The sun in houses of a horoscope and human life.

The sun in houses of a horoscope and human life.

To astrologers the cycle of the Point of life which within 84 years of human life (an uranichesky cycle) passes on houses from I to the XII house is known. The point of life is life and its circumstances in general, so to speak, objectively and irrespective of will of the person. And the Sun is a will of the person, his conscious and creative participation in own life. And the Sun goes on houses in the opposite direction from XII to the I house. I suggest to consider a cycle of passing of the Sun on houses as well as a cycle of passing of the Point of life on houses. This cycle (the Sun cycle) – conscious work of the person on the life, his creativity and will, creativity in sense of a creative approach to own destiny. In my opinion, these two cycles mutually supplement each other.

Let’s consider this cycle.

The person is born on rising – on ASC. And the first 7 years his life passes in the XII house (The sun after rising goes on the XII house).

Here the child gradually, within 7 years, finds consciousness, as we know, the baby is absolutely unconscious, and by seven years at the child already almost created consciousness. In the XII house the child learns to realize itself, the desires, requirements (to eat, descend in a toilet, need of tactile contact to mother, heat, light, etc.). He gradually starts to realize that it has a different mood, here it meets such concept as a dream and learns to distinguish it from reality, here meets the fairy tale (archetypes collective unconscious) and allocates the favourite fairy tale – an archetype according to which its further life will be under construction. Understanding is a lighting by consciousness light (Sun) dark unconscious (the XII house) sites of the personality, soul.

The main motives of all its further life are deduced from dark back streets unconscious on light (in consciousness).

The second stage of 8-14 years passes on the XI house (The sun from the XII house passes to XI).

Here the child starts to compose itself fairy tales, to dream that opened in itself in the XII house (realized in unconscious). Here it has dreams whom it becomes what it will have a family, the house and whether will be they in general that for it it is more important – to become the hero, the owner (rich) or the traveler (free). It plans the future life in dreams. During the same time the child has true friends with common interests which often remain on all life.

The third stage passes 15-21 years on X to the house (The sun from the XI house passes in X).

Here the person comes to need from dreams and inconcrete planning of future life to allocate specific goals and learns to make concrete practical plans of achievement of these purposes. Here it allocates the main thing and not the main thing in the dreams. Sets before itself main goals of life that he will achieve, and what not the main thing («certainly it is good if this dream was carried out, but it not the main thing, can sometime be then, or can be, she will be executed by herself»). Here chooses a profession, plans in general, schematically future career, or if for it the main thing a family, the house – plans as he will create them.

The fourth stage of 22-28 years passes on the IX house (The sun from the X-th passes to the IX house).

Here the person realizes that for achievement of the purposes it is necessary for it to expand the outlook, to grasp and master a certain space, here it faces another’s opinion, outlook, belief, culture and or assimilates it in itself, or imposes the ideology to another. Here it "grasps" a certain circle of people on which has influence or which inspires and leads.

The fifth stage of 29-35 years passes on the VIII house.

Here the person realizes what to move further to the purpose to it stirs the past, mainly the childhood, its habits, fears, complexes. Here it should become adults, say goodbye to the childhood, to leave from under the power of parents and to go the way (A life point in the V house – the Sun house). It always crisis, it is always difficult. «The child in itself» should die, the person should understand that only he can help itself(himself), instead of mother and the father and not the kind uncle and the aunt. It should take responsibility for the life up (A life point in the Sun house). It «age of the Christ». He should die as the child and to be born as the adult.

The sixth stage of 36-42 years passes on the VII house.

Here the person realizes that in life the partner on whom he could rely and with which it could move to the purpose is necessary for it. Here the person meets external enemies who prevent to achieve the object, and should turn them into partners. But the main thing – he should realize that external enemies, and internal disturb it actually not, to find them and to turn into allies (A life point in the VI house – the house of internal alchemy, work on).

The seventh stage of 43-49 years passes on the VI house.

Here the person studies destiny lessons, works over goals, relying on the partners (A life point in the VII house). Here he should take care of the health, that his physical body would allow to achieve the purposes. Here, according to lessons of destiny and a state of health concrete plans of achievement of goals (aspect тригона between the X-th and VI houses) are corrected. Here the person in an ideal already possesses all necessary for achievement of the purposes: it has purpose, ideals, space, partners and allies, it got rid of everything that to it disturbed.

The eighth stage of 50-56 years passes on the V house.

Here the person should reach certain freedom – it, having passed through the VI house, learned to listen to destiny, to live and work, it got rid of the complexes and fears, got rid of enemies and found allies. Here the person actually is not burdened with any framework. It is the Sun house. The person should learn to create, learn true creativity – whether it be creativity in life or in work. There is a connection to new power sources – collective (A life point in the VIII house) or to power channels of certain egregors – frequent it is direct work on any egregor.

The ninth stage of 57-63 years passes on the IV house.

Here the person should stop and reflect on the soul, about the life. This house costs in an antiphase to the house where it defined main goals of the life – the house of a direct outcome of its purposes, to what it came, trying to reach them. Here he should think that it leaves in this world after itself(himself) that it leaves to the successors. This house is connected with life philosophy, with religion and outlook (A life point in the IX house).

The tenth stage of 64-70 years passes on the III house.

This time of exchange of information in the immediate environment, with neighbors, acquaintances. This time to sit on a bench and to discuss with neighbors who that made, time to look and listen to information transfers by radio and the TV that occurs in the world, and besides to discuss it with neighbors and acquaintances. Here the person should collect as much as possible information on life and destinies of people and the world in general. And telling about the life, the person should remember everything itself. It should process all this information and establish communications between the separate periods of the life and between the life and world life. It will help to understand the main line of the destiny (A life point in the X-th house).

The eleventh stage of 71-77 years passes on the II house.

Here the person so loses energy resources that is compelled to address to this problem. Here he learns to accumulate energy and is very careful it to use. Here it is least fed with energy of food and a dream – he eats a little and sleeps a little. He «lives the Holy Spirit». It is limited in movement, work, pleasures – he is compelled to address to spiritual energy, an inner world (A life point in the XI house) – exactly here it more has possibility to be fed with energy.

And, at last, the twelfth stage passes on the I house.

It is said that old men and children are similar. It almost so, but with a small difference – at old men is the Sun in the I house, and at children a life Point in the I house. Here the person comes to the an end the physical existence (by the end of a cycle of a physical embodiment). It carried out a terrestrial problem of the embodiment. More its terrestrial cover with her desires, the purposes, offenses, complexes, fears is not imperious over it. Here its true "I" leave fetters of physical existence and is shown directly. Here it is naive, as the child because there are no more "ulterior motives", there is no that it is necessary to achieve, it everything is not so essential to it. Here the person lives as a zen Buddhist – lives in the present the moment and lives it up to the end, whether it be pleasure or grief. In a zen Buddhism there is such koan riddle: one teacher told to the pupil: «Over a heap of a reddish flesh the true person sits. How his name?» This riddle is solved only with an enlightenment. And so, at the twelfth stage of the life, in the I house, the person, at last, solves this riddle. The true person here is born. Here physical human life is dissolved, turns into chaos from which grain for a new cycle (A life point in the XII house is born).

The solar cycle not only helps to understand meaning of the life, but also can have, in my opinion, practical application. For example, one of applications – can help to answer a question of death. On my personal observations, the person dies when it very badly worked over the previous stage and at all does not wish to work over the current. If in time it to see, it is possible to try to help this person.