The Chinese puzzle concerning a year of the Red Dog.

The Chinese puzzle concerning a year of the Red Dog.

There came year of the Red Dog! Though Chinese started to celebrate it just, long before it, in December, all of us discussed with interest, what it is necessary to dress for New year, whether it is necessary to make a jelly and to boil a bone more, and, at last, what will be this year? What character at this Dog and what does she think of each of us – the Mouse, the Monkey, the Snake or the same Dog? I was bothered absolutely by reasonings of gutter press on the subject of the Chinese years and forecasts of astrologers of type a dog – the loyal friend of the person. Opened the newspaper with forecasts for the current year and read that February – month of the Dragon and … (further there were concrete forecasts for each Chinese animal). At once was tired. The surprising people – Chinese, from everything create secret and the myth. Would tell directly – not a dragon, and a crocodile – and, maybe, someone from present astrologers though for a minute would doubt, whether there can be a February month of crocodiles? And can be, all the same would not doubt – now anybody any more a course, than crocodiles in February are engaged. Well, except those astrological forecasts, which crocodiles do for the Orakul newspaper.

And I was engaged in the solution of the next Chinese puzzle. Perhaps, it too will be interesting to you. Very long time ago in Ancient China huge astrological knowledge was collected. Was considered that this knowledge has a divine origin. Anybody from people unable to seize them completely. Each person chooses from them a particle – that that he can understand. But it does not mean that people cannot expect coming changes. Quality of predictions does not depend on volume of knowledge or their completeness, it depends on skilfulness of the master. (Here I ask for help Gods and I hope that riddles of the Chinese astrology will need to be solved collective consciousness).

China borders both with northern and on the southern countries. As in all southern countries (India, Persia…) in China there was an astrology, as in all northern (The Far East, Siberia…) – shamansky practice. It is interesting that the emperor and men, and shamanism – the empress and women were engaged in an astrology and guessing. For astrologers the circle эклиптики from 28 lunar parking was the main reference point, astrologers broke solar year into seasons on their ascension. In 13 days the constellation parking of the moon is replaced and the next season begins. Shamans distributed on seasons of animals, the circle from 28 animals so the animal was the share of each parking turned out. Supervision over stars were conducted, terms of approach of annual seasons were calculated, in every season there was significantly certain animal – the ancient calendar worked, as hours.

Passed centuries, a lot of things changed. Modern astrologers came. They had many questions. In particular, question of character, behavior and relationship of the people who were born under the Chinese calendar signs. Natural, precisely anybody from Europeans now does not know an ancient Chinese calendar, the logician of its construction difficult, and in literature appears more and more different interpretations and conjectures. And Chinese are reserved and are not going to educate. I needed a lot of time to reduce a problem about signs of the Chinese zodiac to quite solved questions. Now I am occupied with viewing of the versions on this subject. To me all components of an ancient lunar calendar are known now: constellations, animals, seasons. It was necessary to see different parts of a calendar on concrete examples and to solve the following questions:

The circle of animals was from the very beginning taken not from an astrology, and from shamansky practice. It is known that all animals of this calendar are widespread in China, all of them were perfectly studied by people in the ancient time on their characters and habits. Still in martial arts of China speaks that to understand these types, it is necessary to merge simply with an animal, to go his gait, to make his movements, etc. It is not excluded that only it is enough description of an animal for the characteristic of people under this sign.

Question: How you think, astrologers in the ancient time and considered subsequently only features of animals or other knowledge was added?

Animals are distributed on seasons and this distribution did not change in centuries as winter and summer solstices undertook reference points, equinoxes, etc. Seasonal distribution of animals corresponds to the certain provision of the sun.

Question: Whether character of animals coincides with the European zodiac types known to us? Probably, we can understand and describe more precisely the Chinese zodiac signs on the European?

Animals are distributed on lunar parking and stars though lately these constellations were displaced and do not coincide with seasons and the solar characteristic. However it is not excluded, what exactly former stars affected a choice of animals and they define understanding of the Chinese zodiac signs.

Question: If stars are known, whether it will help with interpretation of the Chinese zodiac? And whether it is possible to use in that case it now, after shift of stars as a result of a pretsessiya?

If the description of an animal, season terms which it concerns, and constellation is given, "under which" there lives this animal

Question: Whether you will manage to put forward the original version of what should be the person of this type and what its relations with people around? At least briefly.

For example:

The sign of the Dog influencing for the current year, includes two types from the lunar zodiac: 15 animal Wolf and 16 animal Dog. Except animals, their season in a year and the provision of the sun in zodiac signs is known. It is known that forecasts became on the basis of stars, these stars are known.


The wolf always was a symbol of the robber and the murderer, but involved with the force and aspiration in freedom. A wolf – a strong and large predator, malicious and impudent. It well developed all feelings and he is a fine hunter. The wolf is persevering, clever, careful, cunning. Lives in sparsely populated heathlands, marshy places, steppes. When wolves have no cubs, they wander in search of production. In winter wolves gather to flight. In a pack of wolves males prevail, and the skilled strong male directs flight. In flight they developed communication, there is a special language of signals and coordination of joint actions. They are able to agree and develop the general strategy and hunting tactics. Among themselves maintain the caring related attitudes. Wolves find pair in the spring and remain together during all life. They prefer to live in a constant den where grow up волчат. Volchata grow up by autumn, them bring up and both parents learn. Many wolves do not establish a family, and help family with posterity education. On wolves hunted, cleaning wheat – predators hid in wheat, destroying rodents and pheasants. Late autumn and in the winter wolves become dangerous. Production of wolves in winter are deer, calfs, rams, pigs, hares, mice.

Season of the Wolf from October 26 to November 7 when the Sun is in the beginning of the Scorpion.

In the zodiac the Wolf corresponds to lunar parking in constellation Andromeda. In parking Andromeda’s more than 16 stars and Fishes, main – Andromeda’s beta, a red star the Worlds.


The house dog differs various appearance, and many merits. It is clever, courageously, directly and loudly proves, is adhered to the owner and to the house, and is appreciated fidelity and devotion. In China long since dogs protected houses, in the autumn and in the winter sentry dogs protected military of camp and criminals, and with hunting dogs hunting for a numerous game was arranged. Besides, meat of young dogs in the east is used in food and it is obligatory at some ceremonies. A dog – one of sacrificial animals. In October the Chinese judicial departments did sacrifice of dogs, was considered that it helps with fight against crime. Dogs – animals polygamous. More often cubs are brought up only by a female, very much of them cares. Though house dogs are fed by the person, hunting dogs can harm to many small and large animals and are not afraid even much exceeding them in the sizes and strength of animals.

The season of the Dog goes from October 13 to October 25 when the Sun is in the second half of Scales.

In the zodiac the Dog corresponds to lunar parking of the Horn of the Aries, which star: an alpha, a beta, scale of the Aries – Hamal, Sheratan, Mezartkhim.

And a question which arises for some reason after everything. Chinese transferred – transposed a seasonal annual calendar of 12 months for 12 years which was closest to a cycle of Jupiter. They thought up symbolical procedure of such transfer in which Jupiter assimilates to the Sun, and calculated a point which moves on constellations like rising of stars. They knew about changeable movement of Jupiter and that its cycle not absolutely coincides with the correct circle in 12 years. But they considered that time counting on fixed stars will allow to keep invariable the main reference points of a calendar and in addition to consider all changes in planet movement.

Question: As far as such procedure will be true now and whether it has sense? What your opinion?