Spiritual symbolism of the Zodiac.

Spiritual symbolism of the Zodiac.

The sequence of zodiac signs from the Aries to Fishes is connected with a natural cycle which begins with a spring equinox. Three thousand years ago it was the share just of a sign of the Aries. Spiritual symbolism of zodiac signs is read upside-down from Fishes to the Aries.

Let’s consider zodiac signs on an example of the Dendersky Ancient Egyptian Zodiac, vytesanny on a stone together with the mythological symbolics accompanying zodiac signs which option of reading is brought to attention of the reader.

The sign of Fish represents two fishes one of which is in water, and the second jumps out of native elements, directing up, towards to the unknown. This beginning of the Spiritual ascension. Over jumping-out fish the sign of an eye of Omniscience of the sun patronizing it in the chosen way is placed; under floating fish the wild boar personifying god of a gloom of the Set is represented.

The fish who has gone by the way of development, gets to a sign of Aquarius where on it from two vessels water streams – a stream of test and an encouragement stream flow. Having passed through such dedication, fish turns into the Capricorn who is represented as a goat body with a fish tail. As a result of development and self-overcoming fish turned into more advanced being with rudiments of a vertical structure of a body. Over a goat god Gore, in the right hand at it Ankh (the Egyptian cross – a life symbol), and in left – Uas (a power and firmness staff) is represented. Mountains patronizes spiritually developing being and resists to Seth – to god of the evil.

Having passed a stage of the Capricorn, fish turns into the Sagittarius. It already half person (head, torso, hands), and half animal. The Sagittarius aims from onions in heart of the Scorpion, which symbolizes that sensuality, which is necessary for winning to turn into Scales: quietly and passionlessly to weigh the intentions and acts, being responsible for the choice. On a yoke of scales in a sphere the thinking person is represented. The sphere will sweep and упадёт from scales if balance is broken. Having successfully passed this stage of development, the spontaneous being reaches a sign of the Maiden in which majestically standing woman who holds a grain ear (the Life symbol) in a hand is represented. Behind the back of the maiden there is god of an underground kingdom Anubis, personifying passing and temporary death. At this level the idea of life and death and their unity is comprehended.

Further, in constellation of the Lion the lion who goes on a snake wisdom is represented and can without blinking to look at the sun. Here the inexpressible knowledge doing Spirit regal, strong and fearless is found. Lion’s to become appears in the internal nature of the traveler of Spirit. The following stage of development is designated by a sign of the Cancer bearing the armor (house) always with and moving back. It is a stage of finding of the spiritual house (obetovaniye) in movement to a source, the return in relation to the shown reality. Such way the cancer reaches a sign of Twins where are connected female and man’s – two space opposite began.

The following evolutionary stage – a stage of the Taurus where all power and force is sacrificed or devoted to gods (a sacred bull Apis). It is a stage of complete self-return to become the pure conductor of Divine will and light. Having carried out it, little bodies turns into the Aries over which head the Sun of space wisdom and vivifying light shines. Horns of an Aries are bent so that protect itself it cannot. It is the last stage of development of corporally incarnate being.