Lunar rhythms.

Lunar rhythms.

In numerology to the Moon the two – a variability and inconstancy symbol is attributed. Symbolism of this number also that influence of the Moon is shown in interaction, or transition from one condition – to opposite. The most bright example – at us over the head, form change, and as terrestrial inflow and отливы. And the closest image transferring an internal essence of changes is our breath. After all we notice, how the effort on an exhalation naturally is given, at that time on a breath it is almost impossible.

Perhaps, it and is not so obvious, but weeks and months – too are created by the Moon. Four weeks of month are lunar phases, and month – time from one connection of the Sun and the Moon to the following. Thus, space hours are arranged. About what they speak to us? First of all, about time of undertakings and fulfillments. Besides, each situation and angular aspect with the Sun forms special communication, mood which in one way or another will organize terrestrial affairs.

Lunar calendar more ancient, than solar. In Ancient Rome after each new moon priests in public reported about the beginning of new month, designated dates of approach of lunar phases. People lived with ancient times according to lunar rhythms, they understood that influence of the Moon on Earth is not weaker than the solar. Though the lunar calendar is more put in the accounting of dates and consequently in an everyday life to celebrate dates and simpler to plan, using a solar calendar.

Lunar days are longer than the solar. They last 24 h. 48 minutes. And as the intuition prompts – for our organism always there is no 24 sundial.

Character of lunar days in big degree defines our behavior. The power condition of an organism, degree of its zhiznestoykost and activity depends on a phase of the Moon. Zodiac sign defines an emotional spirit and tendency to this or that type of activity.

Every month we pass through constantly being replaced set of space rhythms and energiya which strongly influence a physical and emotional condition, and paradox that we it almost do not notice, first of all because influence this global on all and all.

Simply following intuitive motives, you submit to lunar rhythms. If you simply rigidly and mentally, mechanistic plan activity, you can get to "stream" or go against "current". In essence for this purpose also recommendations on lunar days are made, it is simple to prompt the direction of astral streams, to prompt true behavior because lunar rhythms prompt us the type of behavior most natural and optimum at present.

There are people who even without knowledge of a lunar calendar live in full accordance with it. As a rule, it is very harmonious people. They developed intuition, and they got used to listen to it.

Each lunar month is life in a miniature, the birth, growth, blossoming and an old age. And these phases find reflection in our life, and in our affairs. Observe itself. To study itself, to learn the qualities and to open new is the most fascinating occupation! And when you learn the features, you can find a way to correct undesirable reactions, knowing their reason. But it is process not mechanical, but creative as all of us are unique persons and the help there will be a direct manifestation of harmony and pleasure, a pacification.

Under the growing Moon the organism accumulates energy, and excessive loadings are undesirable, as it can lead to exhaustion. Immunity at this time weakens, insignificant indispositions are hard transferred even.

Under the decreasing Moon the organism easy and naturally spends energy. Loadings, pain are easily transferred, infections are torn away. Therefore medical procedures and surgical interventions to an organism pertinently to carry out on the decreasing Moon (certainly, it is only the general instructions, is necessary for important cases card calculation).

Depending on lunar day and a phase in the person character of the natural, instinctive beginning is shown. All best female properties and the most expressed qualities at given rise in the first phase are expressed most brightly. The people born in the first phase of the Moon is yet not awakened souls. They have no experience of the previous embodiments. They more few that understand in world around and are often lost. You the best manifestations are simply pure children, the negative – gives infantility, dependence. But in any case it is people with great potential opportunities.

Given rise in the second phase are the awakened souls. They managed to receive emotional experience, but are not overloaded yet, not burdened by a large number of experiences, they differ the awakened, bright emotionality. They are susceptible, but their emotions never brim over – they know when to stop, and are thus steady in life.

The people born in a full moon, possess an excessive emotionality. They easily infect with the emotions of people around and often become the reason of emotional experiences. They need assistance, partnership, sympathy. Are often dissatisfied and неудовлетворенны with itself. They were given big freedom, and they on a lot of things are ready, capable to apprehend and absorb in themselves anything.

In the fourth phase of the Moon souls which already tested practically everything are born that is possible. They since the childhood quite created persons and very ripened argue. In them passions can boil, but on them it will not tell. They in subconsciousness have a memory of everything and consequently they precisely know that want, and that – is not present. But it is need of internal work which should bear fruit.

Especially it is necessary to celebrate days of Hecate. In Ancient Greece is a goddess of the dark Moon to which days of a new moon are devoted. Given rise these days suffer from unsoluble internal contradictions, often test depressions. In their subconsciousness – heavy cargo of last mistakes, karmas. As a rule, it is adverse for any questions connected with children. Given rise right after the new moon is souls so unsophisticated and undeveloped that come under to any influence. For them danger of manipulation with consciousness is great, all who feel like it can use and maintain them. But if they listen to the nature, in gift they are given purity from which then can develop and all the rest.

Our Earth is a dual planet as a part of actually Earth and the Moon. Value of this sheaf, in my opinion, is strongly ignored.

No definite answer on a question of an origin of the Moon is present. There is it neither at the academic science, nor at esoterics. Nevertheless, quite logical theories exist both there and there.

In the academic science today it is the fullest the version explaining a situation the collision theory is. Its essence that certain rather small space body with small speed touched Earth on a tangent. As a result of collision the part of a material of the newcomer and Earth appeared in a circumterraneous orbit and became the Moon. Without the life Moon on Earth in that look in what we live it and we observe now, it would not be simple. The main impacts of the Moon on Earth consist that:

  • The moon stabilized speed and Earth angle of rotation.
  • The moon force of the attraction mixes magma that thereby gives stability of continents and moderates volcanic activity.
  • These influences allow to support on Earth a narrow framework of a temperature mode favorable for water existence in three modular conditions and life developments.
  • Supporting inflow and отливы, the Moon promoted a life exit from the sea on a land.
  • The moon for Earth is a reliable catcher of dangerous meteorites.

In esoterics and religions long since the main tone is the perception of the Moon as echo of a certain space tragedy. The moon is represented, how sumerechno understanding not up to the end viable splinter of the high-reasonable being which has got to one vital team with Earth. The moon is represented the agent of tonkomaterialny impacts on Earth which mechanism is not up to the end clear. Anyway, long ago also it is repeatedly noticed that:

  1. Lunar rhythms set phases of life of all live beings.
  2. Vegetation and productivity are in direct dependence with them.
  3. The health and fertility of animals are directly coordinated to the Moon.
  4. Mental phenomena will be coordinated with lunar rhythms.

The polysyllabic phenomena like behavior of large collectives are also connected with the Moon.