Health and illness – influence of planets.

Health and illness - influence of planets.

The people coming behind interpretation of the astrological card, as a whole want to learn about the health, finance and love life though it is unessential in such order the Subject of this article, apparently, – most important of them on whom the others depend – health.

Health is a condition of comfort of a body, mind and spirit. "Comfort" means absence of damages or diseases in a body, a precise mind and cheerful spirit. Definition of health assumes the holistichesky concept which is perceived hardly by official medicine. The medicine, pharmaceutics and insurance consider health care as possibility of use of hi-tech novelties and an earning of big money. With the impressive arms and highlyspecialized knowledge they concentrate on fight against symptoms, and the reasons escape them. It is a method of an allopatiya, "official" medicine of our time.

But unlike opinion of modern medicine if health to consider холистически, it, as shown in the birth chart, should concern surely all card, instead of its any separate point. In my opinion, there is no one indicator according to which we could tell with confidence that this person will be healthy or sick. However there are some key areas in the card which tell a lot of things about health, and about it speech in article will go.

It should be noted that this article does not apply for giving the full astrological analysis of communications with a human body and its condition. The body is improbably difficult, and though astrological compliances, of course, exist, they are not systematized at all as in details as knowledge of a human body is systematized. There are standard lists of managers about which it is written centuries. Modern writers, such as Aileen Nauman and late Robert Kart Yaneki, offer still bigger quantity of the details relating to this area of an astrology.

Planets and body Sun

The sun holds all solar system, being its center. It also gives energy in the form of light and heat on which all live depends. In a body the Sun – a symbol of a backbone and the heart, connecting and recovering many elements of all system. Through a backbone pass the nerves conducting to all parts of a body therefore its condition can be reflected in all bodies. At the heart of chiropractic the theory that a healthy backbone – the most important for body health just lies. In any sense chiropractic is a type of treatment under the badge of the Sun. Truly and that back problems, and also hearts in the card are shown the Sun.


The monthly lunar cycle is acquired by many organisms. At mammals, in particular, the reproductive cycle, most likely, is connected with the Moon, and a striking example to they be female monthly with a cycle in 28 days. I am inclined to believe that organisms at first were connected with Moon movement, and then learned to function without this communication. The biorhythms demanding stimulation, a moonlight or lunar gravitation, are called as ekzogenny rhythms; those rhythms which act in itself, are called as endogenny rhythms (the majority of scientists are usually more interested by the last, than the first). Therefore the Moon – an astrological symbol of cyclic functions of a body. They say to us that we are hungry, and help to digest food. They influence our requirements and, respectively, moods when we satisfy or we do not satisfy these requirements. Under the badge of the Moon there is a medicine of an internal and a food.


The nervous system, the trunk main of a body, is Mercury sphere. A brain, an assemblage of neurons, and the eyes weaved from nerves – a part of a kingdom of Mercury. The nervous system is a communication network of a body and if it incorrectly works, there can be two things. First, the critical information transferred to a brain, will not reach it, and, therefore, it will make nothing to correct a situation. Secondly, various elements of nervous system are damaged or become unfit for use. Both that, and another generates serious problems with health. Such things will be shown by the provision of Mercury in the card. In other words, you can see struck or afflektirovanny Mercury in cards of the people wearing glasses.


Organisms have reproductive requirements. They can become rather difficult and demand coordination of several separate functions of a body. Venus is an astrological indicator of many aspects of reproductive system which bears double loading. Reproductive organs are tied with secretory, and in many cases this same. That it became possible, high level of a skoordinirovannost and equation is required. Problems of Venus in the birth chart are often reflected in problems of sexual or reproductive character or problems of chemical balance in an organism. The term "a venereal disease" remained from that time when the official medicine understood communication between an astrology and a body.


In biology the immune system is connected with the organism concept as a whole. Mars is an astrological symbol of requirement to fight, protect own borders. At body level Mars really symbolizes immune system. In a traditional astrology Mars operated blood, we weed battles of immune system. The weakened Mars in the birth chart, probably, retrogradny or afflektirovanny the Neptune, a dispersion planet, can symbolize tendency to that doctors call infectious diseases. An infection it is simple to protect inability of immune system a body. Except immune system, Mars symbolizes muscles. Our muscles give the chance to us to show the will as they submit to it. Mars separates the person from an environment.


Floodlight operates a liver, the largest body, whose function – to process and store nutrients in a body. Floodlight is also connected with hips and feet, the parts of a body allowing us to move on the world. Growth is a sphere of Jupiter, and many people with very stimulirovanny (i.e. strongly aspektirovanny) Jupiter – high and full. Problems with a body, connected with Jupiter, often include excessive manifestation or the excessive contents something in an organism.


This planet operates borders. In a body skin is a border between essence and the outside world, and an astrological symbol of skin – Saturn. It is responsible for bones and teeth, firm parts of a body. Hearing – also saturniansky function as the small stone in an ear is necessary for transfer of sound waves to a code of nervous system. Saturn is a limiter and a blockader. Its contacts to other planets and its situation in a sign often mean the problems arising because of shortage or considerable blocking of something. Saturn is also inclined to slow down everything, even to stop, and is connected with rigidity and absence of movement. For example, during strong approach of Saturn a few years ago I freezed a shoulder.

Uranium, Neptune and Pluton

These three transsaturnovy planets symbolize difficult and in certain cases badly understood processes in a body. Uranium is connected with nervous system, the Neptune – with lymphatic system, and Pluton – with endocrine system. They symbolize also other functions of a body which remain outside the limits of this article.

Other signifikator of health Signs

In a traditional western astrology each of signs "operates" a part of a body. This scheme of management the ancient. Many old texts contain an engraving of the person surrounded with signs, each of which points to a special part of a body. Here short list of compliances of signs and parts of a body:

Aries. Head and person.

Taurus. Neck, throat and cervical vertebras.

Twins. Hands, shoulders, brushes and lungs.

Cancer. Mouth, stomach and uterus.

Lion. Heart and backbone (back vertebras).

Maiden. Small interiors, pancreas and spleen.

Scales. Waist (lumbar vertebras) and kidneys.

Scorpion. Reproductive system and secretory bodies (a thick gut).

Sagittarius. Buttocks, hips and sciatic nerve.

Goat. Knees and knee joints, gall bladder.

Aquarius. Calves and anklebones, blood circulation system, spinal cord.

Fishes. Foot, lymph nodes.


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