are generally connected with receiving money, their expenditure, earnings, purchases.

If the top of the second house gets to a sign of Aquarius, it is possible to say that the person loves the original things, new equipment. If house top in the Taurus, it is possible to speak about good preconditions to wealth, love to luxury, beautiful things and jewelry.

Third house of a horoscope

The third house is connected with the immediate environment of the person. These are equal people equal or nearly, those with which the person cooperates in an everyday life. Brothers, sisters, neighbors, colleagues (but not chiefs and not subordinates) here belong. It also information house – newspapers, radio, television, books, conversations, gossips, daily communication – all these spheres of influence of the third house. On this house there are the events connected with listed people, short trips, obtaining information (receiving or writing of letters, any correspondence here is reflected), business contacts, concrete education as receiving the sum of practical knowledge and skills. The places connected with this house it is shops, libraries, stops of transport, school, school.

Fourth house of a horoscope

The fourth house – "my roots". It is own house, a residence, a family, the vacation spot, the relation to the nature, the small homeland, parents. This house also means also end, including natural death, as the end of a certain stage. It as well bases, education, a support or base in life. Events on the fourth house: changes in a family, in the house, residence change, completion of any activity.

At top of the fourth house in the Aries the domestic surroundings are impulsive, life in a family the rough. Problems of house life are solved a parental initiative. Very much it can appear that family life as though in a campaign, without special comfort, and the person does not have a need for special comfort, a cosiness, stability. It can appear that often move, and it can appear that parents military. Conflict situations in the house can lead to injuries of the head or headaches. It can appear that mother has an aggressive character, thus it is transferred to the child, and aggression of the fourth house the very deep. Or it not aggression, and negativism, i.e. internal, deep discontent and projection of negative character to the future. This feeling which the person can make on people around, to it the deepest point of a horoscope is most difficult to trace in itself, as the IV-th house.

When куспид the fourth house gets to a sign of the Taurus, the situation in the house can be harmonious, can be disharmonious, depending on aspect of the manager. And if it harmonious or disharmonious, the stable, steady atmosphere in the house. Depending on aspect of the manager of people gets steady material support of parents or needs it, hopes for it, but does not receive. In this house it is difficult to change something. And if the parental situation does not coincide to taste with yours, you should make enormous effort in order that something to make houses on the taste. Parents can leave the condition which has been saved up for many years of life, it can consist in constructions, territories, accumulation and savings. In an adult condition the person has a requirement to organize the own house by a principle my house – my fortress, a place where it can hide where he feels reliable, stable, steady. As far as it at it turns out, you will accept a planet in the house or aspect of the manager to куспиду. It should be the strong, beautiful, strong house where there will be food and value stocks for "black" day, there is a concern on an old age.

If top of the fourth house in Twins, in the house there can be flexible relations, sensitive, the mutual understanding atmosphere between parents and children, ease in the relations, their intellectual character, the big condition is unevident, there can be an intellectual heredity (the manager will show what character), frequent moving. House life can be recovered by numerous contacts, arrivals, districts of relatives. The idea of sociability is present at the house, probably, read much, probably, speak by phone much. And most likely, all neighbors happen in the house.

In case of the Cancer at top of the fourth house, the domestic surroundings pay much attention to the family past, traditions, natives of a family. In a family archives, letters, documents remain. The family property remains and passes from father to son. The condition can be rather solid mainly from mother. For the person it is extremely important to establish an own family, it is the purpose of his life and can cause heavy experiences if the family is impossible. Then he tries to establish a family on work or to work in such spheres where the situation turns into the family: any child care facilities, orphanages, hospitals, sphere of public catering.

The provision of top of the fourth house in a sign of the Lion says that in family life the feeling of hierarchy is observed, there is main, a senior, the chief of a family. The relations with the open, pure, clear, independent. Here heredity on the fatherly line can be shown. The condition solid, probably has luxury goods, gold, large values. It is the house light, bright, it try to make magnificent. In own soul of people looks for shine and a superiority. Very carefully also thinks much of the advantages and how they are perceived. If learns that its acts are perceived unworthy, is capable to change them for the sake of love to. After the own center is created, the person occupies the patronizing or authoritative relation to parents, he becomes a chief in a family and dictates the conditions.

If the top of the 4th house gets to the Maiden, miscalculations, practical sense have here strong influence on family life. In the soul of people stores a large number of duties and obligations, inheritance, usually, modest, consists of fruits of work of members of the family, it is handed. Transfer of the skill, any practical abilities. The house is organized to modest taste, with simplicity and satisfies practical needs of the person.

