Cultural heritage of the Astrology.

Cultural heritage of the Astrology.

The astrology – is the esoteric doctrine about influence of stars and planets on character and destiny of people. In centuries the astrology aspired to grope and interpret this imperceptible communication between the person and heavens, to channelize the person council or even its further destiny. Art of an astrology should be considered not only as a historical and cultural heritage of last times but as something that passes through all human life, gives to the person hope and helps to understand to it the place in this world.

Some scientists studying our cultural heritage, consider that the astrology was a peculiar predecessor of modern beliefs and religions. It is known that in many religious beliefs astrological knowledge is introduced that a basis of many religions, as well as astrologies, the idea about interdependence between the person and space is. On walls of ancient churches, on frescos of ancient temples we can find astrological images of zodiac signs, planets, stars, and space in general. So, for example, in the Tibetan branch of an astrology monks at the same time are both confessors and astrologers, for these people the astrology in general is a certain bridge between a science and religion.

On my own representation, the Astrology did not reach in the development formation or if want, transformations to religion if we consider properties of this art all utilitarian and useful to the ancient people very little. However, similar succession of events was promoted by a set of objective factors and first of all that at the beginning of the history Astrology demanded long supervision and labor-intensive computing processes, and on that was prediction art for the elite, its ideology could not be physically widespread among simple people.

It is known that ancient scientists – astronomers who at the same time in combination, were also astrologers, connected the provision of planets in the sky with such natural phenomena as earthquakes, eruption of volcanoes, epidemics, and did not doubt at all that these phenomena influenced destiny of people. The first scientist who from the scientific point of view investigated interrelation between celestial motion and events on the earth, was Kepler, it found communication between отливами, inflow and lunar activity. The modern science explained influence of planets on biological and geological spheres of human life, than disseminated doubts of all sceptics of rather scientific character of an astrology. It was proved that everything in an astrology is based on physical laws, instead of on mystical beliefs.

Scientists came to a conclusion that all spherical planets and stars – actually huge space lenses which concentrate and send rather powerful beams passing through the earth and a body of the person in the same way as nuclear radiation, gets through any materials. Planets and stars are actually transparent for these streams. Thus, all space bodies in our Galaxy continuously influence Earth, and on all live beings, no less than on lifeless things on our planet – a product of this influence. The biosphere of our planet extraordinary sensitive system to any change of the external conditions, natural reaction arises on everyone, even short-term change. Any planet, for example the Moon being in various constellations of the Zodiac, sends a various range of radiation on the basis of the situation and thus influences the biosphere of Earth and is direct on the person. In other words, called an ancient science, the astrology studies interrelation between space and people.

It is a lot of the people addressing to the professional astrologer, usually ask the same question: if the horoscope defines character and destiny of the person, what then depends on the person? Of what its freedom of action consists, whether he is free to build the destiny? According to ancient astrological doctrines, the destiny of the person is under the influence of three main vectors and only one vector – a vector of desire depends on the person. Using an astrology as a heavenly sextant, the astrologer helps the person to define the first vector which defines the general direction of the future events. By horoscope drawing up, the astrologer offers the person possible option of its further actions, gives the chance to it to consider in advance possible consequences, it allows people to be more successful and harmonious in the decisions, so to be happier.