The yin and Jan in a compatibility astrology.

The yin and Jan in a compatibility astrology.

It is known that the Yin – a feminine, Jan – a machismo, the Yin – a passive principle, Jan – active. It would seem, everything is simple – the man in the relations – Jan, the woman – the Yin about what here still to speak?

However in practice everything looks absolutely differently. As often in life we meet active women and passive men. It appears that everything very simply speaks a personal horoscope.

Zodiac signs also have division into the Yin and Jan. Water and earth signs concern the Yin signs, that is the Taurus, the Cancer, the Maiden, the Scorpion, the Capricorn and Fishes. They are considered in astrologers and female signs. Signs of elements of fire and air belong to man’s elements (Jan), that is the Aries, Twins, the Lion, Scales, the Sagittarius and Aquarius. But if you were born under the badge of the Aries, still at all does not mean that at you Jan prevails, it is necessary to know the provision of all planets!

Then it is necessary to count the Yin and Jan. You need to look to the Yin or Jan belongs a sign. If the sign concerns the Yin, add in the Yin unit if to Jan, add unit to Jan. Further look the Moon sign – in the Yin the sign Moon or in Jan. Having combined the provision of all planets at you any quantity of planets in Jan signs and any quantity in the Yin signs will turn out. That principle which gathered more points, that and prevails in your character! Happens that the Yin and Jan coincide. In this case more attention turn on the provision of the Sun and the Moon if both of them are in Insky or Yansky signs, the bowl of scales will move in favor of this or that principle. Let’s say at you 5 planets in the Yin and 5 planets in Jan turned out, but at this Sun and the Moon are located in Yansky signs. This obvious instruction that a principle Jan (machismo) in your character is prevailing.

That it gives us. If in your horoscope Jan, you the courageous, initiative and active person prevails. Therefore and you aspire to take a position of the leader in personal relations, to take over control on yourselves. If at you the Yin prevails, you are more inclined to passivity, following to an initiative of other people. You gives reaction to the events more, than form these events.

Now we will consider various combinations. Their of everything three.

The first. Yin and Jan. It is optimum option for relationship. At whom in a horoscope prevails Jan, takes the initiative, and the person at whom the Yin prevails – easily takes up an initiative. The relations develop harmoniously, in them there is a strongly pronounced leader. It is good, if Jan a principle is expressed at the man, then he is head of the family. If Jan is stronger at the woman, she will be head of the family, and the man will not carry out the traditional role. The matriarchal family will turn out. But, whoever was in a role Jan and the Yin, in any case the union remains harmonious. It is easy to such pair to make decisions, they seldom quarrel.

Jan and Jan. In this case in pair always there will be a fight for leadership. Two temperamental and strong characters met. The union usually passionate, but in it is a lot of quarrels and conflicts. Sooner or later someone will win (if at someone from partners much more Jan, for example, if at you 6 Jan, and at your spouse 9, Jan principle is expressed at it more distinctly), or there will be an alternate capture of the power. Such relations are a continuous fight that does them saturated and interesting, but complicates a grinding in stage to each other. You are recommended to divide the spheres of influence, the one who is more competent of it should solve each specific question.

Yin and Yin. Two passive principles met. Here the conflicts arise where is more rare, but to pair happens difficult to make the decision. They constantly aspire to concede each other and as a result long doubt, everyone is afraid to show an initiative. Because of the inaction you can miss mass of possibilities and therefore you also are recommended to divide duties – let each of you learns to answer and make decisions in that area which is closer to it.