When we see Scales at top of the fourth house, here family life is full of charm and taste. It is the elegant house arranged on esthetic manners. Harmony and good mutual understanding reign in the house at members. The house should be fashionable, secular, graceful, easy. The same soft and harmonious soul at the person, communication with it brings you into rest, in a silence condition. Family life surely makes a part of emotional human life. In the house secular receptions, art, musical, literary salons, not for the sake of celebrities as it could be in the Lion, and for the sake of communication, for the sake of love to art can be organized.

In case of the Scorpion, domestic surroundings rather intense, it is often filled with experiences, jealousy, passion, hatred, the death is problems which are discussed in the house, this condition which passes through the house and changes it. It can appear that the family mourning is endured painfully. Perhaps, that questions of a material condition provoke the conflicts, quarrels concerning inheritance, a sharing of inheritance, a rupture of a family about it. In this house there can be tendencies to secret life, there is a requirement to hide at itself in the house and to hide the soul, to disappear. This house can be purely physically organized with any secret doors, with additional exits, with hiding places. External tragic events can lead to physical destruction of the house, such events, as any natural disasters, and to death of relatives. Be so deep in the house occult knowledge, interests, secret ways of treatment can. It is the house of passion and the house of secrets.

When the Sagittarius is at top of the fourth house, it is possible to speak about the spiritual, intellectual relations in a family. The family, laws of a family submit to moral foundations of his members. Conscience and honesty questions – any prime causes of discussions in a family, family councils, conversations on ethics, on behavior, family legends. Perhaps, the religious atmosphere in the house. From far away these relations look very independent, but it only from far away. How affairs actually are? Careful research of Jupiter in relation to куспиду the fourth house and the Moon is necessary. The person tests big attachment to the conveniences at a home, has the forms of rest habitual to it, the traditions. This family can completely, unlike Twins, emigrate from the native land. It is peculiar to twins moving from a home, to leave parents and to go to other world. And the Sagittarius, will move everything, all together rather.

If the moment of the birth found top of the fourth house in the Capricorn, in the house, usually, a situation strict, dryish. The house can be dark, bad lighting. Communications in a family, the relations can be quite strong, deep, but they are very far from the demonstration, any demonstrativnost, look dryish and reserved though feelings can be deep and strong. There can be a lonely father, the widower. In this family slow, but true growth of the property consisting of lands and constructions. Internal human life does not suffice vivacity, there are no feelings and sensitivity, he tests some isolation from the world, its emotional life undergoes deprivations, restrictions. The end of life can be chosen in a place, at the end of life there can be an asceticism, the realized restriction.

Stay куспида in Aquarius gives the family life organized in the conditions of warm, brotherly vzaimoponimaniye, in the conditions of the equal relations. In the house there can be numerous friendly receptions, the relations of unselfishness, sincerity, deep, main strengths of the person. At the end of life the intellectual atmosphere, but also the end of life can be subordinated to any sharp, unexpected event which will change emotional human life or his house, the atmosphere in a family.

At last, if top in Fishes, in this family of the relation any imperceptible, very similar to Tarkovsky’s films, here such reality of a dream: something occurs, someone appears, at all unessentially who is he, any conversations are had. The relations can look ridiculous or strange. Sometimes it is expressed in the sacrifice atmosphere when all family endows for the sake of an illness of other person or when parents demand the children’s victim, or the child himself endows the life in favor of parents, care of them. It can be sick mother. In this house life the situation of the instability, not spoken conditions is observed. As there can be any difficulties with the inheritance departuring from the person, or coming unclear as well as from where, from uncertainty. It is said that with such house it is dangerous to live near from water, it is threatened by failures and floods. If it is not close from water, in such house there are courses of a roof and ceilings, pipes break, cars break – such "fish" lodge. Danger is especially aggravated, if in this house stand the Moon or the Neptune or if the Moon and the Neptune in the card are struck.

Fifth house of a horoscope

The fifth house is responsible for creativity. These are any free self-manifestations of the person. Games, theater, sports is for pleasure, instead of for the sake of career or money. Passion, hobbies and entertainments, leisure. This house answers and for love, for love, as feeling, instead of for marriage and not sex though sex just for the hell of it too concerns the fifth house. One more sphere of this house are children, and the relation to them. Everything that brings pleasure and pleasure is connected with the fifth house. Events on the house – pleasures, love, the birth of children.

Studying the fifth house, the astrologer learns, in what degree of people will pursue pleasures, including and the illegitimate relations, learns as far as the person is hazardous, predicts possible good luck or failure in the love sphere, and also the relations to children and with children.

For example, the water sign at top of the fifth house, especially the Cancer, indicates strong desire to have children, on the developed parent feelings. If it is the man, it will be very adhered to the children.

Sixth house of a horoscope

The sixth house is connected with daily work. Ability to work, use of the received skills. Subordinates and servants also concern the sixth house. Existence of pets and relation to them.

Also the sixth house is connected with health. In the house and a sign at top of the house it is possible to determine predispositions to diseases by planets. For example, Twins at top of the sixth house can give frequent colds, speech violations, and in general to speak to small security of respiratory system.

Events on the sixth house: work, receiving a new position, dismissal, diseases, treatment, recovery, relationship with subordinates, including servants.

Seventh house of a horoscope

The seventh house – "my partner". The house of the relations, longer and serious, than on the third or fifth houses. Various contracts, marriage and the marriage partner are described by the seventh house.

In a horoscope the seventh house also shows, this person aspires to what type of partners.

If, for example, at top of the seventh house there is an Aries, you aspire to the partner who is vigorous, physically active and initiative, and also capable to stir up you to counterbalance your wellbeing.

If in your horoscope of Fish get on top of the seventh house, you are inclined to show excessive care of the partner, respectively you are involved by partners whom you can help and support them during crises. You will be involved hardly by the active and initiative partner, it is rather you slopes to take a role of the leader in relationship on itself.

Events on the house: the beginning of the relations, the conclusion of contracts, wedding, and also together with the eighth house – cancellation of contracts, divorce.

Eighth house of a horoscope

The eighth house often connect with extreme conditions. It is the house of borderlines. Extreme situations, emergency surgeries, death, commission of the risky or forbidden actions – all this concerns the eighth house.

Other value of the eighth house – the sexual relations, and also personal sexuality of the person. The first sexual experience always is somehow connected with the eighth house, as irreversible crossing of border "to" and "after".

Another’s property, money, insurance, taxes and the credits are an one more side of the eighth house. Events on the house: traumas, operations, death (the or someone from an inner circle), operations by another’s money, receiving or loss of money, sex, risk, criminal cases.

There can be a reasonable question: how to distinguish these events? How to define, whether the person will get to failure or will gain the first sexual experience? For this purpose it is necessary to look a horoscope and the current influences together, to look, what are still involved houses, planets and what are formed aspects.

Ninth house of a horoscope

The ninth house – the house of aspirations. The outlook, the higher education, travel, outlook, ideology and religion is spheres of the ninth house. Foreigners and distant relatives too concern this house. For example, the Capricorn at top of this house gives the conservative relation to life whereas Aquarius shows your openness to all new, tendency to invention, love to other countries and travel. Events on the house: receiving the higher education (receipt, termination), distant travel, acquaintance to other cultures, outlook on life change.

Tenth house of a horoscope

The tenth house – "the life purpose". The X-th house – the middle of the sky, MS, the highest point over the horizon, triangle top, evolution of the person where in the basis underground lies the II-nd and VI-th houses, its financial position with which he was born, that service which he is ready to make in the house, and on the basis of it that top which it can reach in life, that high task which the person to itself puts. The X-th house will show, what means for achievement of this purpose, in what sphere of people aspires to succeed in life: in social, intellectual or spiritual. From this point of people this its place in structure looks at itself from height, it is the purpose of an embodiment of the personality, it is a way to be integrated into social structure, this its relation to hierarchy. Here the spiritual teaching, here those teachers, which people to itself that sphere in which he wants to be improved chooses also. Here administrative activity of the person, how it is adapted for it or it is not adapted, there is a level of its professional success. Here we can look at activity of the person according to his spiritual principles, his ability to purposeful activity, his strategichnost, what purpose of his life, how many for performance of this purpose of will. On this point you can find that God whom the person creates to itself, his idol. It is its social status and that profession which he chooses to itself(himself), as the life purpose.

The provision of planets in this house, and also position of the manager of this house is very important.

The success, glory, popularity, social status are determined by the tenth house.

Events on the house – obtaining popularity, career growth. In general all important events can pass on the tenth house. For example, the marriage of convenience is rather connected with the tenth house, than with the seventh.

Eleventh house of a horoscope

The eleventh house – "adherents". This house, first of all, describes friends of the person, the relation with friends. It describes also the relation of the person to the future, its plans.

When the Aries gets on top of this house, friends of the person are active. Rivalry between friends which promotes mutual growth often takes place.

If the Capricorn is at top of the eleventh house, as a rule, the person has a few friends, in them it, first of all, appreciates reliability.

Twelfth house of a horoscope

The twelfth house the most difficult house for understanding of the person. It is responsible for all hidden, inaccessible to the person. It shows intrigues and intrigues of secret enemies. Deprivations, diseases are often connected with the twelfth house.

Emigration, separation from the house, families, the conclusion in imprisonment places, service in armies, chronic diseases are typical events of the twelfth house. It also the house of a karma which is necessary for working. Character of a karma is defined by the provision of top of the twelfth house, and also his manager and a signifikator.